Monday, September 29

Touched my cold-blooded heart ._.


How I wish my hair was like hers LOL.
I think I won't study this whole week zzz.
Is it easy to score A for BM?
I really gotta work harder on that.

After "studying" for many hours *coughcough*
I decided to reward myself by watching a movie.
A movie that I borrowed from human before holidays! :)


This movie is so friggin sad -.-
Why Jack Neo's movies sure got one or more sad scenes one!!
This movie got 2 summore! Ugh.
So touching T__________T
Must learn Hokkien liao ._.
Teach me, Eh sai boh? =="

Painted skin seems nice ._.
I must be focused.
Hocus pocus, FOCUS ! ...lah
Gawd, really hate this.
Too many distractions @___@

Sunday, September 28



Holidays started! Wooooo!
But cannot enjoy wth.
Need study, no more slumbering blabla.
Who cares :O

Balik kampung~
Yeah, how I hope I can.
I don't wanna stay at home and study T.T
Studying is so friggin bored lor!
Studying something I like is okay, but for something I don't like...
Better take my life off ._.

I've been lazy whole day.
Whole year.
And maybe my fifteen years of life ._.

I miss my mom. :(
She's been to China for like SIX DAYS till now.
SIX friggin days!!! T.T

Four more days to go...
Can't wait to see her ._.

Bro's sick again.
My throat ain't feeling well.
Thanks to the haze.

It's so noisy here.
Construction going on.
Only a house away wth.

Maybe it's meant to be.
Even they don't want me to study.
I should just bang my head on the wall. :/

I wanted to revise Sejarah but...
I ended up drawing something and coloring something that I saw on web! 8D
The one I drew is not as leng zai as the real picture. Well duh :)
Anyway, I still like it :)

This very sheep, is mine.

My trademark.
Ah wth, stupid sheep as trademark =="
I'm Aries so who cares :)

This is the one I was talking about :)

You should know who is it if you look clearly loool.
I didn't drew him with specs on.
I don't like him in specs lol.
Looks nerd and stuff. eww.

And yes. We all really do know one. I hope the person know who he/she is :)

Isn't it obvious? :)

So many tags to reply ._.
Sigh, tomorrow bah ! :)

Wednesday, September 24

2 down, 1 more big one to go!


I'm BACK ! Muahaha. Missed me? lolwtf. I know no one does, sigh, so sad :P
Anyway, 2nd trials is overrrr! What a relief! But, keep the little relief and bite your lips till the very end and bleed!! Crapping here -.-
The big fat giant enemy is coming in two weeks time! *gasp.

Hohoho! PMR is coming to town.
Feel excited? Feel the joy?
This is lame.
I can't wait for it to end ugh.

I crammed History for the whole night! Shits.
I actually read the whole form 1 to form 3 yesterday night -.-
To be exact, I think should be... "Watch" ._.
Surprisingly, when I mark my paper with my friend's answer ( SHE DID THE EXACTLY SAME PAPER BEFORE AND MAYBE SCORING 100% FOR IT!! RAWRRRR!! ) , I did only 4 mistakes in form 1 ._.
It's an achievement ok, lol. I normally die in form 1 -.-
But the answers also mostly tembak lah zzz.

After exams, results are coming sooon T.T
Omg, I can't bare to face them T.T

Chatted with cousin sis, her birthday is coming soon.
Sadly can't celebrate with her lah T.T
All of cousins going back hometown during this Hari Raya to celebrate with her whereas me, staying at home, catching flies, stuff my big head in the stacks of books. So damn friggin sad ok!
Just because of one exam -.-

But then, I THINK after PMR there will be loads of programs and activities going on!
Omg, talking about going out straight after the last day of PMR, we are allowed to go back early right? Oh plssss lol
Going on a food trip thing, going Genting with cousins, going beach with cousins also...
Ok lah, this is what I talked with my cousin lah, not sure also T.T

And and, school's having school trip also!
Omg, can't wait T.T !!

Haven't even start the exam get so excited pulak.
Back to reality lah, study lah, work hard lah, lah lah lah... Adui.

The new TVB drama seems very nice lor!
Omg, I wannnnaaaa watchhh!!

