Saturday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

It's the end of October already!! Five frigging days of exams had past! I'm STILL ALIVE! COOOOOL! But I look rather exhausted and the word VERY TIRED is printed on my big face LOL but ain't giving up ....... YET ._. Who knows how long I can stand this lol. I'm actually feeling kinda sick already, maybe it's my mental strength that is stopping it from happening (?) Haha xD

Time flies eh? I'm still happy bout yesterday despite history exam was going on and maths results was out :D I don't care :) I don't know why, but I often remember the happy stuff instead of dwelling about the sad or should i say, unhappy events. What for right? :D

The exam will end anyway and what is done is done. Do better next time lor, :D I'm still very happy about my Chinese Essay though I know it wasn't SPM standard. I know, my essays are never good. Compare to some of my primary friends .. actually, I can't even compare .. nothing to compare at all .. This isn't happy lol, forget bout it :P I'll still try my best la, i really need to improve on my essay writing == Grammar all wrong D;

On top of that, we finally got our Pizza Hut's NIE Voucher! 2 vouchers in total!! Let's go celebrate after exams! Haha xD but I dislike Pizza Hut == I kinda boycotted for 1 1/2 years (?) Dominos is much much more better :P

I already feel the excitement after exams! Hoho, not good, because this means I don't feel like studying :P :P

Bought magazines :D
Loads of them waiting for me to read..
Can't touch them yet ...
Lalalala~ Off to study Physics and Bio D; Byeeee!



I'm done with th Sejarah answers ..
*highlight to read cos maybe some of you don't even wanna know*


some not sure de, if wrong inform me ya! :D

Friday, October 30

Day 5 of Exams!

Waaaahhhhhh, you know what, I actually can finish part A of paper 2 Sejarah hahahaha. Okay, I wrote whatever crap I know, it's quite okay la, since tips is given :O Paper 2 lagi funny hahahaha. Everything the tips listed came out, wow! I just hope the way that teacher marks it is loose, I'm not sure -_- my mid-yr I thought it was correct but :/ oh well :D


Was so freaking sleepy, I guess the Chicken Essence didn't work this time (hmmm) Maybe I was really both mentally and physically tired, so I took a few naps xDD

Recess teacher "showed" us our Maths paper 2 .. Okay ................ Actually it's predictable lah sien == Crappy paper xD

History paper 1 used sniper and headshot all the questions woot! Till now 5 not dead(means wrong la wtf) -_- They better stay dead and not revive wth! LOL

After finish exams thought can go back de, because itu CKW say can go back .. wadde -_- mana tau just before carrying the bag .. Teacher walked in ........................ Ahhhh! But I received a GOOD NEWS (for me la) from teacher hehehehe xD

Teacher: "Bout you guys de paper 1 hor .. I already finish marking the essay part ........ "


Teacher: "A few of you not bad eh .. I "THINK" I gave the highest mark to .........."

*started praying in heart already!!! pray pray pray pray pray pray amitabha guan yin pu sa*
**maybe not so kua zhang, i was just hoping it was me la ;x**
***whhaaat? who doesn't wanna get high marks right :D***
****if couldn't get then suan lor, (just like my mid-yr lol)****


Teacher: " Jia Min Tong Xue .. "

*big wide smile hehehehe :D*

*then praise* =x

I was in heaven liao hahahahaha. Not to boast or what la okay T.T It was really my feeling that time. =x But then not only me la, others also did well :D Mine won't be the highest, my part A sure will kill me one, gerenti (learn from bio teacher xD) punya. Sighh D:

Class continued .. suddenly a young woman appeared! It's LYS so-called 18-yrs-old de mother :D (She looked young la, thats why xD) She received a call saying that her son being kidnapped/beaten-up (not sure) so she rushed to school @__@

LYS is sitting in class safe and sound! LOL evil people wanting money pfft! Dangerous society lol

Okay la, really tired, need sleep :P

ps; 5 MORE EXAM DAYS TO GO!!!!!!
pps; i came back, mom at home, she said i looked terrible LOL
ppps; next wk all crazy subjects ah!
pppps; comments reply after exams :P
ppppps; i haven finish the sejarah answers yet, see how la :P

damn la

i give up la

don't even have time to read thru 10 chapters of history text book nor do exercise for them after memorizing the freaking essays -_-

i really hate you la sejarah, you're dead and still wanna make people's life miserable.

i really wanna spam foul words but then, it's too early to do that.

mampus la today punya sejarah.

oh my buddha, oh my guan yin ma, oh my tian,


nites peeps!

wish me luck for today.


