Friday, May 30

Sunsets rawks right? :P


Mood: Pissed
Song: Ma Que - Claire

I'm obsessed with suns! :]
Sunsets one, well sun rise also nice.
But no sun rising here :[
I really love the radiant! :]

By taking all these photos
You'll know that I have nothing more to do! ;3
So yeah! Enjoy although I know not that nice lah :X

I wonder whats that BUBBLE thing doing there ._.


See the radiant light? If you see it with sunglasses it'll be awesome! ;)


And nearer!

Alieeen! :/

The sun peeping out :)




And OUT! ._.

Yeah, I know. Lame lame lame -..-
Oh well, went for haircut ...

Before - during CNY




Yeah -..-
Not much different also.
I look dumb. I'm the sheep all along. LOL! :P
Maybe the angle problem :X Maybe before looks better... D:
Ok this sucks. Go find Eyemo! @_@
Whtevs. and I'm out!

Thursday, May 29

Immature lil lady hmpf!


Mood: Mad ._.
Song: Rain drops - The rain ._.

Well, was surfing around
And found this video of this so called 21 years old immature young lady ._.

What had she done ?!
She scolded those victims in the SzeChuan earthquake.
Stupid lor!!
People die you still wanna scold ._.
Shame on her pfft!
She got caught by the shen yang polis :D
Serve her right!!
Is she even a Chinese ?! Sheesh!
No eye see :/


I wonder what's wrong with my line or what ._.
Nuffnang seems to load very slow and lag my whole thing o_O
I'm starting to hate SNAIL-myx ; SLOW-myx ; TM-NUT!!
Sheesh! :P
I'm off!

Men spend all their life and time for what?


Mood: Boredo.
Song: The Next Dawn - Claire :)

Lets see.
It's Thursday! Half a week had past..
Didn't really do anything.
Oh well, I guess I'm wasting this 2 weeks of holidays!
Sometimes I LOVE and HATE holiday ._.
Waiting for some excitements! ._.
Hunting down a new jeans :O
Since a long time I hadn't bought one.. *sigh..
Movies !! Gosh, I must watch at least one movie ;>_>


It's been a long time since I haven't update any photo of mine. :D


Have a question here,
If the internet's slow. Can we blame the virus? Or is actually that SNAIL-myx?


Since it's drop dead boring. Here's a joke :P

Believe it or not.
Woman has Man in it;
. has
Mr . in it;
Female has
Male in it;
She has
He in it;
Madam has
Adam in it;
No wonder men always want to be inside women!

Men were born between the legs of a woman, yet men spend all their life and time trying to go back between
the legs of a woman....



Okay, Okay, it all makes sense now..hahalolwtf :3

I never looked at it this way before:
Ever notice how all of women's problems start with MEN?

MENtal illness


AND ..

When we have REAL trouble, it's a

Oh well :P
Enjoy ;}

Monday, May 26

I am going dead...


Ohkay. The clockwise and anti-clockwise thing.
It's actually different part of our brain functioning.
Clockwise- Right brain
Anti- Left brain

Some people can see two ways.
Some just stay in one :)
It's like changing the brain current. Then you can see 2 ways :D
So, I think some of you already knew it..


Sometimes I just forget how to blog.
Oh well. Here goes my weekend ._.
Saturday went for somesortahaircut ._.
Now I look dumb wtf.
Then went celebrating my Grandpa's birthday night @ forgot-the-restaurant-name ; still.. no pictures.
No one even bothers ._. All enjoying the food ;) Including mua.
Shiats happened again.
I lost my bracelet I guess.
Damn sad ohkay.....
Wonder where it went.. I was sure I'm wearing it till I'm back to the car. But I couldn't find it anywhere T_T

Sunday was a day I spend whole day in saloon ._.


Sometimes I just hate this.
Is it so hard to change someone's behavior?
He/she wasn't like that last time.
Why can't he/she just change for someone's sake.
I see it isn't that hard.
But why? That attitude sucks you know.
Hurting everyone that once loved you.
Making people suffer.
I also once hated that attitude. But... I'm just a small person.
Oh crap. I hate this... -.-


I see many people enjoying their holidays lor! :D
I bet it's gonna be a drop dead boring one for me.
Oh well. Must improve my piano this holiday! :)
Couldn't afford to fail :)

and the weather is so...!!

