Monday, April 30

Oh nooooo!

KEKEKE person on the left pls dont kill me ;p

Today's the end of April already:(? Time surely flies :( I don't want April to end :(
Spent the last day of April playing UNO Stack with Christine while waiting for Wen Yu and eating lunch HAHA. 

Nothing much hmm..
Oh well, A2 (FINALS) is in two weeks time.
I repeat! 14 DAYSSSSSSS.
I'll go stuff my head in my books, hopefully diffusion will occur :/

Another thing about April - BERSIH 3.0
428, just a date to remember. Many of BERSIHs in the future I guess.

Tomorrow it's Labour Day.
It marks the 5th Anni for our NIE team D:
Can't believe it's been 5 years! Sadly, CY can't join us for this year :'( it's not the same whenever someone's missing :(

Oh well, back to books! D:

Friday, April 6

April ♥

1st of April 2012 ; Happy 19th Birthday to me! :)
It's a mille crepe cake btw :9
And my cacat making-a-wish face hahaha
Aww! I can still smile so happily despite mocks on the next day! And I was UNPREPARED. Let me show you my mock timetable .. It was the worst timetable, EVER. 8 papers crammed into 3 days. Please have a look ..

All my papers were in MPH except the last Economics paper. Pros and cons of having exam in MPH:

1. You have the MOJO-EXAM-FEEL. =_=
2. You get the whole hall view if you're sitting behind 8D (cos i did HAHA)
3. You feel MORE people is together with you in this "war", larger soldier-force. Union is strength. lolwtfamitalkingabout.
4. You can enjoy chilly aircon. -_-



Arctic Hare!

Well, I wish I was one, then I wouldn't be afraid of coldness -_-
And and, if my friends and I were an Arctic Hare ... hehehe..
This will happen if we discussed the paper and got the same answer!

HAHAHAHAHAHA. OKAY. Enough of being lame :}

Serious talk now.
I admit that I didn't prepare well :( there's .. insufficient ... time /.\ and the lecturers set super duper hard papers to kill most of us :( to kill .. me :( most of the papers were DAMN HARD. it's like HIGHER than A2 standard .. i think. Or maybe I'm just too nubz. :D

Oh well, It's HOLIDAY NOWWWWWW! Who cares :P Face the results after holiday la :P

So, let's see what happened before and after mock exam :O

Went to Palm Garden Golf Club, Putrajaya to relaaaax after a whole week of work with my family and cousins:) It's been a long time since I last step foot into a swimming pool :O

Enjoy the pictures :)

Pool with golf course view :)

Ze view :)

Me and Bro! :D

Sam from Penang! :D Same college woo! :P

Me enjoying mah Jacuzzi likeaboss! 8D

Heading home! D:

Tuesday, I received a call from an unknown phone number .. 03-95438888. The number did seemed familiar, but it never crossed my mind that it was from a radio station! *facepalm*

I ignored the call for the first time.
I missed the call for the second time.
I finally decided to answer the third call(very unwillingly lol) when I was driving -_- problem a bit right? HAHA.

I wonder whether they'll still call after the 3rd try. What if I missed the call .. ?

Well, I guess it was fated that I'll receive this early present from MY FM :D!
They called me the day before the movie premier, seriously? -_-
The timing was just right, few days before my birthday, maybe because they knew I wouldn't be able to really celebrate my birthday due to mocks.
Since it's fated, I decided to go, despite mocks in less than a week's time.
I wanted to take my day off. A-Levels is just too stressful :(
Called cousin bro to join me; he became my driver in return :D
So glad that I don't have to drive in the jam haha! :)

Me with my movie tickets! :D
I did feel A BIT guilty for taking my night off studying. But wtheck, I enjoyed the movie :D
Lily Collins is soooooo preeeeeetty!! The dwarfs were funnehhhh XD.

31st March.
Earth hour :) Blogged about this already! :D free starbucks hehehe! :D
It was a day before my birthday, reminds me of my sweet 16th. I had my 16th birthday party during Earth Hour with my friends. Never will forget that, because special things happen on your sweet sixteen birthday ;)

1st April.
Spent the whole day studying. What a crappy birthday eh? haha!
I kept complaining, because GSC was giving out movie tickets ON MY BIRTHDAY! UGHHHH! Of all days -_- Well, I can't be too greedy, I got my free movie ticket already ... But who doesnt want FREE stuffs! Consumer surplus MAX please! Nvm, got over it already cos greater things have yet to come :D (for that, i don't mean mock exam -_-)

2nd-4th April.
Time flies like a breeze woo.
Ignorance is bliss.
Thus, ignoring how badly I did for mock WAHAHA.

Slept MAX after mock exams, repaying my sleep debt.

HAHAHA. I don't know why I'm so in mood for all these random pictures :P
So here comes Thursday 5/4/2012 :)

It was actually planned that Christine was going to bring a few of us to One Utama to celebrate the end of mocks. I suspected nothing at first, because this was already planned since .. long time ago.
She asked me to dress nicely to teman her, it was nothing also, because this happened before LOL. So everything happened normally :O

We went to The Coffee Bean for breakfast - Frozen Yogurt :) while waiting for Katherine.
Buy 1 Free 1 :D So I had two, LOLJK.
I can't even finish mine -_-

Upon the arrival of our beloved Katherine (LOL:P) I kept pestering them to buy movie tickets hehe. Well, that's normally the first thing you do when you reach the mall whud. Buy tickets first! But something's unusual .. they didnt seem keen to buy tickets o.O and they kept dragging time -_- I was like ... "what is wrong with you people?!" XD
At last! They cannot tahan me WAHAHA. So we went to buy tickets :D

Ze tickets!
We delayed watching this, thanks to mocks -_-
Kekeke, after buying tickets, I was satisfied. So I just followed wherever that two brought me to and I think they asked TTH to distract me -_-
Until 12 something, my stomach was growling !! They didnt seem like they want to move away from MPH and head for lunch o_o when normally they grumble hungry more than me HAHA :X and Christine was like a super celebrity, kept getting limitless texts! Something's fishy eh ...

They wanted me to grab one and pose, and I had to chose the ugliest hahahaha.

I suspected something, but I really didn't expect almost the whole class to be there! Omgosh. And they actually planned this before mocks :') I'm so grateful to have these lovely friends :) I'm touched. It's the 2nd time they've planned for me! And wen yu conned me!! She said that she wouldn't be able to join the lunch (because I offered to fetch her and she rejected me in twitter T_T) Then those who knew what's happening were laughing at me@Twitter =_= (they told me during lunch) LOL.

I was just taking for fun, thats why some people weren't looking XD
I have such cute friends! haha! :)
The waiter offered to take this picture for us.
Because he saw me trying very hard to fit everyone in the previous pic HAHAHA.

I thought that my last teen birthday would just end with the mock exam, but it didnt :')
Thank you everyone in the picture!

Rushed for the 2.30 Hunger Games, went in around 2.40pm and the movie was just about to start! We did not miss ANYTHING!

Enjoyed the movie :) Katniss the girl on fire was AWESOME. I want that dress! HAHAHA! And Cinna has GOLD eye-liner 8D

Went to Christine's house for another movie, her dad said it was only one and a half hour, but it turned out to be almost 2 and a half hours LOL. Oh well, it was a really sad war movie. Nanking Massacre D:

I guess this post is long enough already HAHAHA.
So tired!

Still can't believe that I'm actually 19 already. I don't even feel like I'm 19. Next year, there won't be -teen anymore. EMO.

Alright! After this, it'll be 101% focusing on A2 Exam. *puts on serious face*
Will try to blog once in a while! :)