Friday, April 30


oh can you believe it's the end of April already?
Sigh. Sad right?

Btw, did I blogged bout my L license?
I got it since last Saturday.

Did I blogged bout Kelly Clarkson's concert?
I went last Sunday.

Did I blogged bout getting 3rd in Add Maths Quiz?
LOL, won Add Maths's workbook for that -.-

Did I blogged bout me playing basketball and got banged?
That happened on Wednesday,
Got a terrible headache afterthat.
My ear still hurts now, maybe it's swollen or .. it's purplish red? lol.

Did I blogged bout laughing my heart out?
It happened almost everyday lulz.
I might laugh quite loudly :x
But.. When you laugh, you're supposed to laugh hard .. no?

Did I blogged bout me saying stress?
Yes, friends actually trying to stop me from saying that in class lol.
Because I made them stress LOL.
So they'll take my things whenever I say it D;
They can react reaaaaaaally fast to what I say D;

Did I blogged bout listening to Daughtry's, A. Lambert's, One Republic songs?
I felt a certain relief ..
It felt like .. There's nothing to be worried about lol.
Illusions o_o xD

Did I blogged bout having bio chapter 3 topical test?
Yes, it's today.

Bye April, I'll miss you :)
Time for enjoyment had officially ended after today.
Mid terms. MID TERMS. fml.

Time to go, byee!

Tuesday, April 20


I'm tired.
Well, plain tired.
I tried ..
Well, I failed I suppose.

Who doesn't fail..
But who likes failing..
Gosh what am I talking about.

I just feel like sleeping the whole day long,
Without thinking about any work that's piled up,
Like a giant monster,
Or maybe a tsunami of them.
The nightmare has just only started ain't it?

Sunday, April 18

The Lucky Leaf..

Last Monday morning assembly
Among the shrubs next to where I lined up
A myriad of leaves and stuff caught my eye
Somehow *click* this one lil leaf
It left me a beautiful impression..

The lucky leaf...

Aint you lucky lil leaf to get spotted by me or
Maybe its my good luck to have spotted it

What's meant to be, will be
Call it coincidence?
I guess it really brought me luck last week! :)
Many happy turn of events, plenty of laughter
At least enjoyed the whole week without anymore .. "bad luck" LOL.



Participated school's Treasure Hunt activity! Woot!
It was fun! And LOTSA running around..
Group mates were AHN, LHY, and Josh. :D

Solving a very simple question =.= =.=" the amount of sweat @_@

Looks kinda evil LOL oh well .. watching teacher marking the papers @_@

Our paper! Marking marking .. in the end ....

We got 3rd! Hahaha, better than nothing =D

I enjoy cycling =D i only started cycling when i was in form 1 LOL =.=

The ball never even touched my finger 8D Geng leh xD

One more month !!!!!! gosh

Thursday, April 15

quote of the day

"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting."
- E. E. Cummings

Treasure hunt tomorrow! Woot! Can't wait :D

Wednesday, April 14

Lisan + Painting woot!

The bean is always on top of my piano :D

Went school early in the morning, the tables were outta order.
Some said there was earthquake in the middle of the canteen LAWL.
Went to sit @ boy's side of the canteen =="

Gave photos to teacher~
During assembly, one of the teacher was really sad, in 13 years of teaching, she first experienced something that she never thought of. Maybe it was really hard for her ..

Had Ujian Segak,
Omgosh, torturing =.="
My arms hurt now T.T

Finally had LISAN WOOOOT!
I guess it's the best lisan ever haha!
3 of us enjoyed it xD kept practicing :D

Thought of NOT staying back today..
But decided to in the end.

Haiz.. there were hardly people around so instead of BSMM meeting
We went to help teacher paint the Bio Lab..
Oh well, painting is fun! It's been a long time since I last painted (5 years ago wah)

:D Thanks JY for the photo xD
looks like i'm wearing some white long skirt @_@

Tuesday, April 13

A Levels Maths and Logic Competition @ Sunway UC

Minum teh opposite with Kritz & TTH in the morning.
Basically only Kritz minum-ed ;x
Went back to school, saw teacher, hopped on her car, off to Sunway UC AGAIN lulz.

It's the same MPH, same UC same everything!
Except I didn't forget this time LOL =.=

We're the first to arrive =.=" The registration staff ain't even there yet !!
So we went to check out our seats in the MPHall.
Guess what?