Thursday, May 22

Wow. Clockwise or Anti-clockwise? :)


Cheer for joy!
Cheer for freedom!
Cheer for actually nothing :(
How sad.

Midyear exams officially ended !

The results won't be good this time. :(
Especially History today :X

Damn damn tired today lor!
After school exam I still got piano exams.
Date is officially out! - 25th August! ._.
Should I start counting down now ? :)
} This year Grade 8 all can raise white flag. Only you and Xin Rui (another Grade 8) still got chance)
That's what my teacher said :(
Stress lor wei. But I think Xin Rui more stress! She's studying form 6 now ._.
I should just work hard.
I don't want HISTORY to happen again.

I have something to share! :)
Sharing is Caring :) ....But caring is stupid? ._.

Try to take a look at this woman :D

Is she turning clockwise? Or anti-clockwise?

Tell me your answer in my comments ;)
Not tagboard :X

*runs and celebrate the happiness without books! :D
**tags will be replied tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, May 21



Mood: Fed up.
Song: Dance, dance - Fall Out Boy

Sometimes I just feel that I'm clever and smart in the wrong thing.
Tomorrow is the last day! Finally.
But results ain't good this time.
Should have work harder.

Oh well, I think I'm the first who finish Arts among a few friends of mine :)
Cos, I'm always the last since form 1 ._.
Yeah, and this is the last time of having arts exam. :(
*omg. I feel sad? ._.

Sheesh, Chinese essay was kinda weird today.
Lucky I still manage to crap something out.
Scared out of title only ._. Is that a woorrd? o_O

RIP Sichuen people.
Earthquake everywhere ._.
Bad things been happening.
Earthquake in SiChuen seems to overcome Myanmar's Cyclone and the Tibet incident.
And still, sad thing. Sigh...

I should go now. History and Moral awaits me!
I feel like dying memorizing them ._.

Tuesday, May 20



Science paper 1 and 2 was pure gay.
I bet some people is gonna pass up blank white paper.

Chinese was harder than the normal ones we do ._.
Especially...everything :/

KH is so not fair.
The boys one so easy ._.
I thought Perdagangan suppose to be the easiest ._.

Tomorrow is Chinese essay.
Congrats that I only know how to write my Chinese name only

Arts paper 2 ._.
I hate drawing -.-

Moral and History. Using brain memory.
All in Friday :/
Good lah.
I'm turning into a...


Monday, May 19



shiats happened. and yet just gone like that o_O
owh well.
mood seemed to be back to normal :D
i just can't be mad at him although still abit mad -.-
he's still my dad ._.
everything SEEMS to be normal ._.
exams pfft.
burn midnight oil lah ._.



Saturday, May 17





Wonder why am I making a big fuss zzz.




Why is it AGAIN? Read here ._.

Ohkay. This totally happened during my Ujian Setara time ._.
And now I'm having my midyear!!

The monkey is so clever to choose time eh?! Always exam time only come. VERY F CLEVER LAH YOU. Last time eat my manyak tasty food now you eat the BIG PAPAYA my parents bought in the morning. Wah. Happy lah hor? Only 5 minutes my maid not in the kitchen then you done this to that poor papaya... That papaya is still a virgin you monkey! Pfft.
Same to that POTATO ! Monkey eat almost everything is it?! -.-

Your monkey mother NEVER teach you how to eat without making so much mess? -.-

Poor papaya. You no more a virgin

Sad Papaya.

Same to you Mr. Potato ._.

No. They don't want my money, they want my virgin papaya -.-


Can see the monkey right?!

I feel like crapping in this post. Gees. 1st.. I wanna complain that Chee Cheong Fun stall in Taman Kinrara..(It's a long time since I shifted from Kinrara area. But it's still memorable..) and continue.. You know what sauce they gave for the CCF? Smelly sauce -.- Pfft! Sauce that is contaminated by microorganisms, bacterias and viruses! *been revising too much Science Lol.

You see, and it made me spit the ladyfinger I'm eating ._. It's bad you know. Bad image. Lucky this happened at home! If not I think that stall gonna pay for my CCF! :P And it's also bad because it made me waste my food! Hmph! Bad, VERY BAD !

There's a lot of disasters happening around us. Because of what we humans have done! So bad, so sad right?! We have to be responsible! No wasting food, no wasting resources! RESPONSIBLE people is what we have to be! *been writing responsible as moral value in English Lit. :P ..

