Thursday, December 10

I wonder *hmmm*

I have this random thought that went through my mind while I was playing piano.
It's like .. the more we age, the more we want attention (?)
I don't know,
& when someone tell you something, you'll like .. he/she is lying.
Or, he/she has another hidden meaning.
Human is weird :|

Oh, the internet speed is like freaking slow these few days.
I wonder what's wrong, =="

Received a SMS from a friend.
Said that next year PSS (Librarian) uniform is yellow long sleeves + dark grey skirt + black shoes and socks :|
I'm wondering whether I'll get sacked or something next year hahaha.
Because, you know la hahaha :X
But then, since it's the last year I feel like buying the damn uniform =="
Dont know la, see next year how :/

Going out for badminton :|
and I'm out! lol

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❥CE CI LIA said...

Wheres ur chatbox? Tarak ady? HAHAHA. Thanks for yr wishes and I'm back to blogging again :)))