Monday, December 26

Boxing Day :D

In another 5 days 2011 is coming to an end :(

Anyway, went shopping! Sale everywhere woohoo! finally bought stuffs I've been hunting for so long!
Saw this heel, it was damn pretty! but too bad it hurts my feet! I can't stand the pain, so didn't bring it back home lol:x

I need to shop for RED shirts! CNY coming so soon pls!
And my freaking results are out on 1st day of CNY, FMLFMLFMLFMLFMLFMLFML.
Adults must kelian A Levels students and give more angpao money kayyyyyyy xDDD

Friday, December 23

Free lunch xD

I hate LDP == especially when it's raining and there's an accident, terrible I tell you! But luckily it wasn't that jam today.. Fetched bro to pyramid for lunch, free KFC xD just go to counter and pass them the coupon and ordered #likeaboss. Awesome!

Took photos of Pyramid's Xmas decor, bro kacau so can't shop.. Went home. My petrol light was blinking non stop! Damn gan cheong I tell you wtf, keep looking at the range that it still can go.. Luckilyyyyy again, I reached home safely with 10km range left xD I guess it's just my lucky day :D

Just a pic of a random snowman :P and a photo of their decor taken using iPad, I #foreverlazy to upload my DSLR's photo lah :X

Thursday, December 22

3 days to Christmas!

Currently blogging using iPad2, too bad they haven't create an app of blogger for iPad, it's so hard to type!

Plans I've made for this holiday to prepare for A2 exams next year had miserably failed I guess.. Oh wait! I've still got one week till December actually ends! I shall make use of this one week then  nothing's too late, at least I kinda enjoyed my holiday xD

Drove to Subang alone for my appointment, then visited th (dengue fever) in SJMC D; without getting lost! I'm so proud of myself haha! But still, it's kinda creepy going to a hospital, what if I got lost inside the hospital itself?! I have very bad direction sense ok wtf, but it's slowly improving after I started driving :o oh and thanks aunty for the pizza lunch! xD

Drove to IOI ..

Drove my bro to IOI Boulevard's Snowflake to meet up with both my cousin brothers :) had a nice chat, guessed the lil kids(bro n lil couz bro) enjoyed their time there too haha!

Went to williams for dinner, it was freaking late == the meatball pasta killed me, I think I gained tonnes after that meal.. I almost fell asleep while chewing the meatball== oh, luckily Jess back home right on time! Though I don't think I have a curfew, but I should set one myself :x such a good girl right! Hahaha!!

Then drove to pilates myself because mom wasn't feeling well to go for the class #foreveralone. The instructor didn't notice that my mom was absent! Haha! Oh well, after sweating, home, bathe, headed for another meeting up with high school friends :) shopped around but failed == whyyyyyy oh waaaaai isit so hard to get a pair of nice flip-flops?! Sien.

The exact night, my grandma was admitted to hospital because of the fast rate of her heartbeat.. Ze family went to HUKM after dinner, the first thought that came to my mind when I reached there was "woahh, huge hospital, sure get lost one" .... Guess what? It came true hahahaha! It was almost midnight and super duper creepy can?! We see nobody in the whole hospital @@ and there's a door that opened, but no one came out... I repeat, NO ONE! We're too lazy to find out what or who opened the door .. So we left@@.. We even went to basement Zzzzzzzzzz, creepy much@@ anyway all of us found the way out (duh).. Scary experience@@

Next day, went to midvalley with WJ, wanted to see the Xmas decors but no time.. Sad D:

Hehe, Monday fetched bro and you-know-who out for lunch 8D but the restaurant wasn't open that day zzz. I didn't know that restaurant that sells pork doesn't open on Monday D: and it was gonna rain! So we just settled down some where near :) turns out the food was quite good :O it was raining heavily while we're eating so it was cooooooooling yo! Movie time :D

Drove Christine to OU the next day:o whatever happened, it's gonna be between us hahaha! Funny ah xD saw Ms Chong there :o failed to shop for flip-flops again.. Sien. Going back home was a smooth ride :D

And now, Santa is coming to town :D I want a lomo camera please? haha! It's not really necessary but I would like to own one 

Watched Timothy's marriage proposal to Audrey's video, it was soooo sweet! I think it was partly because of the background song haha:X

Whoops, time to offline :p sayonara and Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 11

她也会偶尔的忧郁, 朋友问她怎么了, 她也只会说没事。

Saturday, October 29


Hahahaa, so true. It'll happen tomorrow XD

Actually started my first paper - Chemistry Practical last Tuesday.
Wasn't so bad, but gotta score better in Paper 1 and Paper 2 as this 2 papers carry more weight.

