Monday, June 30

Today is a happy day yeah right wtf stupid title


Like srsly.. I gotta start to be serious now. T_T
My friend is having her piano exam this Thurs!
Oh wtf, it reminds me of mine next next month!
But I'm already damn scared, you know why? Cos I AM NOT READY YET!
As in, very weak. Shits T_T
I will never learn! Wtf, I hate myself pfft! Always, that stupid attitude i_i

Ok. Got class photo today. It's so fugly!
Not the photo..I'm the one who is fugly! T_T
Oh well, still going to buy them. Memories mah LOL.

Then, exam is next week. Next week is exam. T_T
Well, like what teacher said, my results dropped.
My brain lazied.
And byebye 1st place. Say hello 3rd place in class. LOL :X

So gotta go! Ciao.

Sunday, June 29

Random bah!


Oh hello! :D
I wonder who is reading anyway. D:

Who is this? o_O

It's HOTLINK man!! Wooo -.-
(me myself personally use Digi ok.)
((but no phone now wtf T_T))

Ok. Not funny...

Cousin's back! Oh wtf, he's already 180+ cm.
Even taller than my dad! Ugh!

Ok.. Blog was dead cos nothing to update.
Bah! Life is just so dead.

Act cute wtf ._.

Sad thing is...
It's like having exams every month! Gosh.

It's July next week.
Sch's giving tuition till 5pm.
And I feel lazy to go T_T
Let's see...

July- Having exams.
August- Piano exam & I think Trials.
September- Sch exam & Trials.
October- PMR.


Brush up my Maths leh T_T

Wednesday, June 25



It's a normal day ! ._.
Things seems to be different.
I don't know what. But......
Sometimes you think it is.. But, it isn't (?)
Seems to be good, turned out bad.

"No matter how you beg, how hard you try, how you want it your way; IT'S NEVER GONNA BE OKAY."

Anyway, joked a lot in class today! I mean A LOT !
wtf. Laugh till my tears came out.
AWAKE! AWAKE! MUAHAHAHA! (Inside joke) -.-

Have to submit Chinese poem up. DEADLINE - Friday!

This is somewhat we did in class today! :D

There's some pictures with friends! :P

This WOULD be perfect if it ain't that human at the back hmph!

Bluuuuurrr ._.

I have nothing much to say!
Time's running out!!
I should just go watch...
The Man..
The Music..
The Madness..
The Murder..
The Motion Picture...

Amadeus Mozart! :O


Tuesday, June 24

The Truth


White lies.
Black lies.

Ask no questions and hear no lies.
What you don't know will not hurt you.

Best not to know.
Pretend not to know.
Truth hurts.

Monday, June 23

Monkey Crisis


Monkey on the LOOSE! oh how I wished it was MONEY instead of monKey ._.
And it ate the cake that it used to praying -.-
And enjoyed it on other people's rooftop -.-
Monkeys can be quite dangerous ok.
Especially WILD ones ._. not good not good.
Now..Here's the photos...

Looking at the future "lunch"

Now it's the present lunch -.-

Biting off the Plastic Tupperware

Bringing it to it's home I guess :P

Sorry for the bad qualities photo.
I zoomed too much and yeah, that's what you get :(

I think all this happen is because us humans lor. If we didn't demolished / destroy / chop down the trees in the hill or mountain or whatever you call it. Then, they won't loose their habitat and place to leave. Omg this sounds so environment lover-ish :P But it's kinda true. Our earth is gonna die soon! As an earthling, we should be responsible and save it!! And we won't buy this house if they never built it! Lol. Yeah, putting the blame on other people :P

And I wonder why my brother is so obsessed with POKEMONS -.-
WHY AH? -.- Cute? Nice? or... (?)

So yeah, damn tired! Gotta ciao!

Sunday, June 22

Not Your Average Super Hero

You see.. This is a random post. Nuffnang Exclusive Private Screening - Hancock They'll be giving out tickets for the movie Hancock. So, I just try to blog something about this super hero O.O

Known as Spidey!

Dreamy … *drools*

*slaps back to reality*

Just a normal hard piece of metal of Spidey -.-

I must have him,

*checks how he became hot a spiderman*


*evil grins*
I’ll make the spider bite my little brother,
And he’ll become my spiderman,
Muahahahahahahahahahahaha …
But this sounds so wrong ._.
Bah! Whtevs.

This should work, hehehehe.



But oh shit,
Look over there!

Oh no T_T
They kidnapped my brother!!
Ok..My brother is not that err..weird thing lol.
I gotta save him!!

They are testing experiments on my brother,


superwoman KAR MERN saves the day !

“You’re okay now, lil brother.”
“How come got spider bite me one?”
“Er, don’t know. *runs*”

Ohkay. This is stupid I know. Aiyah, who cares lah. lol. And I bet this is somehow not right.. Wtevs :P Ciao!

