Tuesday, December 25


AGAIN, MERRY XMAS PEOPLE ! got any presents? :D

Went Pavilion today yo! Ohkays luhs. Can't really shop there, you know, I have no cash $$ T.T The deco there were nice ! Saw Mr. Santa yo ! Sadly, didn't take photos with him, he was leaving that time D; Later walk to Lot 10. Nothing much. Didn't even buy anything T.T Wanted to try J&Co Donuts, but the queue was.... Urghs. It is REALLY THAT nice ?

@ Pavilion yo! :)

Look at the crowd :O

Those Performers

Then then, guess where we went? :D Eye On Malaysia yo! Normal laa, & BORING ! -.- & know what? They ain't gonna take it away or destroy it or whatever on the 31st Dec. It's gonna be there till don't know when then shift to some other states. :O & It AIN'T closing at 10pm -.- Gonna function till 12am -.- Tipu org punya!

Bear with my short legss xD

With Mr. Bro

Not that bad for another photo? :D

Huggies with family yo! :)
Don't know why I likey this pict :D

Something's wrong with his mouth :O

Another take ! :D

Perasan-ted :)

Dark clouds ! :(

Round & round, then woooooshhh ! RAINED ! Just after we finished our ride :) So, it's destined for us to go home T.T

Then, RAINED! D;


Hohoho! Santa is in town, MERRY XMAS ! Yeah, I know, since I'm getting fatter, I think I can soon fit into Mr. Santa's suit. Lol. But still need fake beard, anyone would like to spare me one? :D I'll send you presents down your chimney.

ps: No chimney no presents! Hohoho :P

Monday, December 24

Ole-Ole Bali!

Muahaha. I'm heading out peeps. Christmas eve dinner yo ! Blog when I'm back if can :D

?editttttt @ 11.46pm
Just finished watching Resident Evil III, I know the show is kinda outdated, no time for movies kay? Haha. So after watching, Dad lemme online till 12am yo! Happy weh. Lol. Went to Sunway for DINNER ! :) Went for TGI Friday, long queue, then headed Tony Roma, long queue also -.- Lazy to wait laa, then go Ole-ole Bali o.o

Eat ribeye thingie, aiyahh, western food laa, those chop chop thing. Habis then walk around luhs, gotta burn the calories maa :P Otherwise cannot fit into new year clothes :O

SO, here's the picts.

The menu yo! Ole-Ole Bali in Sunway. (NO, I'm not paid of advertising this restaurant -.-)

Faces in pairs like buddha LOLOL.

I'm the golden one. LOL -.-

A special concoction of Lime, Lemon Grass & Peppermint :) Mmm, I find it refreshing.

Peppermint leaves perking on the Mojitto :)

Nasi Campur Ole-Ole

Tasty, but a lil bit oily D;

My Ribeye steak yo! :D

Digging in :D :D

Me turning Carnivorous :O
Bite after bite, it's sumptuous ! HELPPP! I CAN'T STOP. Lol.

SO, I'm getting fatter & fatter, not to forget, CHUBBY ON THE CHEEKSSS T.T Sigh~ D;
Off to bed yo! :) Nites.

Monday, December 10


So, it's kinda lame of what I've ask yesterday. & Grats Totoro! You're right. Lol.

Take a close look now. Click for a larger image

Sooooo, The spelling for the word "Muatan" is WRONG! AHAA! Lol It spelled "MAUTAN", means, DEATH I think. It should be "Awas Muatan Panjang" & NOT "Awas MAUTAN Panjang" Lol. So? right ? How often can you see a lorry/ truck at the back painted the spelling wrongly? Wonder how they misplaced the "A" & "U"

Anyway, tomorrow's a public holiday cos the Sultan's birthday. Why my birthday no holiday one? Lol. 1st of April aka Aprilfool should have been a public holiday, so people can attend my birthday party. ROFLOL! Jk la, just wondering if Aprilfool's a holiday , maybe many more people will get fooled.

Eye On Malaysia
, nice nots? I don't know yet Haven't been there laa, I MUST GO TOMORROW! Lol. Just see see mah. Specially built for Visit Malaysia year wor, must go must go

Can't online for long. So, ciao!

Sunday, December 9

Names hmm..

Now I feeeeeel my blog is sooo dead
So, went for Xiang Min's house warming yesterday. It was somehow boring But then, met Jia Wei there, looooong time no seee, Hahaa, & after eating, went to the garden there & swing & swing & swing like never swing before
& then, play on the see-saw like naughty kids.
Xiang Min & Hui Teng somehow, went somewhere
Anyway, kinda talk talk talk about scary stuff, ghost movies, experience etc.. It's scary to talk about those stuff in the park @ night you know. Freaky.
Took photos. But then..too dark posting it maybe? :B
Back home

Went market Buy stuff. Back home.
Sleeeeeeep the whole afternoon
Went dinner. Saw this on the way :-

Okay, notice any problem with the truck ?
If not then click for a bigger photo.
Tell me if you know. Or just act like nothing happen la

So eat eat eat. Went Jalan Sayor AGAIN . & then while waiting, this what my mom spotted.

Well, those who know chinese, the 1st two word is actually our Chinese Surname, Ng & Lee. Right ? Nothing wrong right? Now. Look closely & Read, Huang Li, as in ? Pineapple. Get it ? & then we're like keep thinking other Surname that end with Lee in Chinese eg. Ng & Lee - Wu Li (Fox, which is worse than Pineapple in cantonese -.-), Mah & Lee - Mari (come ), Boo & Lee - Bully, etc..... Kinda dumb

So... off to sleep now.