Sunday, March 29

Sweet 16th ?

Group photo! :D :D :D

Hellllooooooow! Woah, last week was a busy week! :D :D :D
But busy de lai, very happyyyyy~ Hehehe :D :D

Informal one zzz. Evil people at the back !! Rawr!

Celebrated my 16th birthday on Saturday, in conjunction of Earth Hour!
Was very worried that it'll be boring on that day, but I guess everyone enjoyed themselves as I got some good feedback from you guys :)
This is the busiest party I ever had =="
And I have this conflict feeling inside, but whatever lah :D

She-Reen and Breena was the earliest, then everyone started to reached one by one.
The house is getting noisier ..

Started to eat, chicken wings, pork!! sweet corn, MARSHMALLOWS!!
Wah, I tell you lah, everyone seems to be crazy over the marshmallows -.-
And finished them in a blink of an eye! Fuyoh! Geng dao.
Some added butter and honey -.- and BBQ-ed it. And ate them .. in a very weird way -.-

Chicken Wings :9

Brother very famous liao -.-

Xiang Min ; Hui Teng


Random blur motion photo o.o

Angeline ; Birthday Girl xD ; Cousin ; Josh ; Blake

I dont know what am I doing there -.- Marshmallow I think -.-

Earth Hour, offed lights, on-ed lights.
Walked around the neighbourhood, was touched that a few of them actually off their lights.
Not much people here participated this Earth Hour thing. Oh well ..

Foood and people.

Random gang lolz.

Random gang also lolz

Not really ready yet -.-

Formal one~ Boys group

RAWR !! Evil people!! Look at that cute boy down there :D



With Family~ :D

16 liao~


Took group photos, sang birthday song, ate birthday cake.
Played cards, shouted around, played piano *tth skills damn geng* LOL.

The presents~~~ Card from HuiTeng
Unwrapped presents LOL
Overall I loved every presents that you guys gave.
Card from Hui Teng :D :D :D
Small cupboard from Hui Teng, Tee, Tan, Loo.
Pendrive from Kritz, LYS, TTH. *evil smirks*
Very yeng punya necklace from chou Vivian :P :P :P
And many many more!

Slacked around till 12.30am
Then friends went back one by one.
The house is back to silence, WITH PLATES LINING UP FOR ME TO WASH D; D; D;
Damn sad kan? Lol.

Didn't really take A LOT OF photos D:
Busy running around taking stuff only D:

Well, I guess that's all for my "sweet" sixteen party ._.
Legs kinda sore the next morning -.- Rawr!



Thursday, March 26

Exam Results :O

See the switch at the top right hand side? :D
I've added the widget for the Earth Hour thingy! :D

Hey, maybe should bring candles on that day too ;x

Okay got back results. Surprisingly, Physics got the highest mark among 3 science subjects. I cannot believe that. Non-surprisingly, Bio I really got 0 for the whole question -.- Fine. At least I didn't fail -.- Maybe I shouldn't get use getting 60+ and above starting from now. Not good -.- Chemistry, I hope tuition teacher wouldn't ask about the marks ._.

Nothing much happening in life. Friends kept asking what I want as present LOL they have no idea cos they think I have everything in my house -.- Wei, I'm not that rich lah okay :( Anything will do actually, sincerity ... is more important ._. Never mind :D Just hope you guys will enjoy ._.

Wednesday, March 25

Days ago ..

*burp* *ahhh~*

Just finished dinner :D
Nothing better than a happy stomach lol

Now I'm full and satisfied, let's start the story :D

4 days ago,
We sent our maid back!
I don't know why, but after sending her back, I felt relieved.
Although there will be house chores waiting for me, I don't really mind!

Everybody started to plan and sort things out ;)
Ordered "bao huo shi" for dinner so there's no worries in cooking :P
Lunch, have it opposite school. *barf* ;x

2 days ago,
Everything started to be busy~
Busy dao, I even forgot it's the 3rd anniversary of my home sweet home :D
Wow, time really flies!

3 days later,
Which is 28 March 2009, will be Earth Hour 2009!
And ...... I'll be having my 'sweet' sixteen party on that day! BD
Nothing much, just a simple BBQ party.
Well, I hope it won't be boring that day ;x
Hopefully everything will be okay .. Sigh ..
We'll be offing the lights too, right? lol

7 days later,
I'll be turning 16 ..
Never thought it'll be THAT fast ..

Thursday, March 19

Sigh ...

Yesterday was a busy day.
not to forget, a long day or perhaps .. night ......

Sometimes, maybe I don't understand. But, why people like to think aside or .. make things complicated .. Okay okay, it's not the first time I'm talking about this.. But this just keep repeating and repeating all the time!! Humans normally get angry over very small things, it's really really really small matter ... Maybe I couldn't do much, or should I say, I can't even do anything to stop this (?) I should just stuck at what I am suppose to do .. as a good student, as a good friend, as a good sister and a good daughter ...





