Thursday, December 3

Hello December!

Lalala, I think I should stop posting Penang's stuff for awhile.
So, it's the 3rd day of December!
Less than a month of holiday (yes, imma pessimistic) lol.

I kinda wanted to revise for form 4 during this holiday ....
and yeah, you guessed it right .. I PHAILED .. BADLY :D

Oh well, daily routine during holidays is rather boring ..
At least I've watched some movies :D

Grandpa is staying over here now.
He likes to cook i tell you,
Not a bad cook but ....
I needa clean up later T.T
I just dislike cleaning up and washing dishes lol.
But .. what to do? Imma good girl LOL :X
oh, not to forget, he's been constantly cooking breakfast and tea for both of us hahaha.
I guess I'll gain weight in no time :D Yay! :D
Serious, I wanna gain weight =/
but loose weight on my face =.=

Read this month's CLEO issue, found something very true.
Gah. World ain't fair. :)

My dad threaten me T.T
GAHH, he said ..

"You better go exercise now .."

"Whyyyy? Lazyy lahh .."

"You better go .. if not ......"

"What? If not what?"
(wah still not scared ah?)

"If not I don't buy DSLR for you! HAHAHA!!"

" ......... you serious? DON'T LIE LAH!"

*he hung up the phone*


Should I be happy? =/
But really lazy exercise lah
My lazy cells are undergoing mitosis every pico seconds.
Gaahhh, for the sake of my own dslrHEALTH,

I SHALL EXERCISE ! for a day. ;x

Anyway, movies I'd watched ;
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (hungryyy lol)
  • G-Force (cute! thumbs up)
  • Laughing Gor (-.- stupid movie.)
  • Surrogates (not bad ..)
  • My Sister's Keeper (sad dao *tears*)
Bought DVDs too.
Gonna watch soon.

Finished the HK Drama -BTROC,
Wah, apa ending =/
Anyway, it's nice overall :)
I like traditional chinese drama than modern ones =/
Unless it's those police/detective/series killer LOL.

Time for tea,
Today he cooked Kuey Teow Tang LOL.

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