Wednesday, June 30

Mother's Day @ Zen Japanese Restaurant; Father's Day @ Ah Yat!

Heh, I decided to post this 2 special day for both parents in one special post!
Although it may be a lil late, but it's the thought that counts :P
So there you go, a post dedicated to both mom and dad :D

Yesh, a special day for the hardworking, super moms! LOL!
Well mine's super, she's my personal adviser, hairdresser ;x, she cooks, she fetches us, she pampers us and most of all, is because she loves us :D and yessss, love you too :D (ok getting cheesy :3)

So we went to Zen Japanese Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid for dinner to celebrate Mother's Day! :D watched Iron Man 2 before that wooot! Sitting 3rd row again LOL, annoying eh. Neck pain :( Anyway, not a bad movie! :) Scarlett Johannson is hawt =x

Main person of the day~~ MOM :D

lol, in specs :/

Green tea is loveeeeee :D

Octopus too!!! OMG MY FAAAAAV

Look at this, so cute! HAHA!


Sashimi set 8D


Grilled salmon i think.

Bought new hairbands too~ Thanks mom~ :D
Wanted to go for TitDa but it was too late I think,
So went the next day, and my finger still feel the pain now(22/5), but less and I can fully bend it!! =D

Went for Father's Day dinner @ Ah Yat :)
Dad too, is a super dad LOL.
I have both super mom and dad =D
Thanks for everything though I may be annoying and very "obedient" sometimes heh :)
Oh well, love you guys! :D


Peking duck :D

The skin :9

This is super delicious !!!!!!!!

This too!!!! The fried "kai lan" fuyooooh!

Fried mee with duck meat ;)

Ze Menu!

Ze main dish~ Abalone :)

There's the end for both Mother's & Father's Day celebration for this year :)

Friday, June 25

Sayonara & Arigato to Pn Tan~

Pn Tan & I

It's Pn Tan's last day in school today :(
It was still hard for me to accept the fact until today .. until the moment that she was about to leave, I guess she probably felt that way too.. (she said she felt sad the few nights before)...

She's a great teacher, esp her teaching method & the way she explains .. although she may be fierce sometimes/goes too fast (hehe)
But what touched me most is her amicable nature, often jokes around with us .. advice on our future study options and some invaluable 人生道理 :O
School days without you will never be the same again..
All the best in your future endeavours! :D
I'll miss you!

5 Alfa (2010) with Pn Tan~ :)


Got results for almost all the subjects,
Wasn't as bad as I thought.
There're no B's~ And the current lowest mark is 74 -_-
2 subs hit that lowest mark, asdfkjhasdkjfh
Sivik and PJK still unknown .. (which i bet it'll be lowest) -_-

Maths Add Maths English
Sejarah Phy Chem
BM Bio Moral BC

Gah, in sequence by grades + marks somehow LOL.

Chinese results ..
Thankfully Paper 1 helped .. A LOT.
My Paper 2 really sucks, but .. was also the highest LOL -_-

I assume Paper 1's essay was good since teacher thought I had the leaked questions LOL.
Well, I admit that I had parts of them, but wasn't useful, since I don't like to write fictional essays.
There's no time to check out model essays too, focused on Paper 2 and it .. turned out BAD in the end HAHA XD

Monday, June 21

Farewell hols, farewell teachers :(

School officially resume today :( It was suppose to be .. well happy in a way .. but bad news struck us during assembly :(

Chemistry teacher has been transferred to Puchong (B) - it's her last day in school today :(
Add Maths teacher has also decided to go for her promotion in Matriculation.. its like anytime now or hopefully a couple more months but for sure she's leaving :(

They gave their speeches, well .. it was so sad that I almost teared LOL yeah :/ Goodbyes are part of life, I know. But having all these happening when you least expect it, is so..... :(

Got back results .. GAH @!#*&!^@(# No comment already =___=

Reallyyyyy tired on the first day of school :/

Tomorrow there's a school trip! Weee~ Oh, good luck to those who are going for the debate! :D

Here's a random essay that I found while I was clearing out stuffs in my cupboard during the hols, it's in a book of essays O_O Hmmm, I guess I randomly wrote it ... during Form 3... o.o

Don't ask me why or how I came out with such a storyline, me, myself am shocked at what I wrote LOL -__-"

The story has no ending LOL, probably I ran out of inspiration.. Oh well :P

Wednesday, June 16

3rd Lesson + Sunway outing!

Haha! I said that I was looking forward to the next driving lesson and guess what? The uncle called me last night and said that I could drive today wooooot!

Slept kinda late yesterday, was soooooo sleepy, but that didn't stop me from driving :P Immediately felt super alert when my hands were on the steering! HAHAH! Exaggerating ? Nahhh, I like driving :P Manual ain't that bad now :P

Drove from home to the place where I'll be taking my exams on 5th of July, yessshhh, 5th of July's the day! Sounds scary already T.T That's my only chance, well, I must pass ;D

Practiced the slope thingy today. Woah, super exciting! Accelerating up there .. BRAKEEE .. pull handbrake *krak krak*, lift brake, feeel the car .. ain't going backwards then slowly accelerate .. feel the movement of the car & the engine .. release handbrake .. accelerate a leeeeetle bit more .. sloooowly lift clutch, hold it there .. and off you go! (yeah i think it's something like that, blogging here so that i'll rmb) LMAO.

WOOOT! Never slide backwards :P

But I dont understand some people, they can pause reaaaaally long on the slope & NOT trying to go up, they're just blocking everyone else there, the queue was sooo long! I wonder what's happening in the car -_- 6364 - Avoid waiting behind this car -_- LOL :P Quickly change lane HAHA!

Now i got these instructions on paper to memorize, for the parking hoho.

After the lesson, drove to Sunway HAHAHAHA COOL! The uncle had no idea where to stop so .. I control the car this time muahahahaha! Then free gear, pull handbrake and return back the car to uncle xD Off to lunch!

Met up with friends, ate lunch @ Fullhouse, super bloated, I can't finish my drink+soup+dessert -_- wasted djfhalskdjfhals

Our Ice-Lemon Tea :D

Some random deserts >_>

Walked around, hunted for stuffs with SQ. Then HT joined for photosticker! Hehehe!

Personally love this the most :)

Close up @__@

Well, had fun today! Hahahah.
Next outing before holiday ends - FRIDAY. MOVIE MARATHON WOOT!

Tuesday, June 15

On the road !

Today was suppose to stay at home, finish up my "holiday homework"
Suddenly a number called!

It was my new driving instructor (which coincidentally was cy's instructor!) Haha~! Small world~

He retaught me some basics, then I get to drive on the road! :)

Was super excited!! Drove steadily, never once stalled in the middle of the road! *proud*
Changing gear was fun!

Hoho, looking forward to the next lesson!

Back to homework now :(

Before I end this post,
See how pitiful these cats are :(

Like owner, like pets?
This is so wrong, poor cats!

Whyyyy so seriousssss~

Now, who said cats should look like clowns -.-
Who said cats like clowns..
Who said cats like their puuurrrety furs being dyed -_-

ZZ wtheck lol

Happy Halloween?

OH go get a costume yourself! LOL.

ZZZ wtheck?!?!?! poor thing =/

Yeah, friends shared this through email :) Just for sharing :/
Don't ever treat your pets like your BARBIE DOLL.
That's horrible LOL.

Monday, June 14

Monday bluesss~

Yessssss, it's Monday already :(
Nothing to say about today I think, weekdays are normally dull :/

Went to visit my babysitter (from 2 month old till i was 3) yesterday, woah! time flies eh?
Now she has a 5-yr-old granddaughter, damn fair! Her cheeks so pinkish omgosh :D

Hee, this was 2yrs ago lol. Wasn't so friendly that time :O

Lol, her cheeks!! beh tahan xD

Had very speechless chats with the adults =x I think they're trying to scare my mom hahahaha. To escape from their attacks, I went to talk to Ashley instead HAHA! Both of us hide behind the sofa and had random chats lulz.

Initially was speaking English, then she wanted to tell me something in Chinese, she actually asked her aunt to translate for me LOL. told her "Aiyoh, I know Chinese la xD" very funny la her lol.

LOL VGA quality cha =="
*hiding behind the sofa* LOL


Their new dog I think o.o
Ashley kept saying it's her dog(well it is la), just doubted her for fun ;x
Asked about the age .. she said 50+ LOLOLOLOLOL
Caught her asking her mom instead :P
Kids, are fun :P

Aunty gave us dumpling~ :)
Uncle kept saying I'm under-nourished =="
Never mind, at least had fun with Ashley :P

Sunday, June 13

Parents' Day @ Bkt Jalil & Umai-Ya!

Hello! Woke up and went for breakfast, 2 piece of Toast, 2 half-boiled egg and a cup of White Coffee :) Just light and nice for a breakfast :)

I don't know why I can't take any Mee/Rice for breakfast -.- I guess my stomach can't digest eh :/

Head to Bukit Jalil next, (yes, i forgot it was today), some Parents' Day organized by Eagle Point, they had some activities before the performances begin, such as blood pressure check up, caricature, chinese tea, balloons thingy, and I saw LOTSA DSLR -_-

Brought home a piece of Artwork by Lim Kok Wing's students (according to what i've been told). Enjoyed some performances by the children .. They performed SMILE! i like that song, it was live+keyboard+guitar etc! Niceee! the others ..... i went home .. =x

The Art.

Lunch @ Umai-Ya.
Nothing special there .. Enjoyed my set thou :P 13 kinds of sushi :) Bloated!

Red Team LOL (no we didn't plan to wear the same colour -.-)


Mom's California Roll.

I like the tea cup :)

Bro's Udon set, not really ... nice ....


Dontchu just loooooove UNAGI? :P


That's all for today I guess :/
Bye :P