Monday, December 7

New Skin :D

Feel the Xmas's vibe? :D Changing a new skin should be something happy and fun! But no, not this time. I dislike this.


I feel like spamming .. "SOMETHING" .. pfft. Being accused of doing something I DID NOT DO. and the person who accused doesn't want to admit that *** is wrong. IS IT THAT HARD?! Yeah, AS IF I WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT. I said no, and you didn't believe. WHAT FOR I WANNA DO THAT?! IT IS VERY OBVIOUS THAT YOU'RE WRONG.

forgetting something doesnt mean accusing. and that's very obvious too. you're mixing 2 things together. i know i'm wrong but that doesnt make you all right. i admit my mistakes and you dont. feel that i'm talking about you? oh please, i didn't say it was you. don't ACCUSE me that i'm talking about you. I HATE THAT.

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