Neither of our names was in sight =.=
Nor even our school's name =.=
AND TEACHER WASN'T WITH US HAHA LOL (she went for parking,that's why lol)

Random brain cells got activated..
Ahhh.. our sequence of crazy probabilities =.=

"teacher left us there - we go sunway pyramid watch movie only la - yay no need competition - oh gosh need go back to school - aiya never bring books leh - that's why lo go sunway =.="

Stuff in italics above didn't happen ok, juz wishful thinking lol.
So the registration staff just wrote our names on the paper =.="
JUST LIKE THAT?!?! No other complicated procedures?! LOL
Sigh, just go participate in the competition lah =/

Ate breakfast, while eating, more and more students arrived,
From Penang, Ipoh, Johor, Pahang... every state in the Peninsular Malaysia..
Gosh.. it's a RED ocean there!!! we're dead !!!

Kritz, TTH, Eirban met some of their friends ..
Kept talking about their primary thingies =.= "how geng this, how geng that" =x
Waited for almost ...................... 2 hours =.= =.= =.=

Finally started ..
Process .. rather .. stressed LOL.
the entire comp is divided into 2 rounds with an hour break...
we saw tth's mom, lulz
Finally competition over

Went back, ate at malay restaurant with 3 of them.
Had random laughs and chat.
There's a kitten too =.=
Irfan bad, very bad, keep distracting the kitten away from me =.=""!!

Oh well, had fun today haha!
Laugh dao stomach muscle pain =x
Homework time again zz..

Monday, April 12

Pathetique ; Pathetic?

Not that pathe"tique" after all~ :)
I enjoy spamming chords on the keyboard,
Some sorta way to release tension haha!

1st movement is a total drama.
2nd movement sweeeet~
3rd movement speed!

Love the song but .. it's so hard -.-
18 pages woot!
Basically can play all the notes,
All it needs now is EXPRESSIONNNN ..
Hellooo Feelings, where are youuuuu -.- -.-


Partnered Breena in performing the Volcano experiment demo thingy during the opening ceremony for Science and Maths Week :) It was kinda fun LOL

Appreciation to Add Maths + Maths teacher for delegating this task to us xD
Breena did the narration, while I get to set-up an eruption woahh!
Hui Teng was the assigned photographer

Start with some warm water...

Added in washing detergent followed by food colouring ..
Then, add Soda Bicarbonate powder~ still calm and peaceful at this stage

Here comes the final ingredient

VINEGAAAAAAAR !! *oozing all over* the reaction was kinda vigorous , both me and teacher's expressions haha! xD

Missed the shot of the full "volcano eruption" .. nevermind~ haha.

*peace* Mission accomplished LOL! Breena recap the steps and ingredients haha.

Some random stuff happened right after that which I never expected.

Stayed back for Library stuffs.
Need to get it done once and for allll arghh.

Played a bit of Archery HAHA!
So noob weh ==" Keep missing the target LOL.
Last time played in Genting also not that cha =.=

LOL macam ada gaya only =.=

In the end HAHAHAHA Imba shot =.=

Homework homework homework
Projects projects projects
lol << (it looks like a human drowning right? xD)

Sunday, April 11

Black and White

Something that I love and hate at the same time.
Yes, I wonder why.

Maybe it's the process of having to practice consistently to perfection that is tough to endure.
But life is all about practicing ain't it?
Practice Makes Perfect

I wonder how true is that phrase.
At a stage, where I kept practicing..
Thing's still go wrong.
Fingers just don't listen.

Blah, something's wrong with me these few days sigh.

Can't really keep track of what's happening.
Everything changed too quickly.
I don't feel scared easily, but this scares me .. in a way.
Knowing that I'll have to face it .. all by myself.
Yes, others could guide, but the choice is still within me.
The one who's gonna face it, it's still gonna be me.

Saturday, April 10

爱就对了 - S.H.E.

Heard some S.H.E's SHERO album songs in cousin sis's car..
Few songs ain't bad eh.
Like 爱就对了 :)



爱是对的错的 是我们还没学会爱
就急着爱人 而爱错人
可是爱就对了 遇到下一个爱上 就爱了
痛苦或快乐 都是我们的


Woot Hebe leng~~ xD

Super LAWL day.
Unexpected stuffs happened.
The sphere object call Earth in the universe is really small.

This thing I'm facing is kinda hard for me.
It hurts. both mentally and physically
But I should stay strong I guess.
Continue what I've started.
Oh yeah! :D
but it really hurts lor *ouch*

Okok, it's the 2nd week of April already??!?!
Oh my gosh T.T
I smell mid-term exams.
Eww, they really DO stink.
Stinkier than skunks (ok random)

Should .. start ... now ...... goshh .........

