Thursday, February 28

Kesian ini blog. Sudah terlalu boring. :)

its ohkay. you didnt reached a malay blog or what.


this post is kinda ==" i know. sigh !

anyway. had exam. pfft.
surprisingly... I got NOTBAD results for GEOGRAPHY only. wtf.
sad you know.
and English got 100% cos we done that before ._.

They like to scold us for no reasons. wtf how can?
THEY KNOW IT WAS RIGHT. and yet they scold. -.-
sometimes the way they handle things is just not good.
they should TRY another way :)
well, easy to say hard to do -.-



(thinks what to write)
((oh. nvm...))
(((its boring anyway)))

cant really recall what happened.
raining these days.

i wonder why people act weirdly.
they like to hate me wtf.
like i killed their whole family. =="



There's an issue here.
I wonder whether any girls...
WILL, slowly, "romantically", softly, purposely(well maybe some do lah), creepily....


(girls hugs girls)

((wtf, you too sensitive lah))

((( haha. she thinks that the girl likes her wtf )))

ohkay fine.
maybe im just too sensitive.
but things getting creepier.
my goosebumps* T.T
although some friends also hug me SOMETIMES.
cos they wanna try which waist nice to hug. wtf. lol.
the feeling
different T.T

im thinking too much
*slaps self*
but.. BUT... T______T

dont think too much.
she's just being "friendly" :)

work hard.
study smart.
play more.
eat MORE.
sleep more.
exercise MORE MORE. -.-

Monday, February 25


Lost in mind

Ever got the feeling that you're lost ?
Well, at least I ALWAYS do.
Lost in my own world.
Feeling that, everything would be just fine.
But in reality, it's NOT.
The thing will just continue to haunt you.
Friends who know me will think that I'm a happy person right? :D
Actually I am lor :P
All this emo thing sound weird.
But it's just a complicated feeling deep down beneath my red pumping heart :)
Must accept that fact that people DO change.
Good to bad, bad to good, we won't know.
Sometimes knowing a person too well ain't a good thing.
Maybe only I like to cheat myself, always try not believe that it is the truth.
Acting stupid.

Anyway, I think I have laughing disorder these days :P
Small things laugh like don't know what.
Release stress ness :)
I know PMR is just kacang putih. And it actually is. Lol.
But, ( there's ALWAYS a but ) T.T Chinese, ain't a easy subject to score.
My standard of Chinese DIDN'T improve since Standard 6.
Yes, beat that. Goodness, standard 6 only. :(
My BM, well, I use to join competition for circling A,B,C,D's during std 6.
But of cos lost Lol. And I used to like reading BM story books :O
Haha. Yes, I USED TO.
But, what happened to me now ? Lol
One big fat lazy ass. And everything going reversing back to Std 1. Sigh !
Ohya, not to mention PIANO T.T
Grade 8.
Having exam August I guess. Or maybe worse, JULY.
AND WORSE STILL, ABRSM changing their syllabus after this year.
Which means, HARDER.
IF I fail, I don't think I can pass next year.
Halleluyah. T.T

但,现实总是残酷的 (老土啦!:P )
还嫌不够烦乜? :)

Saturday, February 23

Sushigroove Malaysia ;)

Here's a Japanese Restaurant which is not bad.
Gonna blog about it at this post.
But sorry for the lack of photos :)
Cos forgot to charge the damn camera, and it went dead after this few photos :(

The Sushigroove outlet which I went is located in

SushiGroove Malaysia
Sunway Pyramid Mall – OB3, Lower Ground Two Jl. PJS 11/15 Bandar Sunway 46150
Petaling Jaya Selangor


Nice atmosphere :)

Dynamite Ball
Salmon wrapped rice balls baked with special dynamite sauce

I think this is the
Sunshine Roll
Spicy tuna/crab salad/kyuri wrapped with fresh Norwegian salmon

I forgot what this called. And some more its ordered by me =="

Crispy Ebi Roll
Fried shrimp/lettuce/kyuri/katsuoboshi/fried garlic/tongkatsu sauce

So, feel like eating them?
Especially Japanese food lover like me :)

*its making me hungry already.
lunch time !
ciao ! :)

Friday, February 22

Life goes on

nice movie :)
watched it during a outting with friends
rate it 4/5.

Thinking of watching Kung Fu Dunk now :D
Just waiting for the time to come.
Any compliments about that movie ?

Yesterday was the last day of CNY :(
No more receiving angpaos. sad.

Nothing special today.
Just laughing and crapping shits at the back with friends.

It's bored reading those up there right.
So, just enjoy some photos that SOME tourists like to do :B

Better choose the time with no sun around.
Spot the shadow :D

I wonder where you find such big size condom :X

He really do feel good ;)

Wonder what the baby looks like :D

Ever feel that your boobs are too heavy?
He will do the honour to carry them for you :D

It sure is a HOT day :)

Waiting for someone ? ;P

A human ant carrying his food -.-

Wonder why his ass so white, go for tanning i guess :)

dont really get this photo.
but the girl do look happy :D

This is way high ._.