And Evelyn, if you reading this, GO YOUTUBE wtf.
If you wanna watch Kinship 2 !
Damn sad ok! T.T

How much is a DSLR? T.T
What normal camera have the same functions as DSLR? LOL
Maybe there's no such camera -.-


You tell me :)

I'm sorry people, too lazy to reply tags.
Won't mind right? :)

Sunday, September 21

If you think you can...


...can you?
- I don't know.

It's gonna rain soon.
I gotta get back to my studies.
I should abandon this blog a while.
I'll stick to my studies this time.
I gotta get serious.
No more fooling around.
I know I'm joking no one.
I'll still try.
I'll succeed.
I think.
I'll miss you.

I hatelove my bro cute looks. =x

reply tags after my exams.
which means Wednesday.
patience is gold!

oh..btw, click the ads below pls? ;)

Friday, September 19



Slept 12 am yesterday just because to watch one stupid show with stupid ending wtf.
Really "kek sei" myself -.-

Lucky no headache today as the 2nd trials start.
Chinese paper 2 for today. Crapped hell lots. Can't really think of anything to write.
But still need to crap. How sad right!

I even went to find new Chinese vocabulary for my essay -.-
And wrote them like how we Chinese students do during primary school -.-
Damn lame ok! =="
But I did used the words I practiced :O

Anyway, I did something very wrong today again.
Very . . very. . . wrong.
Oh well, I hope I don't get caught ._.
( No, I didn't steal anything from a shop -.-)

dad / me
" Teressa Kok is released. "
" ... so? "
" *chuckles* what? 'So' cannot meh o.o? "
" *laughs* .. so ah... so .. so what? " -.-

Stupid convo between dad and me =____=;

I should study already!
I think...
Aiyah crap lah.
I won't study till the last minute -.-
Sometimes I just wish that I had tuition.
Or.. I wish that I won't be so lazy -.-

tags later =x

* I miss the beach. I the beach.

Wednesday, September 17

Monkey Stalker.


Life's as usual.
It's a holiday today!
Well, only for Selangor schools la.

Nothing so happening in my life.
Usually Monkeys appear ._.
And steals people's Gardenia bread and left them on rooftops after eating.
So evil ok >_>

Damn sneaky right!
Tsk tsk tsk!
Monkeys are appearing once in a while here.
Sigh, it's because us humans stay in this hill.
No where to stay on better land go stay on hilltop.
So boh liao :X

Should go! Ciao :)

Tuesday, September 16

916 ! :P


Well, today's 916 :O
Nothing also one, ok this don't mean I want something to happen but all this stuff is just so hot these days!
Imma atas pagar :)

2nd Trials coming very soon..
Not only that, but PMR also very soon -.-
Wthell..Form 1-3 so many things to studyyyy @____@
Maybe I should just go into a personality changing machine and change my laziness away :O
If there's such machine, will you use it? ._.

Tomorrow's a holiday! wooots.
I should use my time responsibly :O
I shouldn't abuse my time lol.

Oh ya, about my piano...
I think should continue diploma right? lol
Since I'm still prettyyoung *coughchokescough* and have plenty of time :D
Should consider so :)

Monday, September 15



Ok, before I start..
*BURST INTO TEARS* ok lah not that serious. not true ok -.-

Then then, you can continue by giving me a..

*a big loud applause*



*cough cough*

*clears throat*


*heheh again* lol

I wanna announce something :)

Something that I think is good but maybe boring for you all.

Wanna know?

I betcha ;D



OK LAH. wtf



cheers pls? :P

*cheers* s.s. shj. -.-

I know only passed lah, but at least didn't fail lah.
Go on and laugh lor! ._. (my frens lol)
I dont care lol.

Anyone want piano lessons from me? LOL.

You can call...

1300-learnpiano-fromme :D

This post is lame ._.

Sunday, September 14

Mooncake Festival !


Sigh.. Weather ain't that good today.
Started raining since afternoon.
So, today's the real mooncake festival.. lol.
Went for dinner with grandparents in Restaurant Teak Kee.
Ok, you have no idea how many billion gazillion times we ate there ugh.

Surprisingly, the food's special today! :9
Finished up my plate of rice fast! :D

Took photos with before reaching the restaurant! :P
He ain't that cute this time lol. Just cut his hair in the afternoon xD
He keep complaining his hair short -.- Very kacau -.-

As you can see, I'm not a very good sister after all :P
I like and enjoy bullying my bro XD
Well, he's just too cute wtf.



