Thursday, December 3

Exercise! hehehe

} - 3/12 unposted post lol.

Yeap, just played badminton with my bro :D Hehehehe, I exercised already :P But then, actually I think my dad meant that I should go jogging EVERY MORNING with my grandfather. But, NO WAY I'll sacrifice my sweet dream .... wait .... dslr also dream right? == Gahh, but early in the morning ... no way la okay D;

Anyway, there's some drizzle after we started our match, so we head into the car porch and played smack! (actually it was only me smacking my bro with the shuttercock XD) He was fed up and I had to stop D; Sweaaaat a lil, considered exercise, went back in.

Dad suddenly came back early, said " Jom, go jogging .. " I almost died. Anyway, jogged, I got first :P Was damn tired. So much for my "exercising" plan BAH.

Was super hungry for dinner lolz. Too bad cannot add rice :P I've been cooking less rice, 'cause I hate to reheat overnight rice, (yeah, lazy cells undergoing mitosis again) :D


C , Cy , Cyn ♥ said...

HAHHAHAH is it? how much u bought it btw? i really want to buy one too but idk when i can really get it :(

BabyMocha said...

Hello blog hopping =) You have a nice blog!