The Dinner


Me likey the 1st photo. Yeah, that Eye on Malaysia thing. Eh, I wonder is it still there or not :X As you see, I'm kinda those can't really go out often people.. And I see there's no more news about this Eye on newspaper.. All too busy about politics ._.

Went out for dinner at about 6.30pm. Ohh, I miss those days me and my bro cycled around the neighbourhood. School started and all so busy.. No time for Exercising :P But got time for eating. So grow fat very fast! Tsk tsk tsk.

The sky :D

And there goes the photo taking session of the brother and sista in the car! :)

Still blur blur dei. -.-

Showing off my braces :P and bro scolding me dumb wtf T_T

Oh well, stupid peace sign -.-

AFTER a long long journey and a journey that wasted so much petrol oil... We finally reached our destination. And I present you..

Sorry, picture currently unavailable. :P

Ok.. So...while waiting for the arrival of grandparents.. Me and bro kinda take a walk outside ._.

Yes. I'm gonna jump down!! -.- omg fat ass -.-

Then my bro came out with this -..-
Let him zhadou.

Anyway... SAVE THE EARTH!!
Reduce all our rubbish! Anti-SAMPAH -.-

Woooo.. I drank this.. Believe or not? Lol :P

Was too hungry.. So, no food pictures.
Oh and did I mention, I have been to this Teak Kee Restaurant for like 10 times -.- Or less abit. I'm not sure.. The thing I'm sure is, whenever there's this celebration or dinner.. Most of the time it's gonna be in Teak Kee. -.-

Then took photos in the house of Grandparents :D
They have this BIG mirror in their living hall xD

Pls ignore the stupid finger of my bro -.-
And yes, I'm using stupid lame camera -.-

And...I present you..
The MOST RETARD-ish photo of the day!

Damn damn damn retard ok. -.-

So, gotta get on busy with life. Ciao!

Saturday, June 21

Difference between wife and GF :P


One large pizza for RM25.. Damn exp lah lol.
I got another coupon from Dominos -.-
Dominos give out alot of coupons you see..


You know what's the difference of wife and GF ( GirlFriend) ?

Wife is like TV, girlfriend like Handphone (HP)

At home watchTV, go out bring HP.

No money, sell TV. Got money change HP.

Sometimes enjoy TV, but most of the time play with HP.

TV free for life but HP, if you don't pay the services will be terminated.

TV is big, bulky and most of the time old, but HP is cute, slim, curvy and very portable at any time.

Operational cost for TV is often acceptable but for HP is high and often demanding
Most important, TV got remote..HP don't have.

Last but not least...

TV do not have virus, but HP yes.........have VIRUS..............once get it, terus KONG........

LOLOL!! So better choose TV :P

Going dinner with grandparents later to celebrate belated fathers day lol. Cos bro sick again last week.. Sigh..

Friday, June 20

What's blogging?


Haiyoh, everyday rain rain rain.
June is going to end soon!

*breathes in...



*breathes out.

That was dramatic.
The time is flying like a rocket! -.-
Never thought that form 3 life will *poof!* that fast T_T
I miss my Form 1 D: It was like damn happy without that much stress.
But yet, needa grow up lah! Keep thinking about those past.
Happy memories!

Feel like acting like an innocent kid. Not knowing what happen around and get KIDNAPPED! run away from the reality LOL.
Yeah, cousin will be back in 5/6 days! It's already 2 years they've been there.

Blog blog blog. What's blogging actually..
A time killing weapon? A place to share our thoughts? A place to back stab people you dislike? A place to post up all your rants? A place to know new people? A place to stalk people? A place to...

Bah! Should just forget about all this and concentrate on more important stuff.
Which is my piano!! Omg!! That is what I'm screaming for before T_T
I'm dead dead dead dead a piece of dead meat T_T

August.. One month time. T_T
I haven't finish my Scales, Aural, Sight reading. POOF!* dead X_X
I cannot afford to FAIL ! Not this year. It's already the last year!! Grade 8..
Syllabus gonna change next year.. Means HARDER, TOUGHER, manyak SUSAH !! D:

Goodbye people. GOODBYE...

Thursday, June 19

Rain rain rain


Dark dark clouds.
Loud loud thunder.
Rain rain rain.
Nice to sleep!

Cracking my brain cos can't think of what to write.
Srsly, I'm not those emo people that can create some sad or very heart warming stories...
I'm much of a cold blooded human ._. Bah! Kill me.
Off to my cozy warmy bed :D :D

PS: Who want eat Domino's pizza with me? lol.
I got lotsa coupon and me likey to share :P
Depends :)

Monday, June 16

Struck by lighting!


Yeah, today is VERY HOT!!
Ohmg. I can't imagine if I lived without a fan.

Oh yeah, and got my prize and certificate for getting 1st place in class and 4 highest mark - which is ; Maths ( how sarcastic is that? wtf) ; Moral (MORE sarcastic) ; BC (ok lah, been taking it since form 1 :X LOL) and Seni ( omg. NEVER thought of that, I SWEAR-.- ) in the whole form LAST YEAR. Ok. This year, it's impossible. I'm getting stupid-er year by year -.-

and the school got STRUCK by lighting.