Saturday, September 13

Zhong Qiu Wan Hui :)


Bluey bluey skies...
Ok lah no such word xD
Today's mom birthday! :D
Went to Sunway and shopped with mom !
Bought clothes in Treats cos birthday "girl" got 30% discount! 8D

Used up almost 800 bucks wtf.
Aiyah, only once a while mah, summore birthday leh xD
Her birthday present xD
But I tumpang 3 clothes there also lah :P

Bought cake on the way back from Sunway at Secret Recipe! 8D
Marble Cheesecake was superdupercreamyandyummylicious :9

Then went to some Mooncake Festival Party with parents and eat! :P
The performance that night was ok lor.. Ain't bad and better than last year lol.
The food also better than last year xD

On the way out! *bro snapped this :O*

On the way walking to the park!

Uncountable air planes passed by ._.


The mixture of Blue and Orange :D

Little orangey spot :D

Camera went dead after reaching the park wtf.
Shouldn't had take stupid lame sky photos -.-

Walked around then eat.
Then walk back home..
Was very tired after all the shopping in Sunway :D

Celebrated mom's birthday at almost 12am -.-
Dad and bro still enjoying the festival's atmosphere in the park :)
Sadly didn't win the lucky draw -.-

There goes the night! :D

Friday, September 12




Happy Birthday to MOM  and Angeline tomorrow !

Going to tighten braces tomorrow! No more nice food to eat.. Whole jaws should be aching like shit.
I don't know how to draw bodies ah wtf.
The clothings also so hard booo.
Just draw faces too sien liao lol.
But I should study ._.
Having 2nd trials still so free go draw draw draw.
FOCUS LAH !! >_>

I always have the feeling that time's being waste.
I never use my time properly ._.
Say byebye to time ._.

I should just go....
who am i kidding? sigh..

Relationships between people are just so complicated. Waiii...?
Can't they be simpler?
Causing so much fuss around people.
I feel like being alone sometimes ._.
At least there's peace ._.

Thursday, September 11

? title.


*BIGFATYAWN* I think I'm gonna make this quick! Eye lids heavy like 348495834567689tonnes.
Had "Hari Terbuka" today.. MY DAD CAME ! Weee.
You must be thinking that " wthell is wrong with her, want her parents to come and see the teacher? and not showing a perfect results for them also..."
:D :D :D Who cares lah! I <3 me dad LOL!
He came straight after his press conference in some government building! (He didn't really tell me the details)
Maybe going on TV in tonight news at RTM 1, RTM 2, or TV3. Don't know him lah.
Or will be in newspaper! :O
If you do watch news, check out for me dad! LOL. He's wearing a red tie :O

Ok, back to me :D
No difference in my results lah XD
Study harder for next trial. (as if i will) XD


Then I suddenly went drawing manga yesterday -.-
Yeah, random :D

Actually I don't want to study T.T

Ignore the other eyes lah. I was just testing :P
Sleepy people! Ciao! :)

Wednesday, September 10



Slept in class and crap a lot about places to go in Malaysia. But sadly, Malaysia don't have that much places to go! UNTIL... I reached home and found brochures of various places for vacation in Malaysia!

And then happened some stuff in school -.- Form 1 got people want become dai ka jie then... I just stand there and watch friends lah lol. All these complicated stuff i won't understand de lah lol.

Hari terbuka is confirmed tomorrow .__. I think my parents doesn't wanna go lol. THEY BELIEVE IN ME! Weee ~ yea rite........


Bahhh ! I want all of them .__.
I want Ipod.. I want camera.. I want new phone..
Wth lah, so young still cannot earn money want this want that..
RM 1000 for straight A's doesn't seem enough now .___.
Maybe I should just choose either one .___.

I hate to choose lah.
Choosing is hard..
But then.. After choosing the one you like most..
You will appreciate it more right?

Same goes to the person.
Among so many person to choose.
You chose him/her. And him/her chose you.
Both will appreciate each other.

If one chose another among so many people, but the other had to chose you out of no choice..
I think it wouldn't last long .__.

Mom told me that :D
Well, cannot deny.. Quiet true.. or maybe it's true lah lol.