Thursday, October 29

Day 4 of Exams.

CRAP. The first paper was Moral and it was a whole piece of CRAP!!!!
So what if I know the definisi(s), I don't even know which nilai to apply in it DAMN -_-
Too dumb liao D; Crapped a lot. Even left 1 or 2 blanks and incomplete answers -_-
HAAAAAIIIZZZZZ, 1st time moral paper like crap ahhhhhhh.

Then it was Chemistry Paper 3 , one of the experiments I spotted came out! Yayy! Another one just .... hope luck was on my side just now LOL .. Planning experiments .. crapped out whatever I know .. hope it's correct ....

Then Maths teacher had a talk about the Maths Paper 2, geez. Really mampus la this time that paper. 3-10 marks gone I bet. I wonder what else, AHHH !!!!! Evil paper. Evil Maths. Evilllllll!










*off to EAT BITE CHEW SWALLOW history notes*

Wednesday, October 28

3rd Day of Exams.

I don't know how long can I stand this.
On the brighter side, 7 days more!

I've been drinking Brand's Chicken Essence this 2 days -_-
It works you know, I didn't really felt sleepy but still ..
I think I should stop -_- later my body get used to it then I'm dead.

So .. Today was Maths and Chinese..

Chinese Paper 1 - DAMN! I think I made a few mistakes in the first section where you need to write formal letters -_- Doubt I'll get good marks for it -__- hope to score in the essay part. 1st time writing factual .. not bad .. hope my points are enough T.T teacher cannot just kill my confidence in writing factual essays like that T.T

Maths 1 - Easy like freaking shit but then got careless mistake. SHIT! It's like so careless that I could kill myself now LOL

Maths 2 - Hard like freaking shit. Ok la, a few questions -_- Hope it's correct T.T anyway, got one wrong already pfft, ASTC I HATE YOU!! DAMN D;

Tomorrow Moral paper and Chemistry Paper 3
Yay! Finish memorizing nilai(s) yesterday, needa refresh a lil and read the friggin text book.
Gosh D;

Chemistry -_- Chapter 6 Electrolysis like crap weh, so many experiments -_-

Shit Friday History, might as well kill myself that day -_-
Haven't reeaaaadddd ahhhhhh D; *emos* (-.\\)

Tuesday, October 27

Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計 !

Wahaha! I know it's the exams but I've been downloading dramaaaaaaaas!
You know what does this call? GOOOD PLANNING! Wooot lol xD
Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計 freaking nice lor wehhh (i think la)
Fasteeeerrrrr finiissssshhhhhh eeexxxaaaaamssss!!

Anyway, today had : -
  • Bio paper 3 - okay (?) Kinda screwed the 1st ques I think.
  • English 1 - Crapped a lot on that .. 1st time writing argumentative essays D;
  • English 2 - Ahhhhhh! Imba, screwed :D
Tomorrow Chinese ah
Like seriously, never in my life I'm so scared of Chinese Paper 1.
Yes, 'cause before Paper 1 is objective! Now it's essay wtf.
What formal letters -_-
Why must they make Chinese so hard? I know got quality but .. ain't that too much?

I also hate upper-form chinese because they don't have Informal Letters!!! Pffffttt!
I hate writing factual essays in BC, I'll screw it, seriously T.T

And Mod. Maths -_-
I hate it when I can't use Add Maths formula!!!! Blarghhhhczxcz!
Must remind myself

*not to use AM formula* *not to use AM formula* *not to use AM formula* *not to use AM formula* *not to use AM formula* *not to use AM formula* *not to use AM formula* *not to use AM formula* *not to use AM formula* *not to use AM formula* *not to use AM formula*

Daaaaaamn. What else ..
I don't wanna fei lou it lor,

*continues to download drama 8D*

Monday, October 26


I know I shouldn't be here but I just can't help it heh!
I know people wouldn't be reading this too because they're too busy studying! Muahaha!
How bout me? Don't I need to study too? But .. Oh well :P

I wanted to blog yesterday de lor!

