Saturday, January 31

Food Poisoning

-.- -.- -.- -.- -.-

I thought it was just a normal fever -_-
Mana tau today went to Klinik Leong in Bandar Kinrara..
After 5 years!! My last visit was 2005 -.-

Cut it short ..
I got mild .. MILD FOOD POISONING -.-
I think I got it since the 2nd day of Chinese New Year -.-
And I still eat like normal zz.

Suppose to meet up with my primary teacher today -.-
Suan liao -.-
That's the bad thing of getting sick during CNY -.-

Okay lah.
Update later ..

Monday, January 26

Kampung Sg Petani.

Me & Jer Xi. (today)
Today is the dayyy!
The day where you can wear new clothes
The day where you will receive angpao
The day where everybody will be vegetarian for at least half a day
The day where everybody will greet each other

Random crap la, hahaha.
It's kinda boring here when cousins aren't around.
They'll be here soon... this afternoon I guess.
Then we gambleeeee! Muahahhaha!!

Not much angpao I receive now.
Don't think going anywhere to bai nian.
Economy not good lol.
Anyway .. I think I should finish this quick.

Jer Min and Jer Xi :)


The photos below are taken on Saturday ..

Took loads of random photos in the car on the way back to kampung.
Imagine .. from 10am to 5pm !!
In the car...
So we have nothing to do but to take photos!! :D:D
There's more .. but just post a few of them first :D

Not ready -.-

Not ready again -.-

And peace yo! LOL. I don't know why my bro looks kinda ..
girl-ish here but never mind .. he's still small xD

btw, there's 2 car accidents on the way when we're coming back.

This is only of it. The others I don't care liao la ;x
drive carefully okayy.
Don't forget the damn seatbelts !!
I hate wearing seatbelts at the back .. So uncomfortable -.-
But, 300 bucks .. you pay for me? xD

Feel sick now.
Throat something wrong. Oh wtvs.
Byeeeee! :D :D

PS: didn't bother to edit the color. so.. bear with the not so nice colour photos ;D

Friday, January 23


*It's a soft toy monkey I'm hugging.
**The one I played with in Cameron if you still remember.
***Becos one of my friend thinks it's my baby LOL !!

Helloooooo everybodyyy!

Okay, it's on next Monday but I'll be going back to Kedah tomorrow :(
I'm gonna miss KL,
Never celebrate CNY before here, maybe the atmosphere is different :)
Oh well, I still can meet my cousins back there,
and .. GAMBLEEEE! Weeeee ~

Oh .. The FUN !!
Hope it won't be boring ..

Let's see ..


and I only got 3 new clothes !!
NO new shoes !!
But .. I got a happy family :P
Random stuff laaaa

Enjoy your holidays !!

-oh shit there's still homework.
-double shit, need to practice piano.
-dont let these things spoil my mood.


Wednesday, January 21


What a title.
Kinda skipped PBSMM thing today.
Not going for checkpoint = Going to run for merentas desa
Will be fun right?
Moreover it's on Valentine's Day lol.

Laughed hell lots in class -_-
Reason (?) No reason, just .. laugh ...
Until it's too tired to laugh -_-

I know this will happen.
My worst nightmare !!!
Not really lah .. lol.
More in my cousin's blog -.-
HERE -.-

I was so dumb that I don't even know how to do a peace sign -.-
So, it's obvious that which is me -.-

I can't believe I looked so .. .. .... *I have no words to describe it -.-*

I hope it won't rain during Chinese New Year as it's raining in the afternoon nowadays.
Not good.

Gotta continue with my stuff.

Tuesday, January 20


Geeez, I feel like complaining a lot of stuff.
And I mean A LOT !@#^$^%$!@#^%$ !!


Okay, done complaining :)
It's just so easy what right?

Don't forget this too :)

And .. Just keep ALL the stuff to yourself.
I bet everyone will understand this better than me :)
Don't you like the misused of symbols? :)

Did I mention the homework we got?
I've not been watching TV lately liao lor :(
Talk about happy stuff okay? :)

I like listening to the Chinese New Year's song.
So nice, so lively, so .. holiday-ish.
And kinda reminds me that .. IT'S TIME TO RECEIVE ANGPAOS !!
And also all cousins meeting up and talkkkkk and eatttt and .. have fun !!

