Sunday, May 31

Finally !!

Wah, finally found a time to update this half-dead blog :O Damn busy after exams heh!
Many stuff happened but I can't recall much, getting old :(

Okay, there's this cat, outta no where, suddenly gave birth to a kitten one night. Kept meow meow meow non-stop! Oh my tian. It's somehow annoying okay. And, cats bring bad luck? I dont know. Superstitious!

Exams were a pain in the neck, slept late almost everyday for 2 weeks straight. Headache after exams. This is so torturing (?)

It's finally


Woots! It's sho fun though staying at home might be boring sometimes. Somebody plan outing please? xD

Oh ya, went to Giant with Hui Teng, Kritz, Blake, Loo, Tan and Tee after school on Thurs to celebrate. We really act like rich people sometimes ==

Straighten hair liao, omg. nuff' said.
Horrible :( :( :(

Went for lunch before that, gawd.
Heard of Hor Poh Lui Cha?
Terpaksa eat that with my mom T.T
Was so damn hungry in the afternoon.
Ate 5 char siew paus :) Happy tummy! LOL


Ate Puchong Yong Tau Foo for brunch.
Then headed to Plaza Low Yat.
Checked out some gadgets *smirks*
Drank some herbal soup at Ah Yip Herbal Soup.

Ze Menu!


My Hong Zhou Lin Zi Suet Yi Suet Gap :9

Then continue hunting for gadgets *smirks*

All hail the ..

Dell Wasabi™ PZ310 Ultra-Mobile ZINK™ Printer

Comes in 3 colours..

Palm sized ..

Photo printer.

So convenient

No need to worry about refilling ..

'cause, it DOESNT need ink!

Cool eh?
This is so on my wishlist :(
It's just too long. I gotta make up my mind.
There's too many stuff I want, but .. .. ..

Oh well, forget about that first!
While I had a hard time making up my mind ......
I heard Big Apple Donut calling me from far!

" Buy me~ Eat me~ " rofl.

So I bought a dozen of it lah ! *slurps*xD
The Duren duren one RAWKS! :P
Too bad to those who doesn't like durian *aww*

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

Snowy, Mocha, Cappuccino, Oreo, Duren-duren


The Duren-Duren, so cute!

Gaaaahhh, this is so sinfully delicious!
The smell the taste of the durian cream !! Ahhhhhh~ lol.

Okay, gotta go out for dinner! Heh.
Enjoy your holidays!! XD

*meow meow meow* OHMYGOD !!!!!!!! D: T____________T

Sunday, May 24

Childhood memories.

Dad found some of the photos that we took very long ago, before my computer went dead for the first time. Almost all memories being swept away just like that. Sigh.
I noticed that I hate to take photo last time == and damn stiff in front of camera. and .. often snare at the camera xD

I miss my hair last time :( So straight D: oh well :D

不在乎天长地久 只在乎曾经拥有 :D

Mom so young~ Leng dao xD

LOLOL!! Same expression ==

Woooot!! Strong wind ~
(Gold Coast,Aussie)

Act dumb act ugly woot!

Mom, pleasure of shopping.
Bro, the agony of shopping.
(Somewhere in the city)

Still wanna take photos *-.-*
(Some train)

The more I look at them, the more I feel like being a child again.
I kinda notice that bro and my expression are almost the same O.O
And I can't stop smiling/laughing at the photos xD xD xD
Gees, gotta get back to reality now!! :(

*oh, kinda added back the cbox! :D you know what to do *evilsmirk*

Friday, May 22

Plain torture!!

Omg, I can't believe today it's Friday already. 5 days of continuous exams, non-stop of studying .. non-stop of squeezing brain juice .. non-stop of stuffing food into mouth .. sitting on the chair for maximum of 2 and a half hour .. This is plain torture man!! Another week to go then I'm freeeeeeeeeee!! I smell freedom *ahhh~*

Kinda had Sejarah which is the deadly HISTORY yesterday .. Well, it's just deadly, I don't wish for high marks, it's totally impossible! :D So why care lah haiyah.

Most of the subjects are ... okay I guess, won't be failing any of them YET ;x

Next week CHINESE ; PHYSICS 1,2 ; BIO 1,3 paper. Die jor.

Bahasa Melayu 1 (crapped a lot *shy* )
Bahasa Melayu 2 (okay gua, tatabahasa sucks woot)
Chinese 1 DIE :(
Chinese 2 (sigh, i dont know lah. chinese is killing now)
English 1 (no time, wrote till hand pain *ouch*
English 2 (okay ...)
Additional Mathematics 1 (eeeeek, suan liao!! ToT )
Additional Mathematics 2 (careless mistake rawr!!)
Mathematics 1 (Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute aka MARDI. CARELESS DAO
Mathematics 2 (speechless)
Biology 1 6 marks gone woot
Biology 2 (Err ...)
Biology 3 (pray pray pray)
Chemistry 1 (YOR, careless I think D:)
Chemistry 2 (nobody did the mole calculations D: except me D:)
Chemistry 3 (yay! I like drawing the apparatus lolz)
Physics 1 (the questions are totally speechless yet .. suan liao!!
Physics 2 OMG, HARD DAO :(
Physics 3 (kinda get the hang of it gua)
History 1 (hmm, i think okay gua)
History 2 (if no fail thank guan yin ma :D)
Moral (sigh .. dont know what to say for moral)
Sivik (answers almost same, oh well, BONUS XD
PJ (already stand-by bazooka :D)

WOAH !! I didn't know the list was .. well .. THAT LONG !! Craziness !! Sot-ness !! and SITTING ON THE CHAIR FOR 2 AND A HALF HOUR IS REALLY TORTURING !! *ouch* I am so gonna enjoy my holidays I dont care. Weeeee~

Sunday, May 17

Cramming studies and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KWAN YIN HUI!

