Monday, December 7


Went for an outing at 1 Utama with friends, watched a movie which is rate 18SG MUAHAHAHAHA! Not my first time thou ;x Thanks to Joshua's parents for buying the tickets ;D

Had lunch at Sakae Sushi, with only Angeline and Kritz, because the others chose Carls Jr and was very ==!!!! Skip that part, enjoyed lunch~~ Japanese food is ♥ :D :D

Xmas Special thing Kritz ordered.

And he decided to eat the head of the snowman first =.=

At last! D; Poor snowman.

Angeline's Chicken something Rice? I forgot D;

Our Sushi Set!! Forgot what set it is called D;

Close up 1.

Close up 2.

My SALMON ROE something SCALLOP !!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

After lunch, we must of course have some walk around in order to have better digestion of food, so .. the girls went shopping around 1U. Not that lucky this time, didn't buy anything :/ and I found out that I suddenly lost interest in shoes :/ Weird :/ It's okay right, no need to spend extra money lol. I still miss the urge of buying shoes D;

Time's almost up, the boys came in to Padini Concept Store to meet up with us. They were trying out those shades in the accessories section, LOL! It was a realllyyyy funny scene ;x Imagine whole bunch of boys trying out shades XD XD

Aiya, super bloody la this movie. No wonder they rate it 18 and above. All the body slicing part, blood oozing out like fountain, but Raizo(rain) didn't die == But the weapons were damn COOL.

Had dinner later, I hate it whenever there's a need to decide which restaurant we're going to eat =.= It's super irritating LOL, ate at Vietnam Kitchen. Not bad luh, another super full dinner. Gosh. Damn bloated :/

Was a super tiring day, almost wanted to sleep in tth's mother's car even though it's abit squeezy :X until someone go kacau :/ lost mood to sleep :/ then suddenly the whole game talk started :/

Thanks tth's mom for fetching and dad for waiting at Syiok's Kopitiam :D Saw Alvin there -_- I thought dad was waiting inside the Kopitiam and went to search in there LOL. Mana tau he's inside the car :/

He then fetched me and WJ for some Tong Sui somewhere around Puchong Jaya while waiting for mom to finish her shopping in IOI lol. Was super bloated and tired already, can't believe how WJ manage to finish the Tong Sui :/ I got shared a lil with him la, but still :/



Next day, which is Sunday, mom came in, "disturbed" my beauty sleep :/ and ASKED ME WHETHER I WANNA GO SUNWAY OR NOT ! Like .. DUH :P Chatted awhile before having an early bath.

Reached Sunway, walked around aimlessly, entering any shops that sells clothes, shoes, accessories and stuff, including Popular :D Ew i tell you, the Popular =.= Got one freaking smelly smell, NO, it's not the fragrance of books, it's .. EWWW. I feel bad staying in there :/ sick :/

Xmas deco stage in Sunway 09 :D

Continue shopping lalalala, bought one baby blue shoe lace ♥ ♥ ♥ Totally matching with my new sportshoe :D and A freaking DRESS !! LOLOL. I can't believe I actually chose to buy that, but since my mom think it's good, and I should go for some .. err .. change (?) LOL. It's for next year's CNY, so .. won't be wearing it YET :D

I can't believe that I was looking at myself when I wore it =o= Mom also ain't used to see me in dress and said I move around dao very "kekok" wadde -_- Ain't I wearing almost the same thing everyday to school?! D:

After shopping, very hungry okay! Decided to try .. Krispy Kreme! ♥ ♥ ♥ Basically ate 4 donuts :X I agree with mom -_- it's abit too sweet, but .. ain't bad :D

Chocolate Chip ♥♥♥
Original one at the back.

Cappuccino ♥♥♥

Head home!

Had steamboat for dinner! Ate crab too :9 :9 ♥ ♥ WAHAHA, another bloated dinner :DD

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