Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Bah! A late one.
It's gonna be November tomorrow! Time flies.

I chose Pure Science for form 4 and adding Accounts and Perdagangan I think.
What's EST about? School isnt teaching anymore D:

Trip to Ostrich Farm and Yakult Factory may be canceled due to lack of people.
Some of those who registered the first place refused to go. 28/48 =__=
Not sure then don't register your name lah .___.

Just watched Wall-E.
So ... awwww ... lol.

And, are those holidays camps REALLY THAT BAD ?
We won't even ENJOY a tiny winy bit of it at all ?!
Will REGRET for joining it one ar?

Should just join for experience ?
and .. join ..... ALONE ..
Nobody wants to join ... D:

Thursday, October 30

Going Back Luh!

Had Breakfast buffet in the morning.
The food was nice! :D
The first time I ate that much for breakfast. Yum ~
Took random photos.


A perfect jump shot without my face wtf :P

The hotel we stayed for one night, Awana.

The Garden. Greenish :)



The memories of me and you :)

The rock bridge.


Hotel view again.

Make a wish :)

Errr .. the room's balcony.

The view.

The view.

And me, holding the weird looking cloud LOL.

Checked out, went around GohTong Jaya.
And visited his .. statue :)

Uncle Lim.. *salutes*

And left the oh so pretty Genting!

Basically, I love the sky and clouds.
They matched so PERFECTLY.
So, I can't stop snapping! :P

Wednesday, October 29

Mainly Genting Photos.


Went to buy some food first! :)
Damn hungry weh.
Then played everything around.
The weather was soo good! Blue skies, nice temperature.
My skin kinda went dry =="
Forgot to sapu the friggin moisturizer and sunblock.

Me love candy floss, so sweeeet lol.
When you're hungry, eating sweet stuff can burn and give you energy okay! LOL.
I ate the whole thing almost by myself heh! :)

The view.

Mr. Energizer!

Daughter and Mom.

A man trying to catch the Flying Thing lol.

Dinosaur: "Is he making a fool of me or something?"

Cute little plants lol.

WOOOOOTS ~! CorkScrew. It was kinda lame :P

Woots! Going up!

My telephone booth.

Posing with my London Double-Decker bus.

My jump shot! Almost reached the ground :P

Gimme 5 :P *Children looking at crazy jiejie*

My perfect angle LOL :P
it's still blur wtf.

After all the easy peasy outdoor games, it's time for the indoor games! :D
1st to Archery, then Rock Climbing and Bumper Car! LOL.

Uiseh! Gaya betul LOLOL!

Do Re Mi !

Mi Re Do.

Re! Posing before the LAST arrow! :P

* Archery was okay! But fingers went aching.

and NEXT !
-- Rock Climbing :P

Sheeesh ! I didnt get up wtf.

My area was hard to climb okay! Not much rocks D:

* It wasn't THAT easy afterall LOL. Will go for it next time, for now, my left arm aching already.
** RM 4 per drop hmpf! I gave up the half way T_T
*** I bet I'm too heavy or something
**** Should start to MINUS FAT now :P

Had dinner in Pizza Hut.
They don't accept my NIE voucher wtheck.
Pizza Hut's service is getting on my nerves.
Maybe I should really boycott Pizza Hut from now on.
No matter where it's located. Hmpf!
Go for Dominos LOL.

Then went to watch the Magic show - DREAMZ at night.
Before that, the white tiger was 1 ruler away from me!
It was in a cage thou.

Sitting in a cable car at night isn't that good.
It's all dark around, with only the lights from the empty cable cars and the sounds of the crickets.

*Bumper car was nice! The whole family lined up thrice to play it. LOL.
** Everyone of us enjoy bumping other cars :P

Tuesday, October 28


Friday, I followed my cousin's family to his school.
Joshua had some performance of some Hercules thing =="
About democracy! Check out the photos in his blog.
Nothing much thou :P


Went to find Uncle Lim last weekend.
The trip was overall okay!
Surprisingly, it's been raining before we're going Genting ..
But then, when we reached there, it didn't rain! Weee~
The ride was kinda dizzy ..
Took photos in the car, was too bored.
Camera battery almost went dead =="
Enjoy the photos! :)

The sky was blue that day :)

Big bright sun :)


The Shell.