Wah, music can really save people's life!! Without blasting music I think I'll fall asleep while studying and, JUNK FOOD !! Okay .. I know it's not healthy and very fattening also, but what to do? I just need to chew something .. *innocentface* Had exams on last Thurs and Fri, still okay except for PJK paper == I really brought my bazooka leh, too bad invisible bazooka dont work in school -.-

So now, A(H1N1) visit Malaysia liao, the most unwanted thing.
2nd case already. I guess the spreading rate will be very fast. Gov can't isolate/quarantine all the people, confirm those infected people already met a lot of their friends/familymembers/doctors/nurses/and so damn more.


*old liao la* muahahah!

Since there's the flu here already, maybe we should stay at home and dont go school! So no need exams yay! Oh great, haven't at night already start dreaming xD

Holidays seems to be ruined eh? Can't go to crowded areas, sigh. Anyway, SO DAMN FREAAAKING LOOKING FORWARD that TWO WEEKS of HOLIDAYS !! D:

Jiayou lah jiayou lah, cramming last minute here D:

See!! I really study de leh. Fake dao lolz. Study still take photo xD

Oh btw! I got my new specs already! :D
According to JoshTan the side of the frame looks like a microchip thing lol xD

:D :D :D

Okay lah okay lah, enough wasting time here -.-
byeeeeeeeeee :( :( :( :( :(

*floods myself in books*
*wont be seeing me tmrw* LOL choi ==


Xing Ying~ New cousin sis :) So emo leh this pic xD

Wednesday, May 13


!@%#$^%!@$#&^!*@# These days hot like dont know what, HOT AND STUFFY !!! The humid air, the sun rays, slowly piercing through the skin! pssssszzzzt! And the more of &@^&!%^&#^!%&!!!@# #$&^ IS .... No power supply for 2 days at night already !!!! Once it's 10.45pm, the freaaaaking electricity will cut off by itself! HOT DAO !!! CANNOT SLEEEP !! Plus I still have homeworks and I kinda decided to study that time *shows serious face* , but no electricity *inserts something-that-should-not-be-said*

Suan liao suan liao !! And stupid electric current damn cacat !! CACAT !!!! :D

Today finally arranged the tables for tomorrow's exam.. Wait .. so it means it's TOMORROW !?!?!?!

TOMORROW !!!!!!!

OH MY TIAN !! OH MY GUAN YIN MA !! *pulls hair and runs around* WHYYYYYYY D: I need all pros around me leh. So that answers will come to me during exam leh. If not, it's GAME OVER :( Okay lah, should go now. Enjoy studying .. JIAYOU !!! p(^^)q

Before that, end with the photo we took on She-Reen's open house! :D

Yours truly, She-Reen! Fiona, Vivian, Angeline~

Bye! :(

Monday, May 11

Pantai Seafood, Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, PJ

Celebrated with grandparents! Just a short update with photos and less words :O Gotta study liao lah! Paper 3 mmg mati. And yah, those moral values also D: Almost forgot. And GOODLUCK to those who are having their exams too!! Feel so damn sleepy in class today dont know why. Langsung no mood, tried to make got mood pun cannot D: Stupid exams!! Hmpf!

Now, photos lah, headache when having dinner yesterday.
It suddenly stroke! Maybe overdose of seafood ==

Yo! :D

Brother like to do all those faces xD

Almost reached the restaurant

ALMOST reach ..


YAY! Finally found it, it's hidden inside ==

So many fishes~

Top view

My oyster !! Yummm~~

Tada~ xD *slurps!*

Ze Menu! Whoops! Blocked the price xD

It's like that in front of me, looks sad :(

Grandparents! XD

Steamboat ~

Kritz, your fav-ed fish eyeball ==

Random plates

Random fork. (I was bored)

Pantai Seafood~ at night

Yeah, so basically there's no time to study! So many programs, so many stuff to celebrate, so many places to go! Yay!!

PS: I don't know why I feel sleepy once I start to read the books :(

SOMEONE!! ANYONE!! Please hypnotize me and make me study?
Preeeeety please? XD

Sunday, May 10

Happy Mother's Day!

I kinda checked my archive cos I wanted to know how I celebrated last year.
Apparently, my brother was admitted to hospital and I went to teman him cos I wanna study for the mid-year exams! Haha. Now, I don't feel like studying AT ALL :( The marks are so hard to get, straight A's for SPM ain't that easy eh? Sigh.

Went IOI yesterday afternoon~ Getting a new specs I guess, bro also made one == I hate wearing specs zzz. Met Fiona in the ladies lolz. :D IOI New Wing ain't that bad I think xD Saw a walking Papa John's pizza before lunch, after lunch gone liao, I guess someone ate liao.

Went to She-Reen's open house~ Hugo xD xD
Eh, how was the cludo game in the end? :O
PS: I want the photos~ :D

and TODAY!

to all mothers out there! :)

I wished mom at 12am :D :D :D
We kinda had some talks after parents fetch me back from SR's house~
Enjoy talking with mom~ Enjoy all the random talks we had xD
Exclude the scoldings woot lol

Hugged her before sleep :D

Went Puchong Yong Tau Fu at Batu 14 for lunch~
Yuum~ Their Yong Tau Fu are freshly made, you order, they make! :D

4 of us for RM40+ not bad luh.
We ordered 5 drinks, 2 rice..
It's nice la! :9

Going to Pantai Seafood at Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, PJ tonight and celebrate Mother's Day with Grandparents~

So hope everyone of you enjoyed Mother's Day!
Feels like having a war after that, a month full of books and exams.
JIAYOU!! *ties the [bi sheng] head strap* xD
Stay optimistic and happy all times~ ^^