Yeah, went for that "Art Comp.", and obviously didn't get anything :P My arts ain't that good and I don't have the ability to DRAW without referring to something. :D Lack of creativity! And, I used wrong way of coloring -.- Should have used solid color. Oh well, just get a experience lah :P

Blogging 3 days -.- Cos too busy lah T_T Chinese got one essay competition -.- But don't think can win lah :( The whole Malaysia leh.. My Chinese essay not good also -.-

And really lazy to stayback nowadays :( Yeah, I'm a lazy fat assbum :D
Ok lah, will reply tags tomorrow! :D Ciao!

OH. And hor,


Saturday, June 14

I don't really like arts -.-


Yeah, today is Saturday.
And tomorrow is Sunday doh -.-
And also Father's Day.. Is it? o_O

My brother's sick...AGAIN!
Last time during Mother's Day and NOW Father's Day !
Sad for him ._.
School just started on the 1st week and he's falling sick AGAIN.

Oh yea, did I mention I almost feel like dying today?
(I think I feel like dying always -.-)
I said that I was chosen by don't know which teacher for this "poster drawing competition".
I don't really feel like going you see. MEMALUKAN myself only wtf T_T
I'm not good in drawing and so as drawing POSTERS!
Should I just go and skip school or..
Just do my best lah , since I cannot do anything other than that D:

Section 3 and 4 joining leh, don't know how many contestant o.O

It's gonna be dumb lah, the whole form 3 only 2 person going. Which is me and one person that i dont wanna mention >:( Why is he going anyway?! There's more people better than him in arts also mah.

Damn awkward lah I think when waiting for results.
No one to talk to, nothing to do to relax. Pfft.
And there's KH class on Tuesday! I'm gonna missed so much of the stuff teacher said :X

Tuesday man.
I think I should practice now..
Kinda waste of time you know, when I can practice my piano and other stuff :/
I think I won't have the chance to touch the paint brush after this competition lol.
Form 4 no arts already! Wonder it's a happy or sad thing ._.
Must wash hands with golden pot (cantonese call "Gam Pun Sai Sau") LOL :X

Here's a photo of Miss Lee and Miss Angeline again :P

&& This random photo of mine xD

Just bear with those stupid pose ok.
It was boring in the car.



Friday, June 13



I'm gonna start all the boring blabber of mine wtf. Yeah, so got all the results except some which is not so important but still important -.-

today is....

FRIDAY 13th!

Oh well whtevs.

KH I got highest in my class and I think the only A. Wtf so boastful -.- But Alfa there's another boy more geng -.- Oh well. And BM it wasn't that bad I think. But get B lah. :( Should read more ._.

Others I think not much important already. And I finally pass the present to my teacher when she fetch me to someone else house. Yeah, can say she helped my in some ways although some students don't really like her lah. Because of the way she talks sometimes.

Anyway, this whole week was full of laughter and sadness. Going to school doesn't seem so bad if you cut all the scary and studying part. Lol. (what's the use to go to school then) :P

And there's this motivational seminar. Jackson Ng ._. Yes or Yes. Yes or Yes. That is what I learned from him. :D

And today.

is ok lah. just when I'm enjoying life happily in class. Some form 2 prefect came in and just say I am in this ART COMPETITION -.-

I was like. Ok. This is dead. I'm going to Section 4 school next Tuesday. Drawing a poster with a title " HIDUP CEMERLANG TANPA DADAH " Oh great! (frowns) /._.\

Section 3 and 4 are joining this competition. GAHHHH! I feel like quitting wtf ._. 3 hours only. I normally spend *dont know how long* on a poster. I hate drawing ahhhh T_T

This is creepy. Drawing in a unfamiliar environment. It'll be spine chilling! Lol.
Ohwell. Wish me luck! :D

After school, when I walk to this primary school. It's like so hot. After reaching the bus, I found out that I lost my file's clip wtf. I just walk back and found my thing when I almost reach back my school wtf-.- damn hot and sweaty!

I wonder hor, the children now hor, no parents teach one ah? Or their parents doesn't know?

Only standard 4 or 5 or 6, keep saying bad words. Ok lah, I admit I got say last time.... OK Lah, so as now -.- But not as bad as them lah! They even sing it into a song wtf. But, none of my business lah. So didn't really feel like slapping them. I wonder if my bro say those words, especially the "hye", I will kill him I guess. LOL! :P

Damn irritating wtf.

Ok lah, finished all my crap. Next week will be a fun week I guess ;)

Tuesday, June 10

Results. BAH!


Bah! Results sucked.
Enough said.

It's gonna be dead tomorrow!

Maths is soooo bad for me -.-
Still 'A' but still sad. Lol :X

Moral is good.
History is as well history.

I'm missing holidays :(

* I did something bad today :D which I think I'm proud about :P I nva been like this D: