Monday, March 31

Pick n' Brew @ 1 Utama, Outtings

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On the waaaaaay :)

1st take. - Oops. Speak no evil :P

2nd take! -:D Now you can see his mouth ;)

Went celebrating so-called birthday in 1Utama yesterday :D Plus, my mother's boss opened a new restaurant named- Pick n' Brew. Well, it wasn't bad I can say. Especially the Irish drink. Only RM 2 for each glass OHMG (!) On that particular day only with free muffin !! Special promotion :P

Pick n' Brew @ 1 Utama.

All these made by coffee beans :O

Look at Msia !! HAHAA -___-" So small.

Sacks of coffee beans from Kenya, Sumatera, Brazil etc..

We each ordered food lor. ;)

The spicing and olive oil and stuff.

With the bread. Nice bread ~~

ZOMG LOR ! Got big fly with red eyes.
(I was actually focusing on it)
(( Then the waiter passed by and shooed it :[ ))
(((That's why so blur :D)))

My Cream of Mushroom RM13
Not bad thou :D

Bolognese Spaghetti

The Irish Drink :O IT'S A MUST TRY !

Curry Laksa *MUST TRY !!

HAHAHAHA !! Mother's friend taking video! Lol.

The fooooood we ordered :O

Greeeeeedy bro xD

Cousin's sis Potato Salad :O (Photographed by cousin bro)

(Photographed by ME !! LOLOL ! )


ZOMG !! WHAT'S THIS ?!?!?!??!!
EWWW. Like MAGGOTS -___-.
















Well, It's just the drink lor.
My bro go play with it. eww.

Hey there handsome! Lol. ;)

The Pick n' Brew ads. :) At Old Wing above Soho Restaurant :)

2 Leng luis advertising. HAHAHA :X

After makan, then we head for movies!! The Water Horse-Legend of the Deep :D
Well, the story line is kinda simple. But, the water horse still damn cute when it is SMALL -___-" Crusoe the water horse and Angus the boy :D

We tooks sampats photo outside the GSC cinema lor! Zomg!! Don't believe then scroll down LOL.










Dumb lor -___-"

Get what I mean? sampats LOL :P


Something something.


I look short lor T___T

Toilets. -__-

3 sampats :P HAHA -____-"

Well, idk why people like to take photo in toilet lor. with the smelly aroma LOL. i know wrong word -__-. wth. most the photos are taken badly. i know i know. cos my cousin bro holding the camera. hard to find people who take nice photos like *ahem* me *ahem* *cough, chokes, and dieeeee* :D

Wanted to hunt for goody two shoes bag, but it was hard. and 1U is not IOI MALL. I think it's 4 times bigger than IOI -___-; so, just gave up and get some $$ from cousins LOL. I sound like a bloody money vampire. LOL :P I'm good ohkay, the lunch we ate not cheap lor. :D

So, 1st of April, this bloody little web mistress birthday :D Lol. Get ready your presents lor! LOL! And beware of Aprilfool's day, don't be fooled :P

*No one can fool me ohkay, I'm the queen tomorrow!! LOL :P*

Friday, March 28


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This is the most sweaty day ever in my Form 3 life. wtf. I've been "CHOSEN" to help teacher with other 4 girls in my class to DECORATE the "Khemah Tetamu" which is the VIP's place to sit. Gah, hanging up those heavy and smelly cloths. Adoi.

In th morning I was kinda outta my mind I guess. was talking crap till my friends cannot tahan me. they thought I'm having fever. Those very high ones. Those are really crap lor, summore self talk self laugh those kind. zomg (!) Lucky I was back to normal after that. -___-" Laughing disorder I guess (?)

After school, kena scolded by the driver. Cos can't find me. wtf. T__T Next time just accompany me wait laa. Everytime I go somewhere, sure got something happen. Then, she complained and stuff about how his son being tortured by th tuition and stuff. And thanks to my bro. But, actually I don't really know what happened lor, why people like to make things big one? Can't they have win-win situation ? Sigh...

Tomorrow it's Saturday and I still needa go to sch for PBSM stuffs. and mostly, AFTER THE SWEATING DAY, I needa go to my piano replacement class. T____T Diao hor. SO sticky and ewwy.

And crap, it has just rained just now. Which means, the field WILL BE WET AND FULL OF MUSHY MUSHY MUD. WTF ! Damn. Not happy. Not good. Not funny lor. -__-" I really hate th mud one ohkay. Th field is already quite wet and full of mushy mud in some place. Nuuuuoooooo ! Gah.

I hate this person who like to mention about th past. Since it's already over please don't keep talking about it. And don't act like your very pro. Oh please, scolding and crapping to me and think you very lihai cos you know what happened in school when you're already graduated for 2 years. It's last year stuff and come on, still talking about it. I know you somehow tried to help me, but at last you also didn't give any help so shaddup lor. Making people all moody and stuff very fun meh now.