一刀 一刀 地 刺下去


但想必 已懂事的人






So now, I'm in Wei Jien's school ~ ~ ~ blogging here lolz. *yawn*


Before I can finish this .. it's time to leave zzz.
Did some Seuntai Kata Dirasa exercises with Fiona lolz.
I don't even remember learning that ;x ;x
It was cold most of the time, cos everywhere we sat got air-cond at the back of us ==
Nothing much thou.


Still tired, holidays gonna end liao.
Sei, haven't touch homeworks yet.
One week holiday only maahhh!!! So many homeworks :(
Can't even rest. Sigh.


Tuesday, March 17

I hope I don't regret...

I really hope I don't regret that I chose this piece to perform for my diploma cert.
This is only the 2nd and 3rd movement of Beethoven's Sonata-Pathetique for the piece.
My first movement is already 7788, or maybe 5566 =.= if you understand what that means.
Notes aren't very clear yet :( :( But the hard ones are yet to come :( :( :(

I still got 1 more piece, which is 8 pages. And I don't feel like practicing them.
Give some motivation ? :( I just don't wanna stretch this whole thing till next year.
Finish them off this year !! :( And this year end I wanna take undang liao...
Exams leh, haiyoh, all the new subs are killing leh ....
Cannot slumber liao leh .... how come I feel this powerful wave coming towards me ==
Eating me up T.T

Anyway, here is the piece I'm gonna play. Take your time and enjoy...

This is the 2nd movement of Pathetique. I don't know whether you guys will click to listen. But it's actually a very nice piece. It ain't easy as it sounds like. Sigh ...

This is the 3rd movement of Pathetique. I like the whole melody but .... can you see how crazily fast is it?!?!?! My god. I still love it! :D Hope I really can vomit this piece out before the due date.

Maybe I made the wrong choice ?
Already wrong for so long -.- No more turning back la haiz.
Might as well do my best ...................... but i'm doing it right now =.=

Monday, March 16


I think I'm getting sick.

Yes, really sick punya sick.

Mountains of homework already conquered the whole week of holiday. My god.

  • Add maths
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Accounts
  • Practice piano
  • Piano theory

It's mid March already lah.
Haven't finish all my piano pieces.
I don't know how on earth am I gonna get my diploma cert.
I can't afford to fail. I'm short of time. I hate this.

Sunday, March 15

Guan Yin Dan

AKA GuanYin's birthday! :D

As her, "kai lui", woke up early and prayed.
Became a vegetarian for half a day.
Ate the "shou tao" aka the longevity peach, pink pink one?

Went IOI again yesterday night, got Popular bookfair. Nothing much.
Suddenly there's some man shouting very loud ...
Everybody was like .. where where? then rushed out of the bookfair ;x
Including me lol!! Malaysians :P
Then, a woman kena caught by 2 man. Her hands holding 2 handbags...
I was blurred and there's so many tall guys around so I can't really see what happen -.-
Saw dad there too, apparently he knows the whole story lol !!

Maybe the woman stole the bag and wanted to ran out but kena caught by security guards.
Something like that la.

Saturday, March 14

new ioi.

Kinda empty .. but there's lotsa new restaurant :D
Economy ain't good now though ;x

Went to Popular yesterday, okay. Popular in IOI is so ... insufficient of books ==
ALL the books I want can't get from there one lor!! Why so little stock zzz.
Bumped into Josh lulz.

Had to go E-Books in Giant to get what I want.
At least better than IOI's Popular -__-
More discount :P But I forgot to bring my card RAWR!!



Quote from a comment I saw in

Well, sounds true to me.

Went to school and finished up the choral speaking performance.
After that, to mamak with Kritz, Josh, Tiong Hsien and Hau Nung.
Ate roti tissue while waiting for my mom. Thanks for waiting with me lols!

Totally KO-ed after I'm back from school.
I don't know why am I so tired.
Never do anything today also ... Weird ......

Add Maths seems fun, but nah, still don't like :D

28 March 2009 ahh !!
Wanna come? :D
Everybody is invited LOL.

Random food I ate at Jogoya that day o.O

Friday, March 13

Black Friday...

... again.

Currently eating keropok! Yum ~ ~ ~

Well, nothing really bad happened.
Just that the random toilet gate thingy was locked ==
And it's raining, so needa walk a LONG way to the OTHER toilet ._.

Hui Teng slept over yesterday night ..
Kinda studied in front of her lol.
It's weird studying in front of a friend xD

Had Physics test.
Kinda ... started understanding the whole formula thing ...
But ... still don't like it ==
Especially the graph thing :(
I wonder how much will the marks be :P

Got back English and Chinese results ...
Full marks for English :D and ... 2nd highest for Chinese lols. (only that 1 mark!! zzz)
I still don't knoooooooow how to write the formatted essay !! RAWR !!
Need to use PROfessional words and stuff ==
Just scrape through this time sigh.