The sky.

I love the clouds :)


On the way ...

Reaching soon! :D

The oh so famous toilet mirror photo lol :)

Cool huh? :D

"Do not be afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still."

Some walkway with bro!

Yes, NATURE lol :P

The place where we wait for the bus up to Genting.

In the bus! :P

In the cable car ..

The view of Pahang's moutains.

The sky is just so calming.

Friggin cold with the cold wind! Button up your jackets :P

The memories of a child.

My albums, be jealous LOL :P

Continue tomorrow okay?
Gotta continue with my Hong Kong dramas :P

And here's the tags .. :)
Tags by Angeline and Eshin.

1. What's the relationship of you and her/him ?

2. Your 5 impressions towards her/him ?
Pretty, rich, smiles a lot , Contagious laugh .. Likes to take photos.

3. The most memorable things she/he have said to you

4. The most memorable things she/he had done for you

5. If she/he became your lover, you will..
be a lesbian =="

6. If she/he become your enemy, you will....
be her enemy!

7. If she/he become your lover, she/he has to improve on..

8. If she/he become your enemy, the reason is..
ask her lah :P

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is ?
why the questions so hard to answer lol

10. The overall impression of him/her is...
a laugh-a-lot friend :D

11. How do you think the people around you feel about you ?
Annoying @@

12. The character of you for yourself is ?
Adventurous (yea rite :P)

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is ?
Thinks about crap =="

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is ?
Lemme think ...

15. For the people who care about you and likes you, say something about them.
really has patience...

Ten people to tag

Who is no.2 having a relationship with ?
Hmmmm [hoho]

No.3 is a male or female ?

If no.7 and no.10 were together, would it be a good thing ?
I dont know? o.o

How about no.5 and no.8 ?
We're not lesbians =="

What is no.1 studying about?
human stuff

Is no.4 single ?
Think so :P

1) Are you allowed to have a bf/gf?
Dont think so..

2) Describe yourself in one word.
Lazy ..

3) Who would you pick, someone who really loves you, or the one you love?
someone who really loves me and i love him too?

4) Have you ever loved someone BEFORE but never had the courage to tell him/her?
Dont think so ..

5) Does it feel good to love?
Dont know o.o

6) God is giving u just 5 more minutes before going back to heaven, IF you love someone special what will you say to that person?
Anything i wanna tell lah.

7) What will you say to someone who doesn't want to believe you?
Suka hati lu lah :P

8)Was there ever a time that you tried to learn to love someone?
Maybe :O

9) What' your opinion about someone who's jealous?
He's just jealous?

10) What can you say about playboys/playgirls?
Die pls? LOL.

[[ * PART 2 * ]]

1) Best place to cry?
On my pillow :D

2) Who do you love the most?
Myself! and family members for now :P

3) Tell us your dream last night?
I didnt dream for a long time @@

4) Ever hated someone so bad?
Not quite.

5) The biggest & most hurtful lie you heard?
... no gua ..

The last person

- Went to the movies with?
Friends and Family.

-Talked on the cell phone to?
My cousin brother!

- You hugged?
my bolster.

- You yelled at?
My bro :D

In the last week have you

~Kissed someone?
No ...

~Danced crazy?
No ...

~Think of the last time you were angry, why were you angry?

~If you could do anything OR wish anything, what would it be?
Go around the world with loads of money $$ !

~If you could have an all expense paid trip, where will you go?
Go to Mars and Venus wtf.

~Would you or have you ever blackmailed someone?
Gazilion times :P

Are you old fashioned?
Kinda :O

What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back?
Tell someone i love them gua =="

What things would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
I wonder ...

5 Facts About Me:
Clever wtf :P
Likes to answer back =="
Crazy @@

5 things that scares me:
Some unknown bugs.
I really can't think of anything yet ._.

7 Songs Playing in My Head Lately
Any songs lah
Random songs @@

5 Things I treasure in My Life
My treasures. x5

7 "First Time" in My Life
Rock Climbing
Make muffins
lazy to think .. =.=

7 Words/Things I Always Use/Say
very funny

I Tag: