Monday, July 16

Laser Tag yo!

[blogging this @ Aug 10, but posting it as July 16th, for unknown reasons -_-]

OK. I don't remember when did this happen.. but fret not! There's always facebook /lame.
*checks fb event page*
Oooohhhh, so it was June............. looooooooooooong time ago.
Hmmm... nothing much, met up with hui teng before playing laser tag :)

My present from Hui Teng :)
Polaroid camera! ♥

I took my first polaroid picture with the one that gave me the camera :D

I purposely not use the camera until we meet up one k! :3
Thank you HT :DD!

Then HT left to work, me and Christine were bored while waiting so we did silly faces lol. 
Hopefully no one saw us ._____.
L to R: 
1.idk what face 2.Mashimaro!
3. me being cacat 4. normal face lol
5. whats your problem man.. 6. very normal us ;x

Time for laser tag! Was soooooo tired and sleepy after lunch and all the stupid faces ._.
With Min Dee and Teoh Yi ;D

See us in our armour?! HAHA. Dont play play.
Went for tea @ Teh Tarik Place with classmates after that. 

Spot our reflections ;D

And we watch the sun set together :D

That's all for this post lol.
I WILL TRY to finish up random post before going to Italy. HAVE TO PACK OMG. HATE HATE HATE PACKING D:

Monday, July 9

Sunway A-Levels Achievements & Awards Night 2012 - In Alas Aquila!

Okay... I'll finish off all my pending posts lol.
The graduation ceremony was two months ago(blogging this @ Aug 9th but posting date as July 9th), time flies as I procrastinate ._.

Class of S5 January 2011, Sunway College.
Tempted to list down all the names but nah :P
All of us have almost matching shades of colours - black and blue. So neat ;P

Well, I'm kinda jealous of the guys, because all they do is suit up and at most style their hair.
Whereas girls have to style their hair, makeup, shop for heels, dresses, clutches, accessories, this and that. But it's alright, we get to pamper ourselves and look awesome for a night hahaha!

Love the matching shades of colour :D

Bodyguards hehe.

The girls with Maths lecturer, Ms Soo YP :D

With Ms Chin FL, Chemistry lecturer for 3rd sem :O

Mr Ala! Physics lecturer :)

Ivan and Wai Kit pro photo-bomb la! :P 

And MORE photos during the grad night. ;D

The combo ;) Matchy colours again hehe :D 

Dark to light shades of blue :O


already half dead by the end of the day. 
Can you believe I had headache since the beginning of the ceremony?
Luckily I manage to put up pretty smiles in all the photos HAHAHA. *proud*

Up next - trips after A-Levels (not like that i went for a lot of trips).