Urhm...There's also this Earthquake in China and Cyclone in Myanmar.. Lives just gone like that. Not only one life, not two, not ten.. But FEW HUNDRED THOUSAND OR MILLION !! It takes about 9 months to produce 1 human..and about 20 years for the human to become a useful human who will again either destroy the earth or save the earth or.. just do nothing ._. And yet, the FEW HUNDRED THOUSAND OR MILLION humans.. Just... *poof* ONE DAY !! Not one day also lah I think. Just that VERY SECOND!! How powerful is god or another living organisms that created mankind. He/She/It can just destroy everything around us without any signal that it's happening.. I mean EVERYTHING! The whole village people..Just died..The whole school..Just COLLAPSE! Imagine, when you're studying happily or angrily or sleepily..The building just shake and the next second..You sayonara to the world FOREVER. Or when you're in the toilet doing small or big business.....Ohkay..This is getting too far..

So you see, appreciate with what you got..Don't just keep complaining..Do the best of what you can..and never regret. Think twice before killing an ant :O *i never think though lol. Maybe one day..You will be squashed..because you're just another ant for something out there >_>

Ok..This whole thing is random. Too much books for a day I guess.
But still..I wanna scold that CCF people lah. Sheesh! Sauce so busuk you know!? Lol.
Hygienic problem. The food quality from that shop really dropped. Last time it wasn't that bad. Instead I once love to eat that shop's CCF. Now I think I'm changing my taste to Kam Poh CCF :D Who likes bad quality food anyway ;)

Monday is Wesak Day.

Public holiday - Exam = No holiday.

It's gonna be full of books, worse of all, I have piano class also. T_T
It's been ages I didn't practice T_T
That ain't a good thing.
PMR Trials and my piano exam is in the same month - DEADLY August ._.
Someone please take me away from reality? :(

Friday, May 16



Haha. Very funny...

... as I expected

My Maths really can....NOT score A ._.

"...Wtf?! Maths is SO EASY leh! The easiest of all subject! No need memorize and just need use your brain! -.- "

Yeah... Brains like mine is slower than a snail... How to get good grades for Maths? Here's a reply to someone :D

I know I got 96% for Maths.. But it WAS last year, form 2. It doesn't mean I will like stay with that mark forever. Let's make a point, it's the PAST ._.

And I'm not the top student ._.
Maybe I am, but it's last year also ._.
... the PAST ._.

Oh how I wished I was back to last year now -.-

Sheesh. Actually, I just don't want to upset my parents.. Especially my Maths.. Both my parents are good in maths alright.. But me? Gawd.. Amazingly... BAD -.- Wonder what's wrong with my brain. Zzz. Or I just plainly don't understand.

Well, today paper 1, I guess there's quite an amount of careless mistake -.-!
Paper 2. I have nothing to say.
Hoping not to get C ._.
I never got one before.
Except KH you see. I failed that ._. 1st time ever with a pretty 25% :)
Monthly test though. Lol. Subjective some more x_X

So, die, die lah! :D
It's over anyway >_>

Thursday, May 15

Exams exams...


Yeah yeah, no hiatus lah.. Just an excuse.
I can die in BM both paper 1 and 2.
I also can die in BI.. Both paper 1 and 2 ._.
My grammar sucks leh ._.
Very very bad grammar T_T
My geography...Somehow... too ._.

Arts paper 1 ; Civics both can die also ._.

Aiyah. Say byebye to Apple and Welcome Elephant everybodayy!

Tomorrow is Maths @@
Omg. I can't imagine how is it gonna be...


Wah @@

I think I'm gonna ask.... this during my maths @@

Haha. Don't know why I'm just poor in my maths...
People that are good in maths seems to be cleverer... Agree? :D

Gotta *ahem* study...

Tuesday, May 13

Hiatus. Yay!


Ohkay peeps!
I think I'm hitting the hiatus button :D

Yeah, I know you guys happy no need read these boring posts without peektures :D
And my unique visitors is going to be like my exam results!
Gooooo WAY DOWN :D
To those who really read, TQ :D
But really damn boring o_O

Bro is going to be discharge from hospital tomorrow!
But I think he's not going to school until the school holidays end.
Zomg?! Holiday a month !

I think this is the last minute ever revision ._.
Wish me luck! Ciao!