Ever wish to stand under there guys? =="

the photos are just for laughs ohkay? ._.

Wednesday, February 20

bah. today aint that good.
nothing special did happen anyway.
just like being shot by booms from s. :D
dont really understand them.
who are they and who are we?
how can they compare.
come on. stop pretending.

gaah. stop the big fuss lah. making people all pissed off and stuff.

do anyone know this human?

Lydia Shum

Sigh ! Popular entertainer Lydia Shum died Tuesday(19/2/2008) morning after a long battle with cancer. She was 62.

Known for her chubby appearance and joviality, she earned the nickname "Fei-fei" (Fatty) and "Happy Fruit" early in a career that spanned nearly half a century.

Shum has long suffered from diabetes and hypertension and was diagnosed with liver tumor in September 2006.

How sad.

for the full article go here.

I knew about this when my mother told me at night.
She's more UPDATED than me. Lol.
And she warned my socalled very cute little bro not to eat so much :D

So, don't take so many sweets :D And exercise more !
For those lazy bums out there like me. Hmm.
Try walking up and down the stairs for an hour. :D
Maybe it will work.
Cos after holiday, and all the food I ate during CNY, made me fat ._.
But I lost 2kg by climbing up and down 3 level of stairs almost everyday :D
Great eh?

Got to work hard !
But I think I'm forever lazy :D
Sad case :)

Tuesday, February 19

finish up what im suppose to tell.
so. yeah.
hope everythings fine.
as if it would be.
s. out there trying to piss ppl.
and also taking their childish revenge.
if you wonder whats s.
msn me la. if you have my mail.

so i just do whatever i should do.
and smile :D

good for health :)

will update next 3405879345 years :)
sorry for the misblogging or whtevs shits.
this whole s. thing is getting s.
whats s.?
i also dont know.
just feeling like s. suit the whole feeling.
why are s. doing that?
if they have the right then they already did that when s. happened.
what for talking so much s. now.
it already happened. what for picking out ppl s. now.
you all rather spend time on s. than to improve ur s.?
oh please. you think that small little thing can pissed me off?
well maybe you did. but. so?
come lah. s. everything out.
kantoi s. again.

so call s. and s. as if you all are setting a good example.
most of you also dont even know how to s.
dont be perasanted that im talking about you or you.

you dare then come laa. i dont give a damn that my s. will kantoi you back. pfft.
doing those pissing ppl off stuff. come on. still children meh.

Friday, February 15

dont know why blogging seems meaningless to me nowadays.
maybe cos...
im blogging about useless stuff -.-

chinese new year.
kinda boring this year.
i EVEN SLEPT on the 1st day of CNY ._.
with my cousin sis -.-

can you imagine how boring is it ?!

learnt how to play mahjong this year !
OF ALL THE DAYS watching mahjong show without knowing how they play.
stupid :D

a mahjong tower ._.

i made it myself one lor.
it was 2am in the morning you know ?
but those adults BULLDOZED it the next morning T.T
sad. xD

BLA ! sitting like a snake. sheesh !
playing mahjong :)
i wonder who took this photo ._.

mahjong is the ONLY THING that can kill time there.
gosh !

random ! :)

i forgot to bring my new shoes !

COS... I get to buy a new pair :)
/gg !

im sure the people here knows about edison chen stuff !
even my uncles aunties also know -.-
the photos are. omgsospeechless.

went shopping in SUNWAY CARNIVAL MALL.
that particular familiar logo :)

logo look familiar eh? :)
fetched by mr cousin bro :)
he belanja-ed us for movies :D

waiting for ze tickets !

ms. sin :D

ms. foo :D

cousins :D

lame :D escalator also want to take photo. zzz

almost all the shops were closed.
sigh !

watched CJ7 !
i likey that cute little green alien dog thingie :D
who can get one for me ? :D

SOSO CUTE !! especially when it showing off his kung fu style LOL

kinda touching only when the father(stephen chow) died.

on the way back .

aduh. see $$ become so yam :D

act dumb. zz

mind ur own business lah :D

this is weird :/

zzz. act cute =="

cheese yo!

found a koala in the car :O

fake smile :B

look alike? LOLOL. from MICH xD

ohkay. so to karaoke at night !
sing and happy birthday to 1st aunt and mr. bro ! :D

ohmygodsohigh lol.

singing SHE's Superstar zz.

the bday boy !

want a piece of me ? LOL

playing with the stick. =="

aduh. perasan-ing :D

took some photos of reflection again !
at the same place.
but without mr. sin wei jien !

then the last day.
say byebye.
stuck in traffic jam for like quite a ok time.
so dont know how or somehow camwhored in car.

this photo is weird to the top of the universe. LOL

one photo enough la LOL.
look alike? HAHAHAA.
that's all for CNY !

valentines day.
for those who celebrated them
happy valentines !
and for me, happy friendship day ! LOL

this week.
i woke up late at least thrice !
ohmg !
maybe im still in the CNY mood.

oh well.
must do well in everything in sch.
if not.
sigh !
maths really is killing me
i need help T.T

nothing more.
so better stop :)
ciao !