Monday, December 14

Christmas Deco Everywhere~

The very first picture taken. ;) (my bag) lolz.

Actually I feel like abandoning my blog for a A WHILE ... but .. NEVERMIND :P

13/12/2009 is a day where there's a new born being in my house *excited*
I'll blog about it some time later :x
Remember about the "give up" post before this,
Maybe I shouldn't give up after all hahaha. :)

Went to MidValley yesterday, wanted to hunt for skinnies jeans because my present one really ... terrible already LOL. But then ... *smirks*

Met my "ah-yee" LOL. She's finding for something funkyyy for her annual dinner or something like that lolz. Tried one wig and stuff oh well, back home and fetch bro for dinner after all the tiring shopping. My foot even has those water bubble thingy already, *ouch* :(

at The Gardens~

Midvalley's Xmas Deco


Ignore the poor photo quality in this post except for the first photo *smirks* LOL. I brought my camera but then ==" I FORGOT TO PUT BACK THE FRIGGIN' MEMORY CARD WTF WTF. I even charged the batteries before going out wtf wtf. WTF MAN. and the damn camera was like so damn heavy inside my bag =="

Oh well ==" I'm OLD D; D;

nothing much lol.
Went out for lunch and "someone" wanted to find gift boxes .. for?
Putting GIFTS lah duh :P

So I discovered around the shop while "someone" asked for this and that :P
It's those kinda arts shop, wow :O
I saw some of their paintings, damn jealous :(
How I wish I could draw or paint something like that .. SIGH ..
I'm never a art person :/

*and again, ignore photo quality, my phone, my bad lol D;*

I likey this painting, it's a canvas painting I think ..

and also the painting above it, nice ! :(

Mmmm, CRAB!! :D

The other paintings (blur ==)

Okay, it's 3.46pm now.
I don't know whether will friends be on time or what.
But I gotta get going, it's gonna be 4pm soon.
Gonna register for the undang thingy .. in my house lol ..

Till then,


Anonymous said...

wou 50D huh? wut's the kit lens you got?

-0wner! said...

wou, who are you? lol

Anonymous said...

wou, you didn't answer my question. LOL

-0wner! said...

wou, it's my blog, so you answer mine first :P

Anonymous said...

I'm Anony Mous. It's a weird name I know but heck there're so many people out there, having a weird name is not weird anymore.

So wat lens la? How much was it?

Anonymous said...

Wou, I forgot to start with 'Wou'.

-0wner! said...

wou, what a good answer lol.
can't you lemme know who are you? =="
i've decided not to tell until you reveal yourself and your link :D

DJ Foo said...

wou, can't a fellow bloghopper get to know wut lens came with your new camera?

Don't mind the user name, it's created when I was still a kid.

-0wner! said...

wou, :P I wanna know ma, talking to an Anonymous is .. weird :/

Eh, I remember someone named Foo dropped by last time, isit you? lol
and, somehow, I think I went to your blog before hahah.

So, it came with a 18-55mm lens, cost RM4150 @_@ and I added the 55-250mm zoom lens. :D

DJ Foo said...

Yeah. I was lazy to have someone click on my profile.

Which shop is that? When it's my turn to get one might need some shops to refer to.

-0wner! said...

Lol, it's Trillion Photo.
Which model you're planning to buy?

DJ Foo said...

Wait till save enough first. Either 1000D or 450D. Then 55-250. Den flash.

They got give you tripod for free?

-0wner! said...

I wanted to get the 450D actually, but I think they discontinued it or something. Not considering other brands like, Nikon?

Is the 18-250 lens good?

I don't think so, it's not in the bag LOL but they gave the 8gb mmry card.

DJ Foo said...

450D discontinued? No way I'm still seeing it being sold at the mall near my place for 2499.

You mean 18-200 ah? dun have 18-250 one. I was thinking of getting that one too, but seems like a lil too expensive for normal quality lens.

LOL I dun understand the Nikon system. Weird lens and body naming system.

-0wner! said...

I don't know, that's what I heard, maybe they want to discontinue? Not sure @_@ I saw that at the mall near my place too LOL forgot the price thou

Oh ya, mixed up hahah. But as what I asked la, you can buy that lens with 450D, it's much more cheaper.

How weird o.o I thought Nikon has the best quality pictures?

DJ Foo said...

