Saturday, March 31

Earth Hour 2012; Starbucks :)

Starbucks had this promotion where you can get a free frap during Earth Hour :)

Got myself a cup with christine and wenyu:) celebrated the last day of March 2012 and welcome April! and mock too -.- 2nd of April, GG.

There goes a quarter of the year! See how time flies when we grow up! How I wish time would stop now, 'cause this will be the last of my teen years already:(

Me and my dark mocha :9

Friday, March 16








Keep fighting! :D

Sunday, March 11

Amante Nail Spa and Body Care

Hot stones on ze left :)

Just a quick update! 
Went for the hotstone massage loooooooooooong time ago with my mom (2weeks ago) XD 
Well, they use the stones to massage and the stones were hot - thus named HOTSTONE o.O
Some parts were quite painful for me, why? stones meet bones and bones meet stones, thery're not good friends -_- (i need more meat D:) but overall it felt good on that day :) Only THAT day.......because my neck part hurts like crazy the next day -_- 

Happy Me after spa :P

UGH, mocks soon. Mad timetable -_- Cramming 8 papers in 3 days fml. 

Will update some random stuffs at some random time.
DrawSomething is getting booooooring /random.
Sayonara world D:

Saturday, March 3

Hello March :)

What a tough week :( 
Time is passing like a rocket wth -_- 10 more weeks to A2 Exam, seriously? I'm so not prepared for this -.- slacking max. DAIIIIII D:

Saw this series of paintings/posters in the foyer, my friends and I were trying to decipher the meanings of it LOL. Wonder whether we got it right ;x Ohwell;x


Had a presentation on Wednesday aka Leap Day! :D
Such coincidence ;o and my group were the last to present @@ 
I think I've complaint enough about the powerpoint slides, no point complaining bout it again here, at least I see my hardwork on the screen :) Oh, and I'll bear my lecturer's advice in mind too. :) Thankyou! :D

Sooooooo, this is how I look like in formal! HAHAH!

Too bad there wasn't a picture of me presenting D: I think I was quite nervous ;x

Ohhh, lemme show you guys something!

Those ain't marbles, ain't pearls, ain't your normal jelly soil for the plants either...
They're immobilized enzyme! :D so pretty :p
I was told that the 'pearls' you get in your bubble tea, it's the same as how you made the immobilized enzyme ;x 
This is what you do during Bio class! Interesting and fun, but bio for exams? No. no. lol.