But I think I will blog about my exams which is very boring? :D
Who knows ? :D

Kritz: Yeah...
Miao: Of course lah. I'm good sister leh! :P
xue ying: You give face me mah. LOL xD
ZhangFLY: Haha. Of course remember lah :P Too bad you can't ketuk my kepala :D Exam now yo! :(

Other tags will be replied in cboxes ASAP/ when I'm free :)

Monday, May 12

Oh how great -.-


Tell you what.
I'm blogging late cos....
I've been avoiding myself by using this life-sucking-box :D
Wth right?
I can't believe I still can't stand one day without switching on the stupid computer!

There's this kinda so-called disease :O
Which I'm having now.

Whtevs lah.

I'm avoiding this by going to the hospital to accompany my bro.
What a goooood sis right ?! :D
Very good right ? :D
I know, I know... :D

But in the end, I didn't really manage to study ._.
Ended up crapping with my bro wtf.
Gaah! He just won't go to sleep ._.

Ok... So, exams is the day after tomorrow!
Pfft. How great.
I don't even know what to study for Komsas.
WHY are we even studying these things anyway?
Are we gonna use it next time?
I see what are we studying now...About 50% is inapplicable during our work lor!
We just memorizing for fun eh?

I'm going to accompany my bro tomorrow again STRAIGHT after school!
You see, sacrifice my sleep time, my eat time, my bath time...
Just to ACCOMPANY him!! ._.
and somehow stop me from using the computer >:D

Ohkay. I think I'm done here.
Noone even cares to read la.. -.-

And I finally can cash out my Nuffnang ._.
It's like... Sooo long I waited. Lol.
Yalah... Lack of visitors mah...
Band also little ._.


Sunday, May 11



I know I shouldn't be doing this...
But... Sighh...

My bro... Got Pneumonia...
not just any normal infection..
well, infection by bacteria in the lungs call pneumonia lor!

What a Mother's Day..

Went to visit him before going for dinner in Steak Out.
Not bad thou. It's a non-halal restaurant :O

Heard from my mom that my bro...
had injections of antibiotic thru his blood stream every 4 hours! :( !
And got 4 injections just above the skin layer...
With full of pain receptors on his arm...
Unlike normal injections I got in school. T_T
Really pity him... Sigh...

And finally bind my 2 folios! Sucks man...
Gosh.. exams on Wednesday!
God bless me ._.
GuanYinMa bao you wo.

Let's see... Komsas, Maths, Geography, Sivik, Seni ....
Walao... Study for PMR subjects only eh?
Or study all... EXAM MAH...
Take it seriously hor ._.

My piano also exam...
Mid August...
Great... Wondering whether I'm having my Trial Exams or what
I really can't afford to fail this year...
I must at least pass... Hoping for a merit... But... It seems impossible to me ._.

Pray for me and my bro ._.
Should go off now...

Harap BM saya dapat markah yang ok untuk mendapat A.
Kalau tidak saya akan mati akibat kanser mata >_> *touchwood !
Saya sangat suka akan mata saya. Oleh itu, saya mesti skor A dalam BM.
Tetapi karangan saya sangat lemah... Saya pun tidak tahu kenapa saya blog dalam BM.
Mungkin tertalu tertekan hingga hilang waras.
Saya harap saya tidak akan mengecewakan ibu bapa saya dengan keputusan yang amat buruk.
Adakah keputusan sangat penting dalam hidup kita?
Mungkin begitu juga...

Saya sedang testing BM saya masih ok tak.
Sebenarnya sangat buruk...
Saya telah menggunakan/membazir 10 minit untuk memikirkan apa yang perlu saya tulis nih.
Jikalau ada apa-apa masalah, saya minta maaf dahulu ya. Macam tulis karangan saje ni. Apalah. -.-

Aiyah! I don't know what am I typing also. Forgive me ya.
I'm having BM essays on Weds already.
But my kosa kata is like...
Std 6 ._.

Should been gone ten minutes ago.
wth ._.

Finally! omg.


OMG >__>
I finally finish my 2 projects @@
Damn la. Next Wednesday exam start and I haven't touch a single thing.
Still need do this folio @@
My god. rawrrsszxx!

Damn hungry now .__.
Too much work.
Should go make hot that apple pie in the fridge. slurpsszzx! :D

I wonder the line really slow during early morning at 12am ka?
The TM-Nut slowmyx really SLOOW .__.