Mood already not good cos of the stupid hot weather summore keep on crapping during the hanging smelly and heavy cloths process with the DAMN FRIENDLY CUTE WARM SUN existence. wtf (!)

Don't understand why people just can't mind their own business, and keep making things big. Gees.

Anw, happy school replacement day for tomorrow! Wee -___-!


Good lor now. happy lor now. it's raining liao lor. The heavy rain kind summore lor. I have no black shoes like those prefects one lor fyi. so tomorrow can say byebye to my nice white school shoes liao lor. happy lor. T___T

Thursday, March 27

Motivation Seminar in Universiti Malaya

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Went the motivation seminar by Adam Khoo and Domino's pizza in some Dewan in University Malaya. Was almost the same with last year. Something weird happened, cos got a person asked me some questions in a scary way, that's what i think :D.

and saw Cynthia !! LOL. Inside the toilet :/ The hall was again cold. Thanks to the air cond. lucky got bring th jacket :D

Outside UM. -__-

Me and Hui Teng AGAIN lor ;)

The Roti Bakar I eat almost everytime I go to that shop -__-

after reaching back school, still needa go for chinese class, but then, we practice and PRACTICE the poem thingie only, so actually other people no need to come de lor xD then they record during the practice. wtf. anw, asked humans to accompany me again. Heh ! >:)

School's having sports rehearsal so, was not doing anything and talking crap with friends in class. I still like to daydream.

Don't feel like thinking anything sometimes, rest the stupid brain of mine.

5 days to my birthday !! xD And officially turning 15. :/

I'm going to SMK Pusat Bandar Puchong (1) on 3April (2 days aft my bday xD) for chinese poem competition :D Which is Cynthia's school. Lol. Sei lor, the poem hor, speechless :X

Part of the poem, lame hor? Don't know need to do what action -__-" It's actually all same de.
Dont know why my voice sucks lor. wtf.
YERRR. Was so different then I thought. -__-

SO, ciao !
Remember my presents ! XDDD

Monday, March 24

Truth Hurts

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Heh heh >:)

zomg?! i'm not anywhere near 18 !! :D

and yet I manage to get in :DD thanks to my mom and my stupid old looking face :D

Finally watched it. It wasn't as nice as Just Follow Law. But it's still funny :D

March 23.
Easter day.
and its also the 2nd ANNIVERSARY YEAR !! :)















HOUSE !! :)
especially my bed, hereby thank my parents for buying it and also my parents boss for giving them salary every month and also the bonus every year. thanks to me also, for being a good girl. thanks to my pet hamster, if you didnt sacrifice yourself and made me sad, they wont comfort me by buying that oh-so-zen-style bed. and thanks to my brother for eating all my seaweeds... -__- !

So, everyone decided to go Pavilion to the Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa :D to celebrate. But, its was CLOSED FOR MAJOR MAINTAINENCE !! PFFT !!

On th way happily thinking that can try th fish spa thingie.
Ignore the bro :D Lol.

Before that, we went for our brunch @ Carl's Jr. :DD
And 4 of us ordered only ONE BURGER. it's already enough, ohkay ? -__-"

Carl's Jr @ Pavilion.

Starry stars :D We're the FIRST customer! -__-

Dalalala ~
My cousin got th STAR SHAPED PILLOW wtf.
Show you guys next time. She's in South Africa NOW !!

Opening the NICE BIG YUMMY Mushroom Burger!!
I'm Hungry NOW alr =="

TOO pretty to show my nice face :)

Nah. Size MATTERS. :) *white lies ;)*

Weird @@

then walked around Pavilion. and I found something funny.
A nice malay sales girl, thought that my mom was a Japanese !! And I think since my mom is already a Japanese, then as her daughter, *ahem* ME, also look like Japanese lor ? HAHAHAHAAA. WTF. Not funny -__-"

After brunch, is lunch. -__-
went to try the DRAGON restaurant ( Long De Chuan Ren) :)
Nice foood ! Especially the Ramen, and Xiao Long Bao again !
Almost the same as Ding Tai Fung's one thou.

Long De Chuan Ren @ Pavilion.

Ze Menu ;)

DRAGON's one. (Long de Chuan Ren)

Ding Tai Fung's one :)

And I ordered the Hokkaido's scallop soup Ramen ! Yummm ~~

Look at the HUGE scallop !

Slurppsss! :DD

after all the foods, must go exercise. so, walked around Pavilion. and bought a new Fila Tee :D
Heeehee :) Then, think of buying the bag also, but, considered about the environment in the place where I study, better not >:/

On the way back, saw NICHII MOVING OUT SALESSS !!
Thou it's sales, but can't really find anything, so, just bought a Blue tee. Aduh, so many new clothes alr :DD

while waiting :D

So, there goes the wonderful weekend.

And GREAT, add another Mr. 70 on the list thanks.