Thursday, May 31

Hello world!!

Coffee ; best companion during exam period :)

Just realized I'm blogging almost every end of the month. It's easier to sum up everything eh? But not this post, I'm still having my A2 exams aka finals for my Pre-U studies :(

I have two more Econs paper left! Not sure how I did for my previous 6 papers.. But I'm glad I've finish all of em! Maths, Chemistry(paper 5 was horrible) and Physics(random hot air balloon thing-.-). Be it good or bad, I'll know when my results out ;)

Post-Exams plans, not much, but there's still something! Triple-A grad night, shopping, lasertag, Langkawi and the one that I look forward the most - Trip to Italy!! :D can't wait :)

Economics, how to study you?! :( I'm so doomed :D