And now it's back to normal.
And I'm currently enjoying my apple pie.
Gosh. I knoooowww I'm fat ! :D
Heck care :P
Fat is cute right right? LOL.
Stupid excuse wtf.

Wonder how is bro now.
Alone in the hospital. Sigh...
Speeeedy recover laa!
How I miss the fight TALK we had.
Sigh... No crapping with him is so weird .__.

Done with my apple pie.
From Pick N' Brew one leh!
Delicious ! :P

It's lateearly already!
Gotta ciaos!

*studying whole day tomorrow :(
**and piano T_T

I feel like dyinggggg due to examsszzxx!

Saturday, May 10

Admitted to hospital


Ok. I'm gonna do this very fast.
I will not waste time here.
I will do my revision later. lol.


You see this cute boy?




Ok. Maybe this photo not cute. But whatever lah.
He's holding twenty ringgit btw :P

He's my cute bro :D
Lol. :(
He's admitted to hospital already T_T
Lungs got infected by bacteria...

He's not in Sunway hospital.. I'm poor k.. lol.
Not in SJMC...

But in Columbia Asia o_O
I never ever thought that I will visit that Hospital ._.

Some tube with needle thingie inserted into his hand for Blood sample I guess.

After the whole thing :O omg.

And I went there to sleep a night with him :D
See see, I good sister kan kan? :P
It wasn't easy ._.
The nurse was like coming in the room every 4 hours @@

Hope my bro recover soon enough ba.
Nobody in the house fightTALK with me very sien leh :X

Tomorrow is Mother's Day right?
Sigh... What a sad thing that Mr. Bro in hospital.
At first he was very excited -..-
REALLY ! omg. He thinks it's fun -.-
Sigh... Happy Mother's Day ! :)

So now I gtg revise lah :X
Or play my piano.
I don't wanna fail my Piano and My PMR at the same year okay.
Big stress @@


Miao somehow reminded me something. LOL.
While I was heading asleep, it was about 11.48pm I think.
Suddenly the room went kinda cold.
But the air-cond was only 27 degrees.
Me and my bro couldn't take too cold air-cond :D
But then I guess it was just the air-cond problem or the place( cushion ) I slept was near to the air-cond.. Hmmm...

Life's fragile...
Went my bro "moved" in the room..
The patient next room.... died......
Yes.... It was sad though, that time my bro going for his blood sample thing..
So, I accompanied him and never see what happened..
It was a old man I guess. Sigh...

Appreciate your life :D
Live a meaningful life ! ._.

Wednesday, May 7

How to blog ah?


ever feel like being invisible?

Sigh.. I'm outta blogging materials.
Visitors are gone again.
Maybe there's something bad going on.
Who knows.

Ever felt like being invisible?
Where people can't see you and stuff.
Being transparent the whole day.

Without people caring you just for that day.
Will it be nice, fun or... Some how.. Lonely...?

Everything goes very complicated as we grow older.
Things just can't be as simple when we're small...
Or... These things used to be that complicated?
As we grow older and understand more... things that seemed nice before is turning uglier.

Who even cares that I wrote this post. Sigh..

I'm being tagged again.
But I won't do it this time.
Kinda lazy :X
Part of I don't feel like doing it now.
Next post! Heh!

Invisible fun eh?
Can play tricks on people and stuff. :D
But then, people won't know who are you...
Or, you are just a small fly in their eyes after all..
( Flies seems disgusting..and dirty..)
Dust then :D although it's still dirty :P

Ohkay lah. This is damn random.
Main point is I don't know how to blog already.
Who can teach ah? :P

Tuesday, May 6

Injection :O


Omg. Imagine that orange is my hand ._.
Ohkay. Today we somesorta got our injections.
Yea, injections to get straight A's for exams -..-

The other class was like.. saying that it was so pain ._.
and it was nothing actually o.o
Friends were scared.. and some even cried -,-

Now my hand is like...
Starting to pain? o,o
Maybe because that CKW lah!!
Sheesh! Keep beating my hand after the injection -.-
It wasn't pain that time.. but now.. the hand is like cannot use strength ._.
Even when I eat, I type this keyboard also the same NO STRENGTH ! -.-

Ohkay. *************** ******* **** ***** *****, ********** ***.***** **** ** ******** ,** * ********** .* *********** *********, *** ******** *******,** ****** ***** ****.*** ******* ***** **** *,** ******** ****** ,***** *********, ******* ****** ...

Aren't those stars beautiful?