Seee! I had the materials LOL. My phone with my keychain :D (Aries rawks ftw)

Gave up since I haven't really study for BM and was cramming it whole day.
Gosh, I've never been that hardworking I tell you xD

Hope my hard work .. pays off (?)
If it doesn't .. I'll just have to .. work more harder? Omg, I hate that -_-

Had 2 BM papers today!

BM 1 - okay .. I used some of the peribahasa(s) I learned ... hope I used it correctly haha ;x write write write write like nobody's business only -_-
BM 2 - write write write write write write till gila 'cause some don't even know wanna write what -_-

Now let's see what this 2 papers had done to my newly(yesterday -_-) bought pen.






*this is to show my dad why am i buying so many pens in a year lolz*

Wthhhhh! How many pens do I need eh? Still got 9 more exam days!!
And .. when you're in upper secondary .. YOU NEED TO WRITE LIKE CRAZY ; UNTIL YOUR HAND ROTTTTTT in almost all the papers. Only a few are objective papers T.T

Treasure your tembak-ing moment T.T
I miss it a lot T.T

Okay, time to study Bio Paper 3, tomorrow mampus!
BI .. err .. hope essay part easy ;x Broken english here! :P

Saturday, October 24





Signs by Patrick Hughes

Just something to share :)
Maybe some of you will think it's boooring D;
But I personally think it's .. cool :D
Take your time to watch it ;x

Happy Birthday Shu Qiong!!

Saengil Chukha Hamnida Shu Qiong!!
생일 축하합니다!

Wahahaha! You know how to read it right? :DDD

(Piano-braces-girl) to the power of two xD

Tadaaaaa! I remember your birthday after all :P
Hope you'll enjoy your birthday although stupid exams coming soon! :D

"Two wordssss.."

Muahahaha! ENJOY! xDD

Thursday, October 22

STM ahhhhh!

Short Term Memory wtf you sucks -_-
How am I gonna study if I have this prob D;

Nothing happening today, very tired again, eyes actually wanted to close lol.
Kept reading the History reference book brought by JiaYu hoping that the notes will actually go inside my friggin small little brain but sadly, it didnt -_-

Why on earth must we study History la, it's the hardest thing to get into my puny little brain. It just hates me, and my brain -_- daaarn you history!

Then it's Moral class, had a shock 'cause teacher suddenly spot-checked our powerful brains to see whether we still remember all the sub nilais/definisi or not. Fortunately, we don't remember LOL. Yes, fortunately wth :P Started memorizing like a freak ;x hmm .. not bad ==

Recess time!

Add Maths time! Teacher gave revisions .. as usual ..

*takes paper*
*finds pencil case*
*puzzled, can't find o.o*
*finds around again*

WTFROG! REALLY cannot find!!!

*gives up T.Tv*

Teacher wasn't in a good mood after giving us back our Maths revision paper .. (althou i got full marks :P of cos with discussion la ;x) so didn't dare to ask for permission to go out to find oh-so-important pencil case in Beta class (might have left there aft Moral) -_- borrowed Michele's stuff .. (sharing eraser and calculator is so hard lol) Thanks a lot!!

Wasn't in a good mood too since I don't know whether my pencil case is safe or not, PLUS Add Maths is so horrible, especially the freaking graph and locus. Kept luan luan lai in those equations and stuff pfft, betul betul no mood la.

*no mood-ing*
*do add maths completing the square-ing
*no mood-ing
*do add maths circle-ing
*no mood-ing*
*do add maths locus-ing

Suddenly, Dexter came in holding something very familiar :O :O :O and before he can finish his sentenced I already raised up my hand with full joy wtf srsly very happy that time hahaha. mood suddenly brighten up yay! Thanks dude :P

And yes, that's what you get for having STM D;
I really gotta be more alert la sighhhh D;

Shit weh, History really no tips meh. D;

That YOU-KNOW-WHO(SH.S.T.Rh), didn't even bothered to come into our "place". Like srsly, I'm not lying or what but she's standing opposite the "building" and talking to "someone" next to our "place" and then standing along the corridor talking to another "woman". She actually passed by our "place" de lor, how hard for her to take a few steps and talk a few sentences -_- I know liao la, kecil hati la, she know we all hate her so she's doing back the same to us la -_- evil YOU-KNOW-WHO pfft!! I despise you woot!