Gotta ciao! :)
Tags tomorrow :P

Tuesday, September 9

Shallow Thoughts.


Ahhh wtf. Accidentally closed the whole thing then my whole post went POOF ! Argggghh !!

*Yawn... :O* Really tired today.. Barely listen and do homework that teacher given.  But still, forced myself to finish them :) My eyelids felt so heavy, head felt giddy.. Keep on fishing in class xD Wonder why so tired -.- Studied too much lah I guess :P

The weather is good again today ! No more raining ;) And very windy too ~ Enjoyed the breeze at my seat when the wind is blowing in from the back door of the class. It's nice to sit at the back :X Big space, nobody blocking at the back.. But sadly, can't listen clearly to what teacher's talking in front :/ and there's people keep talking beside my ears ahhhh .__. Later she kill me :P

Oh yeah, was chosen for the Sekolah Berasrama Penuh thing! Anyone agree that I'll go to that school ? My dad sure did :/ "Learn to be independent lah! We'll fetch you back on Friday night one, don't miss us :/ .. Go there lah! Easy to apply scholarship to study overseas next time!" But srsly, I don't think so lor! Where got so easy let you get one?! You tell me lah -.-

Friends keep scaring me that there's "friends" in the Asramas wtf.  At night when you sleeping you can hear "people" breathing beside you or something on top of you T.T So evil lah them. Bring my horror story books there and read at night sure very syok one !! XD XD

*crap* When looking at the form, I see why we still need to write what races are we ? ._. Do we need to write that we're Beijing people, Gui Ling people, Sze Chuan people in China ? o.o Still China people rite ? ._. We're just Malaysians lah .___. Well, the form clearly classified all the races, there's even bumiputera Sabah and Sarawak ._. More complicated as I thought.. Well maybe it supposed to be complicated in this multiracial country -.- My thoughts are just too simple and shallow pfft. *crap done*

Having 2nd Trials next next week! Aduh~ Exams exams exams.. Is that what school life are for? I think I'm immune to the word "EXAM" already. A feeling that I don't want to care.. BUT I STILL HAVE TO ! Argggh.Great news is..there should be some trips organized by school counseling centre! Weeeee ~ I WILL GO !! Can't wait lahhhh >__>

How I miss my UPSR ! Hah :P Oklah, maybe PMR really no big deal and as easy as ABC. But STILL need to take it seriously right? and also should enjoy it too? Not many more objective paper in SPM ._. Oklah, thinking to far already.. Should just bury my head in the bigggg piless of reference books and text books! *headache*

Heard "rumours" that they are having hari terbuka on Thursday ?  Aiyah, parents also know about the bad results already lah ._. but still die die die

Monday, September 8

Monday Blues.


Ahhh ~ There goes the new week.. Monday Monday Monday.. Oh the Monday blues :( The skies today are blueeeee also :D I love looking at the blue blue sky and fluffy clouds :) Aren't they just so peaceful looking and cute? 8D They soothe out my complicated and disturbing thoughts whenever I look at them.

Went for a walk with my mom. The sky was blue and was different than usual :O The weather was just so nice compared with the day before and the day before yesterday.. It was just raining all day.. Moody feeling :/

Enjoyed looking at the sky and clouds with my head up (neck pain) *ouch*. Too bad the camera isn't with me that time. Only can use mom's mobile phone to snap the pretty sky :) Wondering one day, where I can lay in the middle of the field, evening and night, enjoy looking at the sky...

Ever set 100 things to do in your to-do list in your lifetime? I think it isn't a bad idea. Setting small and big dreams to achieve. We'll have different dreams and goal at different age, write them down on a paper and try to achieve them. You'll be surprise what you've done all way long :)

Wthell, all these weird thoughts suddenly came by lol. Maybe I'll express myself better using Chinese block letters xD I still think my Chinese is better than English :X As you know..too much broken English due to the influence of Manglish :P

I think should just go for some tuition lah. Really hope to go one but always get rejected by mom .__. Maybe I should just force myself to do more workbooks .___. Which I think I won't :)

Edited the colors :) I srsly love the sky :)

Taken by Nokia 6300 only D: Quality ain't that good, sigh.. (Original)

Pretty right? :)

Seeee 8D

That's why I sad the sky was blue and it was sooo preeety ! xD

All the pictures was taken around my neighbourhood on Sunday :) (Except the Big Ben one lah) And mostly you can see is the same picture but colours edited :P Was playing with the colorsss wooots ! Enjoy !
Go London to take it if you want :P

Will reply tags tomorrow! ;)

GOOD LUCK TO UPSR EXAMINEES ! and also SPM Trials examinees ! Heh !