They sell it with 50D too. But it's more economical to buy 18-55 and 55-250 la. summore can play change lens. hahaha.

but 18-200 very convenient loh. Go anywhere juz take 1 lens. One moment can snap sceneries, one moment can snipe leng lui. hahaha

LOL i didn't say anything about Nikon's pic quality. I'm saying the naming of lenses and body. Wat DX la, AFS la. Canon is easier to understand.

-0wner! said...

I just played it just now, super mafan and the 55-250 damn heavy omg lol.

Yea, then the salesman say, 18-200 is for lazy people .. zhadou ==" How bout portrait lens? What's the difference actually ;x

LOL ;x Wah, then it seems that I've got A LOT of researching to do D; Btw, the camera you using now not bad ma, LX3? :P

DJ Foo said...

portrait ah. If i'm not mistaken la (i'm a noob so don't take my word for it) is maybe 60mm or 100mm. mostly short tele prime lenses to make the subject less 3D.

But really ma. I also thinking of getting a tamron 18-250 which is wayyy cheaper than the canon one. So convenient. But can only snap in bright bright conditions la.

LOL dun look at my pics la. Damn siasui. LX3 image quality is nice, but sometimes the zoom ah very frustrating. Only zoom to 60mm.

You good loh so early can buy mid-range DSLR. lol

-0wner! said...

You're not that noob compared to me hahaha. I see, thanks for explaining haha. I checked out some of the bokeh pictures, really nicee! But I don't think I'll be buying anything anymore LOL

How much is the Tamron lens? Actually if we use 3rd party lens, the quality of the photo will be more or less like what we use for ori-lens?

Hmm, then for 55-250 can snap in dark conditions lo? *haven't finish reading manual yet LOL*

Mana ada siasui la aiyoh. Ya, I see LX3 de photos quite nice leh, how much you bought it? I'm a Panasonic user before, but I didn't really like my cam =="

Zoom 60mm means how far ;x I hate taking night shots using digital cam ==" Damn blur and the noise ==" Ur LX3 got these problems?

LOL my dad's bank account already bleeding. And I still have a lot to learn, if not wasted :/

DJ Foo said...

the canon 18-200 is RM2600. Tamron 18-200 is Rm1000 and 18-250 (yes, to 250) is RM1600.

I dunno much about image quality if use 3rd party lens, but, for me I won't even notice it coz I won't be inspecting my pictures at 100% all the time.

Actually any lens can snap in dark condition, only diff is the ease of it and whether the pic look nice or not. If like the 18-55 even at wide open f/3.5 should struggle in a dim-lit situation. Something like a lens with f/1.8 or 2.0 would allow more light to the sensor.

In the case of f/3.5, you would need a slower shutter speed compared to f/2.0, hence introducing image blur. So you would probably bump the ISO to 800 or 1600 to compensate if you want to maintain a fast shutter speed.

My LX3 i bought it around RM1400 coz it has some form of defect on the screen. THe seller actually gave me the option coz the market price for a perfect one at that time was around 1700. lol.

60mm about a bit bigger than wat we see. Our eye is agak agak 50mm (in terms of camera lens focal length). Basically the 'mm' represents the angle of view. Bigger number means smaller angle of view, thus you'll see a bigger image of a small frame. Like at 10mm, we see a very wide view (scenery shots), but everything is very small. At 100mm (macro or sports tele), we see a very narrow view, but everything is magnified. LOL Hard to explain like this la. I also agak agak know only.

I know how to compensate for the blur and noise. Basically it's coz the shutter speed that the camera computer chose is too slow. SO need to make adjustments. Noise is from high ISO, so lower your ISO (dun worry, even at iso 1600 your 50D noise will not be visible, unless in very very dim conditions). Blur is shutter speeds loh, juz make sure it's fast enough den no prob liao (tip: I found out it's around 1/60, but need to adjust depending on focal length coz focal length magnifies camera shake)

lol relax la the lenses can last you few thousand years. Can even sell it off a bit lower than the price you bought. Camera stuff hardly depreciates.

Walau this comment so long one.

-0wner! said...

Wow, even for the lens it's already 1k and above ._. Then don't think I'm adding any lens hahaha. How bout Sigma's lens? ;x

Wah, of course long comment la hahaha, all explaination! Thanks A LOT :D It really helped :D and don't worry, I get what you mean hahaha.

So, I hope you'll get your dslr soon :) Then I'll get more tips from you hahaha :P

DJ Foo said...

haha that's the downside of this hobby. lenses can go up to RM300K (that's a sports car).

Sigma ar. Dunno. About the same gua.