Tuesday, December 29

Fullhouse @ Sunway Pyramid!

Today .. is .. a .. very special day ....
It's not only for my parents ..
It's also for me .. *inserts something lalalala*
LOLOL. This is just too lawl :D

So we went to Sunway's Fullhouse to celebrate ..
I think it's quite new there since you can't really find it in the directory of Sunway Pyramid. lol
It's near the ice rink .. opposite Pappa Rich :D

So .. I'll just spam photos la :P

Hah, famous shot in the car~

Reached Sunway..

Welcome to Fullhouse~

Ze menu! So comic-ish :O

Ze deco..

Get ready to attack!

Tomato Soup

Chicken Chop

Rosella Spaghetti, very spicy ;x

Dory Fish, so-so ..

my NZ Rib-Eye Steak! not bad luh ;x

The happy couple at the table lolz.

Vanilla Mango Blended + red bean toppings, loved the vanilla but not the mango + red bean =="
They dont serve vanilla shake D;

Lemon Grape Blended .. sinfully sweeeeeet

Happy pictures dotting the white walls~




Trying to avoid the mango + red bean .. eekk!

Something caught my eye :O

Heyy! That's the stirrer .. not viewfinder :P :P

Me ; Mom~

We went over to the merchandise area ..
Selling mostly ladies stuff .. uniquely displayed ..
Enjoy~ LOL.

Display 1

Display 2

Some how .. the doll keychain looks creepy =x

Antique looking wall clock :O

Woot mirror shot! :D

Wanna hav tea? :p

Spot any familiar faces? hehe lol

Rabbits! Cute D;

That's all! Left the place and walk around the mall ..
Took a few xmasy shot .. before they tear it down for CNY! :D

Hoho, macam angel HAHAHA XD evil angel anyway :P

Hardly any peeps around can snap as you wish LOL.

The fav shot of the day!

Tada! I LOVE this :D

Ok, time to sleep =="
Tomorrow gotta go to school early in the morning D;
Then meet up with Yi-Wen!
Together with wj :D
Maybe meeting up with KarMen & Eshin too (?)
Not sure :D


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