Sunday, September 7




... SO FAST?!

PMR isn't over yet..already planning the holidays?!
But.. there's no more Italy.. BeiJing..Turkey o.O.. Egypt.. Or anywhere other than Malaysia this year ...

... Matta Fair ends today!
Sad lah aduh. Didn't even go to Matta Fair ._.
This year should be just cuti-cuti Malaysia.
Then save the money up for more exp places next year :X
Cut all the happy talking of going what countries lah T_T
Only Malaysia, must be bangga of Malaysia ok! :X
Malaysia BOLEH !!
omg i sound lame ;x

Okok, since I cannot go traveling to other countries this year... heh...
Any nice place with wonderful delicious food, nice scenery, fresh air and ( that feels like other country ) ? LOL.
Yeah, was thinking of going around Malaysia, leave my pretty footprints on Mount Kinabalu ( what? I like climbing here and there ok :P like monkey wtf. ) , then eat Melaka's Chicken Rice ( but eat before already ._. ), Durian Cendol, Durian dodol etc.. then go Penang's Snake Temple (Srsly, I didn't step foot there before! )...Penang's Laksa? Cendol? Hehehe.. (Feeling hungry already wtf :3)

Or go Kelantan to see Wau ! Wow ! Lol.
Or...go Sarawak see Kuching's kuching.. Aiyah..all need KaCheng only mah :P (Oh oh, and petrol ;D )
Beach also not bad..can go snorkeling..See the pretty fishes, maybe I'll meet Nemo! ._.

Hmmm..Cameron Highlands.. My bro didn't been there before.. Maybe he did lah.. He's in my mother's womb that time :P So thinking of going there too! Breathe the fresh air..Smell the tea scent *ahh~*


Recommend any place that you think is interesting in Malaysia please? :D

Thursday, September 4



Rainy rainy day.
Donchu just love the smell after the rain ? :D
It makes everything just so refreshing, so new, so alive...

But sometimes raining at the wrong time doesn't seem good ._.
Rained after school till now ._.
Walking in the rain alone in a big crowd feels... Free and...Light..

Friends seem so close..yet so far..
Maybe I just don't understand.
Oh wait.. I don't even understand myself yet.
Exploring, searching my inner self for 15 years..and still lost.
Ahh, what a failure.

wtf hiccups. damn. having like a thousand times of hiccups ugh.
irritating lah. someone come and frighten or scare me now pls.
hiccups are stupid....!! *hiccup* AHHHH.

Wednesday, September 3



Late Merdeka here. Lol.
Celebrate Merdeka by going shopping and bought a pair of new shoes and a jacket! :D
The last pair of it T_T Wanted to buy the white one when I saw it the first time -.-
But due to...too many shoes, didn't buy the first time and now the last pair !!
Sadly, it isn't white ._.

UPSR is on next Tuesday! Good luck people!
And PMR is *dontknowhowmanydays* later.
Should just buckle up and start revising.
Enjoy my last year of coloring objective answers. :D
Enjoy my last year of using lower standards Chinese in essays.
Enjoy my last year in lower secondary.
Enjoy my last year.. in my school? (I srsly don't know)
Enjoy my last year with my *ahem* beloved friends. Lol.
Enjoy my last year with my beloved braces also.
Enjoy my last year....

WTHELL.. I sound like I'm gonna die very soon.

After receiving the PMR timetable, and knowing that the exam on Friday (which is the last day) ends at 9.30 am, I'm supa dupa happpy! Lol.
Feels like..going for an outing full of fooooooood 8D
It'll be a relief after all the tension during PMR with all the food 8D

I think should end this post with a hiao look LOL!

Hiao po T_____T

Hiao pic must put smaller wtf lol.
Like some random ppl in fs :X
Too bored until go try this pose ._. My fingers look so cacat wtf.

Will reply tags..
heh! :)