Sunday, February 26

The Wedding Diary

Student Planner! :D

Collected the Student Planner and also a RM15 Cash Voucher for Sun-U's own Souvenir shop o.O need to go visit there someday to spend the voucher :X

I have a few planners at home, always feel like using them, but... the thing is, I'm just to lazy to carry it around .. heavy okay ._. so .. all my planners are collecting dust now ....... I feel so bad ;/ I'll try to use this planner la.

Had a physics test last Friday, studied around 8-9 chapters like mad, with the definitions and stuffs within 1-2 days, just for 3 questions -.- obviously the test was just a trick to make us study LOL, if not we wouldn't have studied ;) probably wouldn't even touch the notes(for me la) ;x! There's a question related to Capasitance, damn tricky I tell you. Kena con wtf lol. Everyone in the lab was like cursing haha xD

Went to Pyramid straight after class :D was rushing because we didn't book tickets :/ surprising there wasn't even a line LOL.

While going up the escalator "惨了咯,排长龙了。" ....
When we reached the top... "哦,没有龙啦,虫罢了.." ....
Walk closer, "虫都没有" -.-
hahaha xD

The movie was only available in the Beanie Plex o.O it was RM39 for two, kinda pricey, but we bought it anyway :x

Hmm, I wonder why were there  weird symbols beside the movie title o.O

I know, I know, watched it a bit the late right ;x

Oh well, the beanie seats were huge! You can actually fall asleep if you're tired lol. I had to sit up a little cos I can't really see the screen ;x too short la, what to do ;/ overall the movie was not bad-ish, some jokes here and there and of course some teary scenes D: hmm, somehow it brings the message of "No Money, No Wedding" to me ._. especially the wedding dinner lol ._.

Went for Hot Stone Massage today! :D Will blog about it soon :x Quite a few pending posts =/
Ok la. Back to homework! BYEEEEE :D

Saturday, February 25

LYS Farewell Dinner @ Kissaten!

24/2/2012; Ze group :D 
"Dinner by Cheap Asians" - courtesy of LYS-the boss himself, LOL. But it turned out not so cheap after all ;x

Thankyou Vivian for coordinating events after events this year; she's like a magnet that pulls everyone together :O  and these events were like mini-reunions for all of us after high school :D

So, LYS is going to be the first to dump all of us here to go hunt for pretty girls in Taiwan! (jk ;p)
Have a safe flight later :D All the best yo!

group pic frm JoshTan :D

Saturday, February 18

Someone like you.

Hello! Sorry for the random title haha! It just came to me o.O must be a sign from Adele hahaha! Congrats to Adele yo! for winning 6 grammy awards! :D

Saturday is always an exercise day for me, one week once is more than enough for a lazy person hahahaha ;x No matter how hard I work out, I just cannot get rid of the "spare meats", so I might as well live with it I guess :D

Oh look! It's spongebob heeee! :D Cute right :D I made it myself :) Cute lil things is heart. :)

Gah, this weekend's packed load with homework ._. I want to forget that I'm running out of time *points at title* But, I'll die x1203475437 if I do so :'( Oh well. 

Signing off,
Kar Mern

Tuesday, February 14

February 14th :)

Made using Kisses wrappers haha! :)

Valentine's Day ! 

Today started as a normal day,
did some experiments, azo dye one was a failure :( but the chromatography experiment was cool 8D hopefully exp19 (iforgotthenameoftheexperiment;x) was okay, have to wait for a week! And,  my hand smells like one of the chemicals, the smell is still there!! it stinks wth. this is whyy i hate lab work :( wear gloves, smells like gloves too! eee :S

The results of Chromatography Exp! :O Preeettyyy colourrrs!

Roses everywhere in college! Had lunch @ Pyramid:D
There goes Feb the 14th! Haha! :X
It's just funny how we think alike ;)

PS; Happy Birthday to my ex-maid! :)

Sunday, February 12

Ello! :P

Cacat us hahaha :P

Just a random post hahaha! It's the month of February, time flies omg :(

Work is piling up! Bought some past years, but am so reluctant to start! I'm so gonna regret this hahaha!

Watched the latest Vampire Diaries episode with mom. Woah! Nina Dobrev's gown was so awesome! I skipped A LOT of episodes, kinda lost -.- Need more time to catch up! After exams :( Damnyou A-Levels, I WILL SURVIVE! iHope.

Oh, Happy Birthday TTH! :)

PS: RIP Whitney Houston.

Saturday, February 11

Of random stuffs!