Now, of all HORROR !!
BIO marks ... is still UNKNOWN !! zzzz.
But, I got a very baaaaaaaaa-add feeling about it :D

Holidays starting tomorrow!!
Or should I say Sunday? ==
Still needa go back to school to perform the choral speaking stuff ......

And this holiday will be packed with homework ==
Add Maths, Chemistry, Chinese, and most of all ....... HISTORY !!!!!!
Gosh, the test this time isn't based on the real SPM Format ..
So, still cannot know our real standard :( :(

Oh well, still need to enjoy holiday to the most right?
The next holiday will be in June!!! Mid Year Break ...
SIGH .........

Thursday, March 12

SPM Results 2009!

Wah, friend's sister got 12 A1 !! Straight A1 !!
I think I can only get this kinda results in my dreams *daydreams*
If nobody invented computer, or create the internet / cyberworld, perhaps ...

Got back Add Maths results today.
Although it's not so satisfying, but it's the mark of my FIRST Add Maths exam.
I shall never get below that cool number mark ever again in Add Maths :D
Let that be the aim xD

All hail the powerful 66% !!

I'm not suppose to be happy with that mark, but nevermind lol.
Do better next time lor :) :) :)

I haven't get to see my paper yet actually -.-
Hope can add marks lah. At least 4 more to get a 7 head lol.

Bio exam was a total dead meat for me ==
I DID THE WHOLE QUESTION WRONG !! Bye bye marks ~ bye bye :D

Chemistry was quite okay, but I don't know how to do the laaaaaaast one.
Maths .........
!@#$%^&*())_!@#$%^&*( !!!!
Kena tipu-ed =______=

Suan lah, now gotta start inserting brain juice for Physics. Something I hate ==

Actually I feel like going Accounts Class ._.
Their life seems to be .. easier and livelier .. is there such word (?)
Science subs are killing me :( why here don't have sub-science :(
It'll be the best choice for me. Sigh.

But then, all I need to do is just to plan my time right?
Good time management then I'll get good results? lulz.
Too simple minded :( :( :( :( :(

I miss my form 3 life.
Or maybe .. primary?
Or maybe .. kindergarten? LOL

Well well, look at this. THE NEW IPOD SHUFFLE !!!
Small dao. Later got various choice of colors also ._.
Technologies now. Sigh.

Wednesday, March 11

Short Update

I know I shouldn't waste my time here ;x
But what to do!
New skin is up.. Still the same old look lah.

oh shit oh shit oh shit.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOT MATHS SOME MORE

UPDATE 2 (9.46pm):

Okay lah, just another small small update ;x
I kinda like my new skin ;x
It still needs editing and stuff, maybe create my own image?
Lack of creativity zz. Never mind. Work on all that ... during holidays (?)

& didn't got chosen for the poem thingy, expected la :D
Gonna be the MC for that day :D :D In the hall !! :D (attention seeker :P)
It's been a loooong time.
Bio is currently sucking my life out. Gees.

Are we having the rehearsal thingy tomorrow?
Sigh ......

Tuesday, March 10

Blue Sky!

Yay! Today's sky is very blue~
Light blue, sea blue, baby blue! :D
Nice sky, nice mood :D

I don't like looking at my blog now..
Who can design a new look for this old thing lol.
Never mind. I shall just wait for tha holidays. Few more days only !!

Tomorrow needa perform the Chinese poem thing liao.
I may or may not be chosen.
Oh well, if it's not yours, then it wouldn't be anyway sigh.

Hope I don't fail my Add Maths test ;x
Maybe I won't. But the marks may be terrifying :O

Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework

They're killing me.

Monday, March 9

rawrzxzxzxcxz !!!

I think I'm gonna go crazy now .. Figures are sucking my life and soul lulz. No joke !! Nobody believes that I suck in maths == Maybe my looks are just too deceiving :D There's lotsa thing to think about, haunting my brain :( I feel like controlling the damn time lah. It's slips through your fingers so fast that you wouldn't realize. When you do, it's too late :(

I can't wait for the holidays to come !! Like seriously, I'll stuff myself in my cozy warm bed and enjoy the remaining days *sounds like dying lulz* *touchwood!!* BUT I CAN'T !!!! Darn. There's piano waiting for me, homeworks, tuition .. studies == PLUS After the holidays, I'll be living a life of a zombie :( Got my own reasons, can't tell for the time being xD Being lifeless now. Mom said, be lifeless now and enjoy in your future lulz. I hope I still know how to enjoy life that time xD

New exam formats are so killing leh, I don't like form 4, I don't wanna turn 16.. yet. I suddenly don't feel like growing up == AHHHHH !! Essay essay essay, I ALWAYS HATED essays. Especially when you're outta ideas == Brain juice all dried up :( Now I hate Chinese essay also, stupid format. I don't think I'll be good in it, say bye-bye to highest chinese marks! lulz.

definitely not now ... that's why waiting for holidays !!
rawrszxczxz !!

