Wednesday, December 30

Meet up with Yi-Wen! :D

Went school early in the morning ..
Nothing much ..
Haven't buy notebooks!!! AHHH.

Got the books I wanted :)
Thanks you-know-who if you're even reading this lol.

Then cousin bro came ..
Went to meet up with Yi-Wen together in Sunway..
My .. kindergarten mate, primary mate & neighbour(BK)!
10+ years of friendship! Consider best friends I guess! :D

Had some bubble tea drink .. and head to cinema for movies ..
Bought couple seat tickets wtf because there's no space left -.-
Extra RM1 each !!!

Saw KarMen and Eshin before going in ..
Well, i only know those two lolz.
I so wanted to watch Sherlock Holmes that I told them I bought tickets for that ..
But I bought Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 instead =="
Nevermind lol.

Then took photo stickers with Yi-Wen!
Woot! FUN! and somehow.. very LOL and chigek hahaha!! XD
(since we took photos already, and printed em out .. no need to post la! :D)

After that ran around Sunway like crazy fellas ..
I think it's always like that whenever there's an outing =="
Confirm SWEAT punya ==

oh, did I mention that ..
We met up on the exact same date last year too?
HAHA. Time flies~

Post about new year eve someday ..
New year resolutions? See first :P

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