Fireworks on the first night of CNY. Kinda a fail shot, need to have longer shutter speed :/ fireworks are so pretty! but it only lasts for a few seconds:(



Fireworks on the last day, haha! shutter speed not bad, just that the roof is blocking, can't take a full view of it. Sucks -.-

Random street light. Brightly lighting up the streets in the middle of the night.
Imagine a world with no lights, everything is in darkness..
But it wouldn't be as dark as we think it'll be, there's still the moon!

This was the first fullmoon in year of the water dragon :) it was so bright and round! :P

Lizards in my neighbour's porch lamp. I don't know why are they inside there.
Lizards only eat mosquito and tiny flying bugs right .. I see nothing in the lamp o.O
I wonder what lizards see, can they see the light? How can their eyes stand such bright light for so long! Will they get short-sighted? HAHAHA! Or does that only happen to humans? o.O
Or maybe they are just enjoying lizard sauna in the lamp lol! If it's energy saving light bulb it wouldnt be that hot right o.o since most energy in converted into light? /physics siao.
Oh well, whatever it is, glad I took this photo haha!

Next will be the post about Underworld: The Awakening! :D

Went with Kat after class on Thursday.
Forgot the U-turn bridge was blocked because of the contra-lane, so I had to make a U-turn in BP.
We watched the movie for free! Haha! Thank you to Christine :P! She won 4 tickets from FlyFM 8D Wanted to watch in Pyramid but turns out that they only have 3D -.-

The envelope with the tickets! :D

The movie was .. okayla. Action all the way. That's all LOL!

Walked around after the movie and had dinner.
Legs almost died when I reach home. I can feel the numbness already ._.
Super tiring day!


PheyNee went to Bangkok and brought back these alcohol chocolates!

These are the cocktail ones :O
Drambuie, Vodka, Cocktail and Tequila Gold!

Have yet to try mine, they are so pretty!
Thanks PheyNee! :D


Guess I'm done with all the random stuffs.
Time to start work lol D:

Thursday, February 9

FGS Dong Zen Temple~CNY Lantern & Flora Festival

Hmm, how do I start?

FGS DZ Temple is located at Jenjarom, an hour + of driving I think. It was a cousin gang trip! :D

Cousin bro came to pick all of us up and headed to dinner! We tried this famous Red Wine Mee Sua, it was a stall located inside a housing area. I think we ordered a total of 8 bowls of noodles and it only cost RM30+! So cheappp!

This is the stall place o.O

Taking random pictures .... LOL

Bro so tall already! Ugh :P

She's cooking our Mee Sua :9

Random stuff going on lol ..

The soup tasted like Yellow wine instead of red wine thou, but it was super delicious! I'm only the fan of the soup, don't like Mee Sua xD

Lo Bak Gou! :D

Laksa Pan Mee :O

Hahaha! Pro kid! Even the Saga have to give way :P

Me myself ordered Pan Mee, which they call it 面粉糕 o.O I only knew it on that day itself -.- Bought sugarcane drinks too, it was amazing, so sweet! 100% natural FYI :p

Then we proceed to FGS DZ Temple!
The sky was still quite bright, so the decorations wasnt that attractive to me .. yet :x but I took some pics anyway.

My leg hurts after the whole trip, few hours of standing and shooting photos. Not to mention it was HOT too, sweating like mad! The whole trip was not bad la :p lights were awesome, but it's hard to take pictures of humans in the dark. Didn't wanna use flash because it gives such an unnatural feeling:/

Tang lungs :)

Burning the incense :O

Dragon head with fishes!

I have to squat down on the floor to take this omg.
It's actually a puddle of water after the rain LOL.

Brightly lit moon in the background! :D

Reflections :)

I love this! So cute :3

So pretty right!

They were all these bottles!

One last pic of us! :D

Went to Poon Kei for desserts, Aloe Vera Sago :9 bro ordered their Tau Foo Fah, it was very smooth, I shall try it next time 8D ate chee cheong fun too 8D (project getting fat success)

Homeee after desserts, parents bought brother a cake :O and you guessed it right, we celebrated his birthday a day earlier and I had another piece of chocolate cake ...... Slept after that, oh gosh. FAT NESS :X

That's all for one hectic day. Few more hectic days coming up! LOL!

Wednesday, February 8

Happy Birthday Bro! :)

Happy 14th Birthday yo! ♥
Such funny things happened to you on your birthday hahaha! (youknowwhatimean) XD

Although we fight sometimes, we still care for each other! :D
No mushy mushy talk here hahaha, enjoy being 14 :)
I'm starting to miss my highschool moments. D:


Changed new background!
Kinda bored (ok,really bored) of the old one :P
I'll blog about CNY soon :D
Speaking about Physics test on Friday. GG la :D