Sunday, March 8

Flooded with homeworks ==

Wooookay, I have nothing to say for the choral speaking thing.
We did our best, 4 days of practice and the outcome was .. okay (?)
Others were just way better lolol.

A thing that we would like and wouldn't like to remember in a way :)

Went Jogoya on Thursday, totally don't wanna care about the Chinese exam next day lol.
Food is more tempting, since there got soooo many foooood!
Haagen Daaz is !

Chinese exam the next day totally failed.
Well, at least fail the essay part ==
I don't even know how to write !! :(
I hate those new essay format :(

Now, struggling in History notes.
And Physics too. I srsly need a Physics tutor. :(
Why people invent or discovered such horrible subjects ?!!

Tuesday, March 3


Okay, been practicing since last Thursday ..
Stayed back .. and stayed back ...
Ate lunch with whole bunch of Chinese friends ..
Talked crap .. Laughed .. Played piano ;x
And mostly ... there's 2 "Si Ham" lovers! ;x

Kinda tiring .. Eye bags getting more and more heavier ==
Enjoyed it ..... some way (?)

And Chai Yin's birthday tomorrow!
Wish her here first :P
In case I forgot (?) xD

Here are the remaining Japan photos :P

Along the streets ...

Random flower tree.

There we go to Ueno Zoo~

Show off peacock :P


Like this Fiona? ;x

Lol at Adult Movies xD

Some streets ..

I don't know why, but I like this :)

All the photos are copyrighted :P
Not copied from anywhere okaaaay ;x ;x
Taken by P1i Sony Ericsson, quality not so good ;x Cos zoomed in ==

Sigh, gotta go!
All the best~

Monday, March 2


Whyyyyy? WAAAI must mankind be so mean?
Lols. Too many of choral speaking practice.
And it's on Wednesday alreaaaady! So fast ==

Like the colors :D

Without flash. My drink at Steak Out!
Long long time ago lols.
Btw, the green one at the back tasted like .. toothpaste xD

It's so happy to see the numbers of visitors everyday xD
Getting lower and lower and lower .. Weeee ~

现在 我根本不想多说
说多 也无谓



I know humans may be reading this.
I don't care already :D
I'm fine with everything, since you made it this way.

Sien lah, tuition at night ...
I'm always lazy .. Tuition is good in some way but very tiring.

Exam coming soon. History exam?
Hahahahh! I'm afraid I'll fail ==
Physics alsooo. I srsly need a physics tutor :(
Add Maths, pray pray prayyyy ;x
Hope my brain works that day :D

Tired. Sleepy. Nights! ;)

*I got a feeling I'll lose my voice after choral speaking competition ._.

Sunday, March 1

Sunset ..

watching sunset together, sweet trees.

Took this a long time while going back home some random day. I love the feeling of the photo, can you guys feel it? Haha. Even trees are romantic xD No wonder there's always people around the hill. But, don't they feel irritated whenever mosquitoes bite? ==

new member at home.
Okay, lying == it's mother's friend's dog.
But I miss my dog.
His gone for 2 years ..
Where are you? Still healthy?
I don't know. Sigh.

Tomorrow need to stay back leh.
Who can drive here? :(
Drive me home please? lols.

This is just a random post to keep my blog alive.
It's FIRST OF MARCH ALREADY ...... (!!!)

Stay tuned for Japan photos ;x s

EDIT} Will you throw something which belongs to your friend?
Which is all her hard work? If she never ask it back from you, then you just keep it quietly and never even think of asking her whether she still wants it or not .. instead of asking her, YOU THREW THEM AWAY?! pfft.

I still cannot believe what she said.
Since those notes belong to me why didnt you return it to me but throw them away?!
The speech that I wrote can be considered as an essay already.
And you told me you threw them?! So you want me REWRITE the whole thing lah!
Evil. You took EVERYTHING, ALL the notes HOME, for THROWING?!
I can't think of any reason for you to throw them lah okay.
I know I shouldn't think of a friend like that but,
The only reason I can think of is, YOU purposely throwing them OR
You didn't throw them, but LIED to me.
Don't tell me cos your sisters played with them or your mother accidentally threw them.
C'mon lah, I'm not a 3-year-old child. You didn't even explain for WHAT REASON you throw them. And mostly, you didn't even apologize for throwing all my stuff.
Okay, maybe I'm making a big fuss out of this..
Then you guys tell me, any good reason that you can think of, for her to throw my stuff away.
Pfft. I don't give a damn no more. P.O.S.