Oh to those who left comment, sorry ya I won't be able to reply D; I'll reply ASAP after my exams (?) LOL Keep the comments coming :x thanks ya! I appreciate it :DDD But then leave your name la :/ So fun being an Anon meh ._. ;x


Dinner: I think I swallowed a fish bone wtf.

Wednesday, October 21

Toilet Bowl wth?!

I gotta make this quick because I'm really very very very sleepy and tired -_-

My freaking tuition card dropped into the toilet bowl straight after Chemistry tuition -___-"

My only reaction was .. " shit .. " then flush the water wth, cannot take la cos it was so deep under there wtf. I'll take it if it's reachable lor, i know it's disgusting but .. aiyah wtevs lah deng.

This is very lame I know.

Bye bye RM25.

and that card got my name one lor, I wonder where will it be flushed to *hmmm* wth lol.

Okay bye nites!

Timetable is FINALLY out!

Currently feeling: Stressed D;

This is a total piece of crap, I take back my words, I rather they'd not distribute the timetable now, which is today .. can't they just keep it to themselves? I know sharing is caring but I dont mind D;

Surprisingly, the exams are only 2 weeks! Wow, coool !! Starts on 26th of Oct and ends on 6th Nov. Then I'm FREEEEEEEEE from BOOOOOOOKKKKKSSSS 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D

*pauses awhile and thinks RATIONALLY*

Ehhhhh waaaaaaiitt, hold on a sec, doesn't this mean that Form 4 life is going to end and I gotta buckle up for next year's SPM (?!?!?!?!) Nuoooooooooooooo!! This can't be true, I'm going to be 17 next year?! Then graduate and go to college?! I never thought that it'll be so soon .... .... ....

I wished to grow up so much those days but now, I actually wanted to stay at where I am, sigh.

Think on the bright side, I can learn undang this year end and drive next year! *starts to dream* lol.


Had a chat with TeeBH after everyone went back and left me and him. Talked about those days in Form 3 when there's no stress and we really did have lotsa fun at the back of the class with loads of junk food (supplied by JY) and also without any conflicts and stuff. Although there's tonnes of exams, we're still having fun! (okay, not to say i'm not having fun this year .. but the whole ... thing .. is very different .. for me .. .. . ) Both of us agree bout that hahaha. Random chats -_-

Tuesday, October 20

Sleep early?

Mood: Tired *yawn*

Oh well, guess I'm gonna sleep early tonight (yea 11pm is consider early) LOL
Currently watching some random show on channel 314 astro -_-
Missed that show D; loooooong ago punya D;

I miss watching dramas too D;
I hardly have time to watch this yr and I hate that.
I want my relaxing life back D;

Damn I can't believe the holiday is ending so soon.
Holiday ... wasted ... again -_-''
It's time to face th reality, th horrible reality pfft.


Why Do I Hate This ==

i am so friggin excited to go back to school tomorrow! oh c'mon, staying at home during holiday facing the computer is so very the boring kan? agree?

AGREE and I'll chop off YOUR HEAD

i am not excited at all and facing the computer during holiday is much much MUCH more better and more interesting than facing the smelly thick ewwy books and homework in school! NOW YOU HAVE TO AGREE WITH ME ON THIS! I DONT CARE because i dont wanna chop off your head wtf lol.

this news lagi exciting weh! exams next weeeekk! oooo.. next week .. and we friggin haven't got our timetable yet! YES!! another excuse for not studying weeeeeeee~ how come form 4 life is coming to an end in such a .. lightning speed D: i have form 5 phobia already == i wanna quit spm. T.T

ohkay, i think maybe it's the weather or what, it's driving me crazy ahhhh!
enjoy school tomorrow, T.Tv

Monday, October 19

Freaky Braces Dream

Actually I got this dream quite some time ago, and it really freaked me out, like SERIOUSLY. But then, after some time I kinda forgot about it till my friend, Shu Qiong, suddenly mentioned her weird dream to me. And wth, we got ALMOST the SAME dream!

Those who wore braces will get this dream one isit? Freakily creepy like shit weh. No joke!

Mine was like .. I woke up and I accidentally bit my front tooth (wtf) then a small part of that piece of tooth came off, I even used super glue to glue it back (doublewtf) the nightmare isnt over (!) Later, I felt all my teeth getting weaker and weaker, then fell off one by one (whatthef!) The feeling was so .. real ..... (aiya all dreams also like that lah deng) Walao eh, the feeling was reallllyyyyyyy CREEEEPPYYYY and .. do you know the feeling where your teeth cant feel anything and soon you can't even FEEL YOUR TEETH because all of them had fallen off wtfrog.