Oh computer you're just too handsome @__@ LOL =.=
I can't take my eyes off you @#!^*! (ok random x2)

I kinda feel like getting a new phone ... :/
Any suggestion?

FUUU- Monday is a busy day.
Lisan ahhhhh, Chemistry slides ahhhhhhhh, Chemistry demo :O
Must remember this time -.-
Else, sure very paiseh already -.-

Countdown: 1 more week woot!

Friday, April 9


宽容 宽恕

宽容 是需要两方面的

一方就继续 一而再 再而三地 宽容


宽容 或许 真的是一门哲学

但是 单方面的付出

一厢情愿 往往 没有好结果

此外 也有

但人类 始终是有极限的
在怎么宽恕 宽容
到最后 都会忍受不住内心的煎熬

唉 人类 总是矛盾的

Read an article about 宽容 during Chinese Class.
Hmm ..

Nothing much for today.
Just feel that .. blah
Getting .. tired ..
Few more months ..
All these s will be gone ..
Yes, think positive.
That should not be a problem to me :)

Thursday, April 8

Names? :o

Still didn't feel so well in the morning.
Slight headache.
Had to brainstorm the English Literature thing.
More headache.

Chinese class,
Tradition Chinese Language?

Then it's Biology time.
Wooah, luckily obj were okay, sub were slightly challenging (because I didn't study some)
Okay, should be ok la, better than last time I guess LOL =.=

Physics .. blah
History .. drew stuffs again hah!
I need to pay more attention eh =.=
Oh well.

Extra class, stressed a lil.
I hate Physics =.=

Stayed for Chinese Society
Ate opposite,
Discussed random Cantonese names.
Laughoutloud. Natural Yong Tao Foo? =x

Chattedgossiped with Add Maths Teacher in school canteen.
Wanted to plan some Mooncake Festival Event in school.
Not sure yet.
It's like .. blah.

Homework time, blah.

Wednesday, April 7

Sunway outing with couz

Woot, went Sunway after school.
*can't remember what happened in school, nothing important I guess*

Couz treated me @ Kenny Rogers. Thank you~

She wanna hunt presents for her friend, but couldn't find a suitable one in the end.
The day just doesn't seem to go right.
There's ALWAYS an obstacle gahhh!

This cannot, that cannot,
This dont have, that dont have.
Wtheck man.

Back home
Had tuition
Damn tired + didn't feel well.
Slept early.
Guess what? There's Biology Topical Test the next day.
Can't care much la.
Study study study, things don't enter. fml.
Nights =.=

Tuesday, April 6

Calligraphy Competition @ Sunway Universiti College

Wtf, I forgot that I was to participate in this competition.
First time in my LIFE I forgot about a competition ..


Okay. I admit my light headed-ness but .. I think I'm just too tired.
btw, there's no school on Monday
so my mind was completely off from school stuff ..

When I reached school, I went toilet as usual lol.
Went back canteen ...

CY: Eh, Chinese Teacher looking for you ah.
ME: *thinks* Huh? Why is she looking for me o.o?
CY: Err .. today you got calligraphy competition right?

Yeah, I didnt bring a single thing.
Teacher fetched Kritz back home, and I borrowed his brush
*thanks Kritz*
Seriously ..
How could I forget such a thing?! =.=

For the first time, I suffer a memory lapse lol =.=
My goodness,
I felt so old.

Monday, April 5

How To Train Your Dragon @ Midvalley

Woot! Nice movie eh .. well kinda .. not bad la LOL.
I likeeeee Night Furrryyyyyyy goshhh! So cuteeeeeeee xD
Need to learn how to draw it someday ..
At least whenever I'm bored I could draw something like it :O

ps; school sport's day holiday today xD

Sunday, April 4

Sports Day 2010 @ Bukit Jalil National Stadium

Reached school early in the morning, got presents from Shu Qiong and Hui Teng !! :DDD
Omg love you guys :) Thanks for the presents .. !! :DD

A sneak peek of Hui Teng's present!

She took it back because something melted due to the hot weather, she needs to fix it back :( Love it A LOT !! :)

So, this is the second time we had our sports days off-site which is at Bukit Jalil National Stadium.. The first time was during Form 1 .. it was at MPSJ Stadium! What a coincidence, the first and last year in secondary school. Woot!

In the bus~

BJ National Stadium!!!

