Wednesday, December 16

So much pork?

Heh, a friend spotted this :P
It's my KPP exercise book btw.
Just post it up for fun? :P

I said I'll update later right? Gah.
Nothing to update, dull life.
Been doing the crazy 500 questions,
Nah, just finished like .. 1/10 of it?

Then I found this!

Just by looking at the folded lines, dog ears and OLD-ness look of the book, I remembered I bought this during primary school LOL in Popular Bookstore IOI HAHAHA. Ohmy, I can't believe I wanted to drive that much when I was sooo young! Hah, time flies eh?

Ohhh, look at that!!! I'd even finished up the 100 exercise at the back of the book!! HAHAHA. Ohkay, that's a bit .. I don't know LOL whatever, next year, on the Aprilfool, I'll be learningDRIVING A CAR. (sorry for the wrong grammar ==)

Other than that,
I'm also reading another book!

YEAH, the camera's manual T-T
Finished half of it, few more to go LOL.
Still effin noooobb D;
Maybe need to join some class or something -.-

Oh ! and I received my Popular card!! :D
I wonder where my old one went ==
I can't seem to find it anywhere in my house :/
Damn sad, need to apply for a new one, the $$ D;

Hoho, 2012! :P

Well, guess that's all for the random updates =="
Enjoy~ :P

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