Saturday, October 29


Hahahaa, so true. It'll happen tomorrow XD

Actually started my first paper - Chemistry Practical last Tuesday.
Wasn't so bad, but gotta score better in Paper 1 and Paper 2 as this 2 papers carry more weight.

Now, on Monday, there's Maths Paper 6 (stats) and Econs Paper 2 (data response and essay)
Oh myyyyy, Econs is kinda confusing but fun at the same time =.=
Microecons is okay, but Macroecons is killing! Everything is related and is also a cycle =.=
I better not get lost in the cycle of Econs or else ... GG.

Yellow and red! :D both primary colours hahaha :X
Red shirt taken in my car :D :D (just done the hair, that's why a bit cacat looking :P)
Curls were blown by the hairstylist :D
I finally have my fringe back!! YAAAAAY SO HAPPY XD