Met Mdm. Goh last Saturday I think.
The world is damn small lah, met her in market before and now the place where we ate dinner -_-
She was like sitting at the back of me steamboat-ing,
I didn't notice till my mom noticed her and me turning back and say hello -_-
Time fliessss!

and Vivian almost left for a week,
It's still weird not seeing her in class ._.
How's Batu 8 eh? Change back next year lah ;x

Add Maths homework calling me ..
Forcing me to go ....
Farewell :(

Friday, January 16

Calligraphy Competition @ Klang Parade 2009

Spring !

Okay lah, it's a bit cacat-ed cos of the folding of the paper.
But I srsly love this word A LOT. :(

Oh yeaaaa! Finally a title that actually mean something :D :D :D
Went out early today, was wondering what makes the road jam at that early hour of the day.
A car broke down, so, people will automatically slow down to take a look.
Now, that's why ._.

Big yellow bus came.
Fetched 3 schools.
Section 4 and SMK PBP(1)
Went competition before in both schools :)
Art & Poem Recital :) :)
Those were the days :) :) :)

Hui Teng, Josh & Kritz went together.
We're like the ones in the bus that talked quite loud =x
Playing around with phones and camera.

Josh played with my phone's navigator, before I continue,
use Navigator need money one boh? :x I srsly don't know -.-
We reached at some Jusco in Klang and thought it was Klang Parade LOL!!
While Josh said, there's still 3.3km on my phone's navigator -.-
Was really funny that time xDD

Then then, reached the REAL Klang Parade.
Woah!! Human Mountain Human Sea!!
There goes the 0.01% of winning lol.

Hosted by some MCA thingy.

Primary category.

People that were listening to the speech and stuff.

Started writing and practicing and not to forget ..
Josh laaaaaa =x

Wealth. by HuiTeng.

Brushes 4 of us brought lol.

Ate Secret Recipe for brunch.
Slacked around Klang Parade, okay luh.
Not much stuff.

Results announcing time.
The end lol.

I really need to thank Pn. Liew though.
While waiting for the results, she was sitting down there (4 of us are on the first floor) ..
All alone ...

Everybody have their friends and gang.
I bet she knows that, none of us will actually get any prizes..
Others were like from Chinese based secondary school ..
Or learnt calligraphy some where outside from a pro calligrapher.
Yet, she doesn't mind to spend her time doing all this ..

Okay lah, it's getting kinda too far, so just a big THANK YOU! :)
She won't even read this you see -.-
Never mind.

Not that nice lah, was practicing =x

This is what I passed up. Not satisfied with it though.
Kinda censored the "nao" cos it's too horrible.

Yours truly taken by Hui Teng when Yours truly is drying up her paper zzz.

The girls :)

It was quite late when we leave.
Waited at SMK PBP (1) with some of Hui Teng's friends.
The whole thing was weird ._.

Then cousin came and fetched to IOI Mall.
Met another teacher before going back lol.
*always meet teacher one* :P

These days been "ma fan-ing" her to fetch me =x
Thanksss a lot :)
How I wish I can drive now -.-
Anybody wanna go for undang this year end?
I don't care what SPM next year, I'll learn driving first no matter what hmpf!

PS: Josh, where's the Nice Smell photo? HAHAHA *inside joke* :P
Note to self: Use paper wisely next time ;x

Thursday, January 15


Yea, sorry for the stupid title.
From now on, whatever I see with my eyes, I'll just name it as my title :)

I suddenly felt like dancing, but I don't know how ...
Not the ballet kind, it's too graceful and elegant, totally not my thing ...
But who am I kidding, the only thing that I managed to learn for a long time,

I used to be kinda rebellious when I was standard 4 I think.
Or maybe I still am now. Just a little more wise kind of rebel.
Haha, countless bad stuff I did pass through my mind.
Looks can really deceive people, most people think of me as a good and quiet girl LOL!!
But I'm totally the opposite of it lorr! Okay lah, maybe not that bad ..
I just like to have fun! =x A good way of fun -.-

Aiyah, random topics.
I want to learn a lot of things.
Mastering them is a another thing.
Jeez. Crap.

Tomorrow is the Calligraphy contest.
Like last year, just a bit earlier.
Held at Klang Parade.

I srsly need a new brush, better one ..
The lucky brush I used is already sooooo cacat weh !! :( :(
It's like the FIRST brush I ever used when we start writing calligraphy since primary school.
Anybody remember when we started it?
I used it till secondary school.
It's from my dad, bought in Japan.

Another week or so,
It's Chinese New Year ..

Wednesday, January 14

Thinking of a title is hard.

.. Very hard.
Okay, continue with life.
I've not been updating stuff much these days ..
And uniques went down the slope! Wee.

*each paragraph means different topic okay..
*This post is very .. messy :P

Vivian's changing school, like .. tomorrow?
Sigh, another math genius in class gone :(

Laughed a lot in class, I think :P
Add Maths was okay since I have tuition for it.
Physics no idea. Stopped tuition, I'm on my own now.
Chemistry, Bio .. Okay la.

Accounts big problem -.-
I don't know the format you see.
Maybe should change tuition teacher ._.

And and, many unexpected stuff happened =="
I have many jobs to do. Secretary isn't fun ...
Treasurer is hard, although I know just collecting money la.
I know it's only 2 jobs lah, but still .. sigh ...
Next year leh (?) Adoi.

I found out that my hair is brown-ish under the sun, especially my fringe !!
Just like I've dyed it woooooots :D I can't stop looking at them lol.
I love love love the colour :)

I love love love dark chocolate :9
I used to like milk chocolate but the taste isn't strong enough :o
So, dark chocolate is my current fav!

I like eating snacks while I'm doing homeworks too!
I wonder will I even gain weight, or maybe just soar throat -.-

I feel like sleeping in class you know, can't really concentrate, don't know why.
I feel like lying on the table, hugging my bag, and snoreee! ._.
I feel like .. starting form 3 life all over again ._.
Or maybe form 1's life .. I think it's the best year till now.

I cannot believe that I'm gonna turn 16 this year.
I don't even feel like a sixteen-year-old teenager.
I don't even think that it's gonna be a sweet sixteen for me.
I should just buy presents and celebrate myself lol.
I don't feel like growing up :(

I saw Hui Teng's cousin a few days ago in school.
Whoa!! She's like so super tall and wearing flats some more!!
Said Hi and Bye lol.

I think my brain is getting rustier.
Lack of vocab in 3 main language subjects.
I wanna key in the whole dictionary into my brain lah -.-

I'm lazy to reply messages in cbox.
You guys no need to leave comment or anything there la.
Let the cbox rot there, ROT !!


Saturday, January 10

Cameron Highlands Trip! :D (part 2)

Flowers, Tea, Christmas Dinner and Waterfall.
Figure them out yourself.
I'm lazy to talk any more about Cameron.
Having major sickness..

Over exposure, but I somehow like it :)

White flower ._.

This is somehow obscene.
But there are LOTS of them in the cactus farm.

It has 2 eyes. (if you get what I mean)

Me with flowers -.-

It gives me a pure and calm feeling ...

Purple flower

Busy bee.



Christmas night.
Ate hotel buffet.
Sat outside.
Wind blew.

Random fly actually dropped into my drink!
I like the effect thou :P



Back to room,

Me cuter right ;P

Early morning view from balcony.

Equatorial hotel path


Before going down.

On the way going up lol.

On top ! Nice? :)

People climbing up, or perhaps it's walking -.-

Old house.

plus creepy tree.

Tea Factory.


Sky 2.


'Ummph!' expression on my face -.-
It was candid.



Orang Asli's home.

Dropped by Hutan Lipur Lata Iskandar's waterfall on the way back.
And took photos AGAIN.

Lonely man lol.

I love this photo the MOST!

Many of them flying around on the ground -.-
So hard to focus on them -.-

Lastly, the waterfall.

It was a very dizzy car ride back.
Almost wanted to puke! Thank Guan Yin Ma there's this waterfall beside the road.
After resting, it's time to head back KL.
That's all.
The End.