Twinkle twinkle little stars..
How I wonder what you are...
High above the sky so high...
.........*forgot ._.

Those are just stars lah.
I'm too bored :D

Ok lah. Not actually bored... I've got a lot of things to do.
But without my stuff I cant do already.
Sigh... Ask my "good" friend lah ._.

Then, I just go practice my piano :)
I hope I will.........
And I will lah.. :D
Exams coming...


Monday, May 5



This is damn lame...
Exams next week.
And I haven't touch a single thing!
Yay! Cheer for me!! C'mon CHEER! ._.
Ok.. I'm going nuts cos of too much stress.
Yea right, as if I'm studying pfft.
Lazy lah. Always lazy. Later last minute, results is like... crap?
Sheesh, I wonder when am I going to change.
And for my piano, the scales is like o_O !! 3rd apart, 6th apart.... MY GOODNESS!

Aiyah, I know its like crapping this whole stuff for the whole year! :P
Then, today our blackboard TRANSFORMED into the WHITEboard :D
Well, it's a good thing.
And things like chalk flying around will be gone....awhile.... I guess.
But...I'm afraid that some "ANGELS" in the class with somehow TRANSFORM back the WHITEboard to....BLACKboard.....
Cos, Permanent marker is like very hard to get it out from the board.. Unless you BUY another new whiteboard marker to clean it ._.
Maybe I'm just thinking too much.
Maybe they will be good...
Most of them are good.
Nice friends! LOL.

There's some JAW'S OPENING WIDE stuff happened today.
and really jaws opening wide O,O
but yet, nothing is impossible....
what crap am I saying ._.

So, here's a tag by Evelyn :)

The rules are:

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player than tags 4 people and posts their names, than goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago ( year 1998)?
Awaiting MY CUTE BRO !! ._.

2. 5 things on my to-do list today.
-opens eye.
-go school.
-be good.
-play piano o,o
-study ? zomg! lol.

3. 5 Snacks I enjoy.
-egg tart?
-nips lol.
-gummy gum :)
-kinder bueno.

4. 5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire.
-buy stuff I want
-keep for studies? o,o
-give parents o.o
-i dont know.
-a billion seems little o,o

5. 5 of my bad habits.
-no manners. lol
-love to lie :O

6. 5 place i have lived
-and Puchong :)

7. 5 jobs I've had
-ghost o,o

i tag ahem. yellow! and anybody who like to do this :)

Sunday, May 4

Nuffnang is so pissed off with my attitude :D


I THINK Nufffnang hates me.
Because Nuffnang is making me flunk my History.

Therefore, Nuffnang is a PISSER !

My linking skills is damn bad.
Very bad.
Super bad.
Worst ever!

But I still love Nuffnang.
Right ? right? :P


Back to the point..

Sometimes I just hate studying.
Especially history.
What for studying dead stuff?
My life isn't dead enough is it?

Making notes is the part I hate...
Studying them and memorizing those dead things is more dead.

Mid-year exam coming soon.
Must do better than that Ujian Setara...

Blogging seems no point ._.
Life is already boring + Blog boring stuff = BORED TO DEATH ._.
Why so many "dead" words o_O

Life should be LIVELY what..
Happiness, Joy, Love, Fun, Laughter!

and smile with JOY!
Like this :D

Tighten braces yesterday already!
Guess what, I saw someone being robbed.
Omg. Near Citrus Park and Central Market there.
Or you can say, KFC ._.
Or Sim and Hooi dental ._.
I just saw a Malay guy suddenly hopped on a motorbike and bounce bounce and vroom!
I thought it was some fool playing around.
Just in front of my mom's car leh!
Then, my mom said got people chasing him ._.
2 man and 1 lady.
Maybe she's just got robbed (?)

Anw. teeth now damn pain cannot talk.
Quite thick wire had been changed to THICKER wire.
Wtf so great right? :D

I was so lazy to study and I went taking photos of this cute food!

This is called SUN CAKE!
Eat it and you will feel sunny! :)

Nice box right right?

The packaging! :)

Even got this sticker ._.
Ok. Not cute lor!

Then here's some sunset view from my neighbourhood!
Damn nice right? :D

It's going to be the end of the world!!! AHH~

Ok. This post is randomly random.
You see!
I've been writing too much notes.
Till I'm going @@

I'm gonna be like this...

.... and do my notes ._.