Now, on Monday, there's Maths Paper 6 (stats) and Econs Paper 2 (data response and essay)
Oh myyyyy, Econs is kinda confusing but fun at the same time =.=
Microecons is okay, but Macroecons is killing! Everything is related and is also a cycle =.=
I better not get lost in the cycle of Econs or else ... GG.

Yellow and red! :D both primary colours hahaha :X
Red shirt taken in my car :D :D (just done the hair, that's why a bit cacat looking :P)
Curls were blown by the hairstylist :D
I finally have my fringe back!! YAAAAAY SO HAPPY XD

Friday, September 23

Booyah! :D

Woo, such a long time not updating blog, been busy these days!
Went to Mulu Caves on Malaysia Day lol!

I'll just share one photo first :P

Watched Nasi Lemak 2.0 today, last movie until my exams ends :( Which is 24th Nov! I'm counting down! Gonna start nerding now -.- Hope it's not too late (cough)

Btw, love my new toy? :3

All the way from Redang! :D
Blue soldier with Machine Gun brings goodluck for exams :P
Yellow diver with flippers and goggles so cute!

Thanks HT ♥ :D!
Hope you liked your present too :P!

Monday, September 12

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

On a Monday??! Srsly :( Spoils the mood lor!
As if Monday blues aren't enough, LAB-Day for Chemistry and Physics are on Monday too!
Imagine waking up early in the morning, facing weird odour chemicals and doing frustrating Physics experiments(sometimes)! Terrible way to start the week aye!

Gone are those days that I used to play candles, collecting hot wax, rolling them into a ball!
and I found someone which does the same thing as me! HAHAHA! XD

How do I spend my mooncake festival this year .. hmmmm ...
First, I ate loadsaaaa mooncake! Bing Pi ones! Mhhhhmmmm! :9 I LOVE BING PI! :D
Then, I was doing this moral assignment - presentation for tomorrow! Glad that it's all done!!!!
Specialization rocks, learnt from Economics ;)!
I felt a sense of accomplishment :D am happy that some group mates actually think that I'm responsible hahaha! Thank you :D without the help of the team, a (small)leader is nothing :)
Hopefully the presentation will go well tomorrow, goodluck to those who are taking IELTS too! :)

Oh, I forgot to get this photo of a tissue from someone, anyway ...
" Must use up all the tissues only can throw! Don't waste ok! " :D
/random ;x

Oh well, gotta get my eyes off the laptop, it's gonna die soon =.=

Wednesday, September 7


First day of college after such a "long" break!
It's more like RESULTS collecting day! Mehhhhhhh.
Need to work HARDER, as in, really HARD :(
Can't slack anymore :(

Still have this Moral Presentation on hold BOOOOOOO.
Gonna get this done once and for alllllll!!!! I can't imagine how'll I do in Moral exam LOL.. Will study last minute again lol :x

Fuishh, finally sorted out who do what which and stuff! Organizing's so fun! XD
Specialization rocks too :P
Hopefully the work will be done on time! :D

Miss Sunway!

Saw this on Tuesday, when I drove to Sunway all by myself! (cough)
Parking was .. I dont wanna talk about it LOL :x
The contestants were from Taiwan, Shanghai etc.. woo, many photographers with DSLR were in the front line :O didn't bring mine, so just stood there and watch :P

Went to hunt presents for my friend, glad she liked it :D

Drove home, meh.

Tuesday, September 6

Just A Kiss

I don't wanna mess this thing up,
I don't wanna push too far.

"Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.
Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Saw this quote in a postcard :O
No need to worry about college tomorrow :D enjoy the last day of holiday kao kao :P

Went MV yesterday! Lunch @ Delicious, food was ookkayyyy, portion quite small thou.
Watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes, superrrr looooong ago movie ;x no time to watch :/
Smurfs will have to wait :x

Sunday, September 4


Have not been blogging for so long until I forgot that I actually linked with twitter, thus when I update here, it automatically posted in my twitter =.=

It was supposed to be a silent return =.= hopefully it still is :x

Today will be the last day of the loooong holiday for students aka my bro :x
I have extra two days weeeeeee~ But ... Gah, have to buckle up for finals already! It's so closeee that I can smell it! :S

Saturday, September 3



Helloooooooo! I'm back? Not really, I don't know :x

Blogging? Seemed so unfamiliar to me now (joking) XD

Nobody will even notice that I'm blogging again hehehe.

Just some random crazy stuff we did in college .. like .. long time ago! during Kate and Prince William's royal wedding :D

I present you ... royal nails! :D

Christine and I :P

I miss my straight hair :(