Wednesday, March 31


Ni hao, I'm here to waste my time :)
It's the last day of March already ~~
Was kinda err .. dont-know-how-to-explain in class today lol. Oh well.
Enjoyed laughing LOL the boys switched their places = their roles. Imba lawl xD

Ooookay, stayed back to helped out for the sports "saringan" thing. In the end, it rained, stayed at the restaurant and chatted with 2 ex-form 5s and friends.
The rain stopped a while, and started raining the whole zoo when my mom arrived =="
MY UMBRELLA WASN'T WITH ME !!!!! gah. troublesome.
Mom came down in the end, and her shoes got all wet :/ aww, thanks <3 LOL.

Hmm, macam tarak homework these few days, getting lazyyyyyyyy :P
MMMMM, I smell chicken wingggg xD
Off to dinner! Byeee!

Tuesday, March 30


Wtf, this morning my hands were holding so many stuffs, then the bag was like so damn heavy, YES, Tuesday's bag is the heaviest wtf. And I gotta bring 3 piano books to school too, yeah because I'll have my lesson straight after school. OKAY, since my hand is full, I gotta like .. shut my dad's car's door by using some other parts of my body. Which I chose my elbow -.- and I somehow hurt it..a SMALL piece of skin came off .. IMAGINE IT'S YOUR ELBOW!!!! You needa like bend and straighten it everytime. That part of skin just itches and stings whenever I bends/straightens my arm. GAAAAAAH !!!!! Sometimes it even accidentally and I mean ACCIDENTALLY scratched parts of table/wall/shirt(wearing longsleeves,fml) ARRRGGHHHHH, so damn painful -.- OH, the part where the wound touches water, ohmaitian -.- Okay, now it's not so painful already, but wtheck, of all parts why my elbow -.-

Done homework woot!
March is gonna end soon :( :(

PS; so damn lucky today, got 4 "di"s during chor di woot!!

Sunday, March 28

KLKPD Daerah Perdana @ PTPL

Imba camp. Lazy to elaborate about it.
It wasn't THAT bad imo, because, since I'm already there, I enjoy my time rather than complaining about it. No regrets woohoo! (law of ueki theme song haha!) *random

It started about 9 ? not sure. Reached home at 7.10pm haha! Even longer than school hours :D

In the bus, on the way~~~~~

Testing the smile detector thing.

In th field, dividing groupssss *expected :/*

imba game that we played, its either you BE HONEST OR EARN POINTS(LIE).

HT having lunch~ lol.

1st meal (fried rice+fried meehoon+karipap+teh)

2nd meal, lunch (nasi ayam)

and bloody syrup :/ I dislike syrups :/

3rd was teatime, which is after the outdoor activity (read on)
Ate it on the way back, was (donuts+karipap again)

HAHA! Fiona's idea of snapping this, they wasn't using the genuine version of Microsoft :X

Testing smile detection lolz.

LOL IMBA HAHAHA *likes this*

Checking out photos @___@

And all of us kept ourselves busy in front of the cam while waiting for the Malays to pray..

LOLOLOL the boys headache :X

Qian da cks spoiled the photo ==!!!

AGAIN !!!!! ARGHHHH !!!!!

lol me & fiona.


After photo session, facilitators assigned us with some outdoor teambuilding activities.
There are 5 check points ..
1st - Marching HAHAHAHAHA I simply march =="
2nd - Crawling on the field ... (boys did it)
3rd - Build a tall and stable building with straws (not bad)
4th - Make brick paths .. simple ...
5th - Passing through/across the nylon nets .. (wasn't the lightest nor the strongest so .. gave moral support?) LOL


Wah they so evil, sprinkle flour on him D;

This is how "Eiffel tower" looks like in straws LOL ==

Team mates~ we finish 3rd~~ :D

Heading home~~~~

Mic & Aku.

I was on the phone .. then mic was making a call .. and cks was acting lol

..... lol?

To end the tiring post,
A photo of ..

Me and Hui Teng~~ :D

Dad came to fetch, ate durian opposite school LOL =="

Oh ya, did I mention that I met Hanif there? haha! It's been 2 yrs weh. Not much changes thou :D Suddenly miss form 3 life lolz =="

That's all, @_@
Don't really know how to blog these days @_@
Lazyyy @_@
Okay, bye

Tuesday, March 23

Happy Birthday House! lawl

Didn't notice it's the 23rd of March until I was checking out the date on my phone -.-

Happy 5th Birthday homee sweet homeee~ :D

Time flies eh .. Still remember the first yr I moved in, it's like .. so empty .. then nowwww! It's packed with so many rubbish! HAHA. Esp the amount of books, always increasing :/

To top that up, my dad won a Sony Cybershot S series camera .. Model S2100.

They didn't include casing + memory card arghhh! And it's actually using AA Battery =/

Oh well, what do you expect eh? It's free (in a way) LOL. Love the smile detection function, so nice to play with heh xD

I guess there's nothing much, still have loads of homework .. and the school's model .. really ... sigh :/

Till then, byee!

Sunday, March 21

STADT German Cuisine & Bistro

Woot! Went dinner @ Stadt German Cuisine & Bistro ..

Chocolate Orgasm lololol.

LOL @ the names =x

Woo, green goblin sounds cool & the citric brain freeze @___@

I'm s"peach-less lol!

Love that lighting, like jelly fish @__@

Hoho, the Weihenstephan Dunkel Beer :9
Much more better than Carlsberg and others @_@
Not so bitter :/

A combo of Grilled pork German Sausage, Nuernberger, Vienna, Thueringer and Smoked Garlic Sausages~

Giant lol!

Head-Hunter Special :9 got a light taste of vanilla / cough medicine =x

Aha! The Pork Knuckleeeeee :9 Glazed with honey :9

*in the middle of attack!*

Tadaaa! The final fate of it LOL! Giant bones =/

Different kinds of German Beer~

Mainly food update.
Lazy to blog about things that happened these days.
Wonder why, oh well~

School's starting tomorrow,
Gotta pull up my socks once again..
No more slacking around, sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
*say easier than done*
No more holiday till the mid-term is over, oh my T_____________________________T
Thinking about it makes me feel sad :( :( :(
Ohkay then, time to pack my bag ..
*blows dust away*

Hope I never left out any homework, though I having the feeling I did =="
Hate that feeling.

Friday, March 19

Kun Seng Keng Lion Dance @ The Palette

Hmm, Chinese New Year is over for almost half a month .. Time flies eh?

Performance by a 20 times world champion team

People mountain people sea~

Spot the expression of the girl in red striped shirt LOL!

Everybody snapping pictures~~

Neh, you can see Malays and Indians too :D

Red seaaaa~

Spot the orange!! xD

Twins lmao.

Humans feeding their hand to the lions. Weird :/

Everybody trying to catch the flying angpao lulz.


Okay, so today's the last weekday for the holiday. I hope (yeah, hope lol) to utilize my time to the max. After this holiday, there'll be none till June. My gosh T-T Thinking of it makes me feel like crying T-T Although form 5 life doesn't seem as easy as it seemed lol .. but ..... I .. .. don't know .... feels contradicting now -.- Oh well.