Thursday, December 17

Friggin' weather

Did I mention that my long hair is getting on my nerves nowadays?! I hate to say that ==" because I need to love my hair as I can't have much different hairstyles :( AS I WAS SAYING, it's really getting on my nerves .. yeah, I know, tied my hair up, but .. it's still frigging thick oh my .. and it wouldn't stay in place!!!! LOL.

Hmm .. I wonder is it the hair or something else .. Must be the FREAKING HOT WEATHER !!!! OHMAIGAWD. It's like in a stove, oven whatever! It's December leh, it's suppose to be WINTER!! Maybe I can't complain much, since Malaysia is a country which is free from all natural disasters LOL. Oh well =="

Maybe one day I really can't stand it I'll turn myself BALD. LOL.
I wonder how will I look like :O COOL =_=

Anyway, mom got me a pair of these some day ago ...

... to match my dress ;x A
4-inch peep-toe wedges from Voir :P

Really hard to walk with it ==" That's why I hate wearing high heels stuff. So, I only have one pair of these and I think it's more than enough. And it's a perfect match for my dress! hehe. Nah, I don't feel like posting the dress up, will be wearing it during CNY, hope it doesn't freak people out :P because I already freaked myself o.o wha am i tokin (!)

Anyway ..


for both the dress and wedges ;)
and the CNY stuff :D

Basically, dad buys gadgets and mom buys girls stuff hah :)
But both nags :P :P :P
I know they're reading this, oh well :P
It's true ma, like whose parents doesn't nag,
EVEN MYSELF nags my brother hahahhaa.
There goes the cycle of nagging xD

Boring holidays are endingggggggg,
I know it's boringggggggg but .............
I don't wanna face next year's exams and stufffffff,
Suddenly, I don't want high school to end hahaha =="

Signing off,
Kar Mern

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