Tuesday, December 1

Penang Trip (2) Food ; Park ; Buildings

Had Penang famous Laksa, Fried Kuey Teow, Prawn Mee.
Drank Coconut!! Me LOVE :D But ain't that sweet la, still refreshing, so okay la.

I Coconut

I Laksa

I Fried Kuey Teow

I Ais Kacang


Next stop, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia LOL.

I kept BB-ing on the way ..
What's BB ? Noo, not BB Gun (that tth very noisy keep BB gun -.-)
It's .. BLACKBERRY!!! Saviour during road trips for online-addicts LOL.

Reached Georgetown, explore around like tourist again.
Holding a map in the hand, round and round like gila.
Didn't wanna go down the car to walk, the sun is KILLING.

Spot anything in this picture? Hehehehe.

Hoi, Sky has his own hotel in Penang !! *evil smirk*

Had quite a hard time finding the buildings and road name.
Very dizzy in the car @__@
Finally found Love Lane, where the Penang State Museum is located.
Goshhh. We had to walk there and THE SUUUNNNNN T.T

Checked outside the museum, looks like it's closed or something.
Hardly saw anyone inside the museum *brrr*
Entering fee: Adults RM1, Students with uniform RM 0.50.

It was creepy at first since there's hardly any human in sight.
After 10 minutes, lotsa human appeared @__@
Maybe we brought people into the museum LOL.

SHTI !! Francis Light !! Form 2 History ohmy.

Rempah ratus xD aka Spices


Random logo


Car under tree lmao. Big shady tree :D


Left the museum, dropped by the park beside the seaside.
Sea breezeee~ Ahhhh~ Niceeeeee~
Took photos yay! :D :D


Me ; Bro

Candid shot lolz ==

Wanna fight isit? Lai la! XD

LOLOLOL at my bro's expression XD

Wanted to head to the Toy Museum but the traffic was horrible.
Jam all along, so .. we had tea instead! Wahaha!

Clock tower

Random old building. Awaiting it's destiny @__@

Kuang Hwa Jit Poh.

Tada! :D

Random modern building.

Gold paint leh, you can see the metallic colour ;D

Trishaws ..

Condo with trees? xD



Didn't stop by to have a drink thou.
And again, it's time to have another tea time LOL.

Next stop, Lorong Selamat!
Stay tuned :D


aLviN said...

wow... fully cover penang's stuff! cool!

Evelyn Chang said...

hahaa tak takut lah. std size d wan~wont fat wont thin wan. hahaha.