Monday, December 28

Morning~ lol.

Hello! and Good Morning hahaha ;x
I needa used to waking up this early this week..
NAH! I woke up this early is because I gotta go renew passport together with my mom and bro D;

Imagine few days more,
waking up earlier than this T.T
stressful LOL.

Ok la, time to go..
I guess I'll gotta spend whole day there?
(that's what i heard from most ppl that went ==)
((i forgot how was it the last time i went o.o))
Nevermind, I have my "ka-chang" with me muahaha!

So .. bye!

ps; will be updating bout christmas soon la ;p
pps; am busy to blog these days, school's gonna start ;_;
ppps; gotta go la haha, bye! .. *again* =="

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