Thursday, February 26


It's not a simple world now.
Everything is getting complicated.
Words play an important role.
Use it wisely or get killed by it.

I just wanna make things clear.
Is that so hard?
I just wanna ask some simple questions.
But who knows what people will think.

Who is right?
Who is wrong?
Who can be trusted?
Who is a backstabber?

No one can answer all these.
Wearing a mask perhaps?
But who doesn't?
Even I myself am not sure, who am I.

Smile when you don't want to smile.
Tell white lies.
Aren't these just another way of wearing a mask?

Or am I too pessimistic?
But this is reality right?
You don't even know,
When they will back stab you.
When time comes, it's too late.

Wearing a mask is tiring.
But what to do? I think ..
It's actually another way of self-protection.
A very natural act of human beings.

I hope, there's a day,
Where this heavy mask,
Can be taken off, by somebody ..

** Sorry about the grammar ==
But this is serious, sigh ...
Something inside me is wrong xD
Bye! :D

Choral Speaking!

Wah, almost dead blog! :D
Lazy to update and reply you guys punya tags sorry la okay.

Busy like don't know what these days.
Homeworks, piano, choral speaking practice .. and for goodness sake! No time to sleep weh.
Speaking of choral speaking, I only join once and that was last year's English Holiday Camp.
The whole class of mine is going to represent the school to SMK Bandar Puchong Jaya (A) next Wednesday, which is Chai Yin's birthday xD
Raaaawr! Last minute practice!

Working on a new link.
Actually already worked it out.
Haven't change only :D
Thanks to Fiona! :D
Hope you find you new link quick too! Goodluck :D

Raining everyday
Rain rain rain

And time flies before you know it.
I hate doing something then when you look at the time
"Wah, so fast 6pm liao!"
Before you know it, it's time to sleep ==
I don't like that ==

Readers are dropping drasticly ..
I watch them drop one by one, two by two, three by three each day lols.
I know lah, I didn't make the effort to reply people's tags ==
Padan muka loh.

But I appreciate you guys coming here haha.
Serious okay! :) :) :)

Eye lids getting heavier ......

Wish me luck memorising the whole choral speaking script!!
Frigging 3 pages won't be long right! :D
It's as simple as A B C :O

Friday, February 20

打篇华语的 :D


想起来 好久了 那时14岁
年少无知 或许 才是 最快乐的。

想起 那时的我

过得 那么 “丰富”

或许 现在觉得可笑
或许 现在觉得“丰富”
也不排除 长大以后

心里 没有一丝 后悔

人 是需要受过磨炼嘛
碰钉子 免不了
经一事 长一智

但 本小姐建议
最好别经一事 才 长一智
那时 必定是 犯错了咯

真正实践的 心中有数吧 :P


但 也发生了不少事情

所学习的科目 越来越多

读书 考试 文凭
主宰 你一生 的名词
当然 也少不了娱乐
但 在安排时间方面 嘻嘻~

有时 真羡慕有理想的人
做什么事 都特别有冲劲

然后隔天又是好“汉”一条, 哈!

学校 朋友们
最近发生了 一些问题
我知道 涉及其中的
并没那么容易 小事化无
希望 别再掀起大波浪
大家 冰释前嫌

突然 又想念 被雨水

感觉 应该不错吧!

有问题吧 xD

它 是我的常客


锁在保险箱内哈! :P


No idea.

Feelings .. that can't be explained. Different kinds of feelings, waiting for answers.

I don't really like expressing my real feelings to the web world. Who knows who would be reading this. There's a diary of mine that I can always count on :)

I starting writing since I was standard 4. It's really fun reading back what you wrote when you're at that age. I even finished the whole diary book since form 2. Having a 2nd one now :D

Debate today was a failure for me :) Well I admit laaaa. Noob lol. Guess there won't be a chance next time for me -.-

Sometimes I just hate my smiling face lol. Feel so -_- Bah! And I found that, playing piano is actually a good way to release stress. Well, playing the songs that I know. Not PRACTICING them. Gees. River flows in you piano score rawks! Me !

Tomorrow needa go back school leh. Can don't go mah? I don't have the mood. Movie marathon too, I haven't ask my parents de actually. If I FFK don't kill me ar =x

Sigh .......

Wednesday, February 18


Yes, it's not been raining for days and the weather is hot like anything.
Then, started raining all of a sudden.
Dark clouds dark sky everything dark dark !!

I have this random conflict in me now.
It's the same old feeling like last time -_-
Well, time can fade this feeling off .. I think :)
A conflict that no one can help, how sad lol

I don't know what to update.
But there's this Chinese Debate thingy for form 4 and form 5 students ._.
I don't even know a single thing about debating omg, like how am I gonna talk for 8 minutes -_-
And "competition" on Friday! ... how?


This is the title.
Supposed to be SPM Chinese Essay hor?
Give some ideas if you guys can :'(
For both sides.
8 minutes ..
So long !!!!

Lazy reply tags ;x

Saturday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

I don't feel happy today..
No .. NOT because of single and alone during V day -.-
It's after I met the dentist :(

I've been wearing braces since form 1 holidays.
It's more than 2 years ...
And I thought I can take it off before my birthday as a very expensive present that my parents and I give to myself..
Parents because they love me so much and paid for this braces thing.
If X-Rays and surgery are counted in the bill it's almost 6k I think :(
Me myself is because I have to face all the pain !! after tighten them and more.
Finally relief I thought, till the doctor says NO. It still needs fixing ......

And also, she saw some white bulgy thingy somewhere on top of my gum,
Suspected it was a laying tooth of mine growing out......
I was so darn depressed after I heard that ..
After so long and the teeth now is nice enough suddenly got tooth coming out again !?!?!!!

Mouth small is like that de lah.
Mouth small no lips :(
Okay got lips but thin lips -.-

Took X-ray later on and found out there's nothing there-.-
Phantom tooth LOL.

I shall remind myself to rant about something about talking here in the next post -.-
Very irritating rawr!

Friday, February 13

DHL Express ...!

Got kinda tired after recess.
Especially Chinese Class.
Don't even have the mood to laugh when the whole class is laughing.
Felt sleepy or mood-less I think ._.

Even when I reached home I don't feel like talking ..
Crappy feeling.

Until I saw this on the table .....

:O Turned at the back and saw it's from Standard Chartered :O :O !!!!

Fragile ..

Slowly open it .. Veins :O ;x

And ..


Inside the parcel. With a letter but don't care :P

iPod Nano Chromatic !! Silver thou ..

Aiyah, free one what do you expect?!!! Rawrrrr!!

Still kinda mood-less cause it ain't the colour I want .. :(

Watching Gem Of Life's last episode !!
Like FINALLY it's going to end -.-
Super long drama.
But I still like Elise ;x
Super yeng in that show!! :D :D
Okay lah! Mood-less. Byee.

and it's ..
Friday the 13th!

Thursday, February 12

Ohhhh, the pain -.-

Haaaaai~ Stitch-ish way :x You know? Lilo and Stitch? -_-

Woke up morning and felt normal as usual ..
Damn sleepy today. *yawn*
Had Biology's experiment :D :D
Yay! I love experiments :)
Osmosis ..
Experimenting with potato strips. Naish.
Sliced it, add in Sucrose solution .. and wait!
A simple experiment, but I don't mind :)

Many random stuff happened :X
I have the key for everything!
*only some people get what I mean ;)*

Sometimes, it's hard for you to make a decision -.-
Especially when you have the ability to do it, all the stuff you need.. but you CANNOT do it -.-
CANNOT means CANNOT!! Crapppppp..

After walking around school before recess,
Legs starting to get pain.
Starting to feel the whole cramming thing ...
Pain ... Hate to walk up and down the stairs ...
Making the pain .. worse ...

The Chemistry exam yesterday was kinda okay ..
It's hard lah, but there's only numbers there .. so simply divide this multiply that ..
And .. VOILA! You get the answer lol. Well, I HOPE IT IS the answer -.-
I knew how to do the balancing thing ...................
And yet I forgot the formula for what hydrochloric acid -.- (okay I know it's easy -.-)
Wtvs laaaaaaa.

Wouldn't FAIL guaaaaaa.

Cousin bro Joshua Sin kinda "invited" me to his school ..
Becoming a visitor there and follow him around -.-
Experience the life of Int. Sch. ?
See how first la, waiting for holidays ..
Can't really ponteng school ..
Ponteng maths = die.
Ponteng add maths = die.
There's maths and add maths everyday.
Therefore, ponteng school = die = cannot ponteng
Die = Don't understand anything about add maths and maths -.-

Sorry, been doing too many maths these days :)
Chem also need counting ..
Physics lagi ... speechless ._.

So, wait till March punya holidays la! :)

Urgh, I wonder what homework I still needa do.
I really don't feel like doing any of them.
Throw books away, forget homework, let's make the great escape -.-

Time is ticking ..
Without you knowing it's already Mid-Feb.
Valentines Day soon...
Coupled ones, have a nice one.
Single ones, go party like maaaaaad o.O
Thou, I have to stay at home -.-
Baaaaaai~ *stitchy way :x

Wednesday, February 11

Cross Country ; Road Run wtv you call it.

Saw your comment Jay, I'm not actually running for real :P
And I can't get 1st :P Thanks anyway xD

Started the whole thing. Run run walk walk, it was quite a long way.
But the map dont-know-who drew was so short !!
Took photos before leaving, one teacher saw and beh tahan hahaha =x

A teacher joined :O
She's fast I tell you.
Btw, I think her family won in some marathon competition before...
Athlete genes runs in the family xD

Took photos on the way running..
It was a sweaty run, very sweatyyy ..

It's a trial one, just went to warm up myself.
It's been a long time not running like that ..
Sweated like mad cow !!
Lucky the sun ain't that strong :)

BEFORE running *happy and excited face!! lmao*

Ann. *my eyebags !!!!111oneoneone*

Hui Teng.

2 of us.

And started runningggg!

The sky was .. nice.. in a way ..

I took this becos it was nice. Didn't notice lorry on lorry.
Naish colours :P

Some stick by the road full of .. shrooms ..
I mean mushrooms heh!

See the part where the stick is a bit cacat ?
It's the shrooms up there!

I don't feel like posting up people running here.
Even me myself.
Don't care lah :P

AFTER running.

Wah still can smile ._. super tired liao loh ...

Chatted a while before going up class.
Was paying attention to bio ( no tuition lah thats why T.T )..
Suddenly people came and said dentist wanna see us -.-
There goes the hypotonic hypertonic isotonic(eh? sounds like a drink -.-) thing.

Then it was boring ..
But at least there's camera and I took very random photos :)
Anything in class :}

The games boys like -__-

Us againn..

Focus on my purse :P Me <3>

Keychain from I-forgot-who :x

She-Reen's digiman keychain xD

Stuff on my table ..

So whattttt? Using it since Form 3 .. bad for health now right?

Ann's tablee. I likey the feeling :x

Calculator .. i'll need it everyday .. since there's maths class EVERYDAY !! rawrr!!

Aries keychain from dad from Japan :P hanging by my pencilcase :)

I'm tired now .. very tired ... VERY VERY TIRED !! :(
Having Chemistry exam tonight some more ..
Okay, to be exact is this evening -.-
7pm consider as evening?

and SHITT !! I haven't read a thing yet x____X
Moreover teacher said he'll do his best to fail us.
I'm off x_x

Tuesday, February 10


I think something pricked my finger.
Some invisible thing.
I can't seem to see it but I can feel it.

Merentas desa tomorrow.
Going for fun.
Well, running is fun right?

Monday, February 9

It's the last day :(

You won't be receiving angpaos after today already :(
So I'll be going out soon to my grandfather's brother house -_-
Complicated relationship.
I don't think the amount of angpaos will be that much ._.

Btw, brother's birthday yesterday!!
He had a good one I bet, but looking at his looks -.-

Gotta go!

Wednesday, February 4

Spam Porn?

Stupid lah haiyoh
Friends on MSN list keep spamming stupid porn site !!

See my cam link
Site for horny people link
Hot babes link

Like wthhh !! Irritating lahh.
Especially yours lah Josh Tan !! Rawr !!
Kacau sial.

I hate tuition !!!!
Sheeeesh !!
Main reason is I lazy go tuition lah.
Especially at night -.-
But I needa go ._.
Damn I hate this -.-

Sunday, February 1

Solar Eclipse on the first day of CNY.

Sun Eclipse.

That is the photo for the first day.
Nothing much except receiving angpaos from relatives.
Then wait for cousins to arrive.
I guess I blogged about it already.

Btw, I'm lazy to upload the photos.
So I may either take them from Joshua Sin or Clarisse :P
There's still my own one lah ..
But didn't put watermark -.-

Then the 2nd day,
Went to Sunway Carnival Mall and watch The Wedding Game with a whole bunch of relatives!
Had lunch at The Manhattan's Fish Market ..
Started feeling weird .. I think there's where I got food poisoning -.-

I snapped this! Lol.

By me okayy xD no captions needed i guess :)

Random in car! anyway, you can see the amount of tickets !


Heh! xD

Ta daaa!

Photos! :)

Okay luh. Not bad.
I like the song :)

It's the ol' karaoke session at night again.
This time they updated the song list..
But still, not good enough .. and I'm having sore throat ..
Didn't really sing ..
The main reason is .. I can't sing LOL.
Sad hor .. I know .. lol.
So .. take photos lor!



Remember this?

Did this AGAIN Lool.

Didn't play mahjong this year.
People there dont wanna play :(

It's not good for me to gamble this year.
Kept losing the money I won wth
Suan lah.

Remember this?

Brother and cousin brother made this, this year.

it's not very good since i'm sick and cannot eat most of the food rawr
just so you know i like to eat very much rawr
and it's torturing when you cant eat during cny where all the best food are served.
time for me to rest.