That's a very horrible and random dream i tell you, especially after taking off the oh-so-expensive braces then all the teeth fall off. Crappy.

Shu Qiong's dream was more or less the same, including the teeth fall off part and excluding me using super glue part wtf that was really random and I dont know where the heck did i get the idea of using super glue for gluing tooth lol.

Sunday, October 18

Bus Road Block!

Lol, since when police decided to use bus instead of small red stoppers for road block xD
It's just a joke okay == Anyway, saw this on the way back after dinner.
Coincidently, parents were talking about the accidents along this road .. then we saw this .. wooaahh. Creepy eh? LOL
I wonder how the bus driver drive lol. Dangerouuussss :O

Tried a new Restaurant around Giant there, hmm .. not bad gua.
Can't think of anything else hmm ..

Oh! 2 more days of holiday! Sadness T.T

Saturday, October 17

Miss Astro Chinese International 2009

Katrina in the middle!! xD

Wahhh, just finished watching it just now.
Katrinaaaaa got 2nd aaahhhh, also predicted liao de.
The way she express and answer the questions aint as good as Belle, but she really got the looks!

Oh well, good luck to Belle for representing Msia! :D

Time to sleep,
3 more days of holiday D;
Enjoy ~


Bro kena food poisoning agaaaaaaain. Don't know why, this yr he macam very weak >_> Maybe it was yesterday's dinner (?) But I nothing wor *choi* lol. Told him not to eat the YongTaoFoo Shop one laaaa. Haiyoh, either eat HorPor or Bitter gourd soup mai good lor ;x

Went to Giant and stocked junkfood/tidbits/foooood for this short holiday! Can't stop munching food leh, itchy mouth xD I know it's not healthy .. maybe I should stock carbohydrates stuff, at least it'll make me full (?) energized (?) wth. Felt like sleeping all the time :O

Saw the pink rubik that Hui Teng was talking about, not bad luh. Then went to bookshop and saw 2010 planner! Wah, so fast out already, got one about environment de, quite nice :O Was on the way going out to find dad, & saw the QJ's 5x5, both tiled and sticker :O rm59.90 leh. Tiled de quite smooth but can't try the sticker one == haven't open.

Nothing much lah, anyway .. SEAWEEEEDDDDD ;D

oh btw,

Happppyyy Deepavali yo!

Thursday, October 15

Freaking Net ==

I think something's wrong with the internet or is it only me? Mozilla Firefox is slower than usual and I have to use Internet Explorer == It's not like I dislike IE it's just that .. MF is simply better imo xD

Holiday *again* How come I got a feeling that this holiday wouldn't be a holiday? Gahhh! It's like this year's holiday is more than the past few years but it's still isn't enough -.- Whyyyyyy ..... WHYYYYY must time be so cruel T.T

Been watchin an "old" singaporean drama, gooooo fann wong! and jeanette aw too LOL. But fann wong is simply the best singaporean actress, not to forget she's pretty too 8D

What else .. School's been dull, nothing happening .. cos school just started for 2 days and it's back to holiday lol.

Something happened between a friend of mine and another friend .. Sometimes I just don't understand how people take *ahem* so .. lightheartedly, flippantly ; whatever you call it .. If you're really into it, please make your commitment to it. Otherwise, you're really wasting time, money and maybe losing others .. too. Well, I just simply don't understand :D

Went to Breena's birthday dinner party this Tuesday,
Pictures are still in my cam, not much ..
Gave her a USB Drive, unexpected reaction from her LOL.
Not bad, had laughs and stuff, HAPPY SWEET 16 Breena!!

14/10/09 -


aka. Chou Vivian xD xD

&& Evil Viaaan ;x ;x

Sorry that it's been a belated post D:
But I still remember you dedicated your first birthday post to me hahaha xD
Anyway, hope you're doing well now and, enjoyed your birthdayyyyy :)

Tuesday, October 13

What If ..

I hate this feeling,
I really really hate it :(

But what to do D:
I'll still have to face it everyday.
How I wish ..
i could turn back time and start all over again ..
sigh ..