Love love loveeeee the reflection!!

Not to forget the skyyyyy toooo *hearts*

1 Malaysia! ;x

Random plant 1

Reach for the skyyy~ lol.

Different feeling of the same pot of plant - by Hui Teng :)

The sky was awwwweeesooommeeee xD

Both of us!! :)

(sacrificed a lot to snap this pic)
((sweated a lot because we ran around))
(((only took this one and only photo because we're gonna be late)))
((((quickly ran because we saw friends from the last bus arrived))))


We're VVIP eh? Muahhahah!

Spamming photos of the stadium lol.
The last time I step foot in this stadium was like .. 12 years ago?!
That time was Commonwealth year 1998. Cool. Ole~ ole ole ole~~ ole~ Msia boleh lol.
Time flies D;


Told ya the sky was great! Weather was cool too .. well before 12pm of course lol.

One of the Cougar athletes - LYS

Chai Yin ; Me and Hui Teng at the stadium~~

CKS's Basketball I think :o


.... for the challenge? LOL.

First you need is a nice and cool pair of SPIKES!

It doesn't matter whether it's in GOLD ...

OR RED ...

Just wear it and fly! LOL. wtf lame xD

They are meant for each other awww lolz.

The QMs' uniform, what's a sports event without them? ;o

The prized medals .. every sportsmen/women/guy/girl dream to strive their best on the tracks. *salute*

After you got your spikes ..
After knowing what's your aim ..
After everything ..



Goooo Wai Chun! LOL. (althou you're the Cougar house and somehow this is a nice picture so I posted it :) )

Yeah Daniel, your Winning jump! *peace* LOL.


That's a very true phrase ..
So here comes the Red Crescent Society to save the day HAHAHAHA =.=
Well, I joined the Red Crescent Team this year, so called back-end support for the sports event.
Althou I really wanna take photos .. but somehow, chose to join RCS anyway. No regrets woot!!
But I DID became semi-photographer BEFORE the games started LOL. Well, what to do .. Can't be taking photos while lending a hand to those who're hurt =="

Another thing to comment ..
Some of the athletes are quite egoistic LOL.
They need help but refused to accept people's help -.-
Especially guys HAHA! Girls also but less :/

I remember a girl suddenly fainted in front of me ..
and I gotta like carry her to another side of the track. Goodness, luckily there's another teacher beside me and helped me carried her over there..
I think she's only a lower form girl but .. quite heavy to carry all by myself @_@
It's impossible to carry someone without a stretcher ok !! please understand -.-

Helped Daniel to replace his plaster near his toe lol.
Helped forgot who to relieve cramp leg ..
Fanned few people with the "kain-anduh"
*ps; imma first timer =x
pps; manage to snap quite some photos before the games started too woot!

Which toe Daniel? Okay plaster here you go...

Go go go!! lol.

Woaahh, the girl is really in pain @_@

Carrying her back to the RCS Site ..

Fanning some random girl while CY relieving her cramp.

Hoho, RCS Team on duty lolz.

oops .. forgot bout AHN, he fell asleep after a sip of the 100plus LOL

After all the tiring job ..
Time for a little first aid for our growling tummy - our lunch HAHAHAH! LOL.
Wow, it was surely tasty HAHA. Was effin HUNGRYYYY I tell you.

Haha, exchanging same mee LOL xD

Me in stadium lol. *perasan*

Wooot! Thanks to HT for snapping me running hahah! Macam athlete sajee xDD *perasan*

Hoho Josh, Future photographer xD

Wah love this LOL. Photographers woot!

The guys..

Flag pole ..

Go greeeen lol!

Woot Blake!

After all the performance ..
Time for prize giving ....


CKS and .. paiseh dont know her name =x err .. lmao at right person ;x


Cougaaaaaarrrrrrrr!! LOL.

I'm from Panther house, got 2nd ;/ oh well ;/ lolz.

Before going back, decided to run one round on the track which is 400m ..
FUUUUNN! It's been a long time since I ran that much.
Almost fainted thou hahahah. Never warm up what to do =x
Well, as if you can run around in a stadium like that anytime. So just run la :D

Me ; Slyvia and Daniel running @_@

Last but not least ..

Thanks Hui Teng for being my semi-photographer of the day! :D

SO DAMN EXHAUSTED + I RAN 400m before going back.
Had a mild headache too =.= Maybe brain lack of oxygen :O
Slept at 8.30opm and woke up at 9am the next day.
Woah! still tired LOL.