Wednesday, September 30

Garena Email Verification?

Wtf is wrong with people nowadays?! Using my email account to sign up for Garena and wanted me to verify for you, HAH! Fat hope. So you'll spam everyday reminding me to verify this thingy? NO WAY DUDE. Get your own email account, lazy bum.

Still got face click "verify mail" so many times when you're not even using your own email. Get a life la. Geez! I'll see how much more you can spam 8DD

Happy Birthday Hui Teng!!

Gaaaaahh! I feel so dumb of myself == I remember the date but I didn't know it was today -.- No excuse shall be made la, it's my own fault :( :(

and what a coincidence, I never write today's date in any of my exercise book == thus I have no clue that today's the 30th of Sept!! damn i hate my brain ==

If you're reading this, I am reaaaaaaally sorry that I ALMOST forgotten your birthday. Hope I made it up for u after setting a meeting alarmbirthday post in your new mobile phone. Heh! :) I'm so so sorry :( Hope you're surprised that time ;X




Grasshopper in class, boys shoo-ed it, indian guys from no where caught it back and played around with it. Hope it doesn't die on their hands. Sad grasshopper.

I freaking hate physics, why on earth humans create this friggin subject. I shall not hate you, I shall learn to be friends with you. But you know la, it's not easy to be friends with someone you hate -.- simple theory.

Friends know that I can be easily distracted at times, and I noticed that too. I know it's annoying, I'm sorry :( I'll kill this bad attitude before it kills me.

I noticed that I'm overreacting sometimes too, as in .. OVERreacting == Gotta learn to stay calm and cool == & mr. yam chong no.1 stepped on my paper wtf, he wanted to fake-step on my paper but .. fake turns out to be real. == good work !! :D

actually i wasn't mad at him ;x but he really qian da -.- well .. boys *duh* XD

Recess got free warm water from canteen, thanks Mr. Arul! Heh! Needed warm water for my medicine. Cough medicine ==

Talked bout traveling in class, Ms. Ann is really enjoying her vacation in London now or M.City or Scotland !! Bahhh!

Oh, I hate wednesdays. There's freaking 3 hours of tuition!! I hate that .. despite the lessons I learn from there, I still hate tuitions because it's eating up my time! I think I know what made this yr fly like a rocket - TUITIONS ==

Okay la, homework-eating time! Enjoyyyy!


Monday, September 28

Happy and Unhappy ?

wtf wtf wtf, no time to update arghh!!
just a quick one la.
nothing much for the 1st day of holiday school D:
chatted bout holiday stuff
learned bio in a fun way with shu qiong today xD
touched the agar-agar petri dish thingy with ddddiiirrtyyy hands
this friday dissect mice weh! *excited!!*

PMR week maybe holiday woot!
was so happy aft teacher announced this news xD
not only me lor, almost the whole class ahha,
then suddenly no electricity, then it was back again wtf.
potong steam xD

nothin much eh ..
oh ya, rushing the freaking moral kerja amal.
damn, i hate last minute work but ..
i can't help it XD XD
dai sei lah haiyoh.

summore what ah ..
aiya quick post .. can't think of ...
dinner with cousins ytd!!
laugh dao LOL
had fun too :D :D
how i wish we'd never grow up sigh~

update bout the dinner tomorrow or whenever i'm free la,
it's bout some very freaky babi / roasted suckling piggy stuff! serious, it was freaky in a way.
so after the freaking kerja amal thing la
and the FREAKIEST final yr exam wtf

aiyah see how la, damn sien
always homework homework only.
worse than form 3 wtf.
next yr lagi sei. apa ini!!
must enjoy sec sch life maaaaa aiyoyo.

err .. crapping lol.

summore what leh ..
can't think la! okay la! go sleep la!
nightssssss! :D

Sunday, September 27

Shun Japanese Restaurant & Dooodolls!! 8D

Heh, perasan a bit xD

Went to Shun Japanese Restaurant yesterday night for dinner with dad & bro while mom attended her boss's/friend's (I'm not sure) wedding dinner at Sheraton Hotel ;D

Got this free Macha (which means green tea in Jap.) ice-cream from the boss of the restaurant - Jun-san. :D My bro got his Vanilla ice-cream lol. Got it free 'cause the boss was my dad's friend lol. He was damn taaaaaaaaallll !! Taller than my dad xDD Cool 8D

Chopstick ;D

Wah Ocha very nice oh *drinks*

Here take my leng zai photo LOL.
*was candid la xD*

:O :O :O C.I.A. !! Caught In Action lol. Kap lui xD


Digging in~

My free Macha/Ocha Ice-Cream, VERY NICE! *2 thumbs up!* b(^^)d

Headed to Subang Parade after that ;D I searched the whole mall upside down and inside out also don't have Rubik's cube walao! The Toy 'R Us was very big there but no rubik's cube to be seen .. weird .. 'cause Rubik's is a toy for children 3 and above LOL

Since no Rubik, I wandered around the mall, checked out some clothes and shoes xD But not buying ;) There ain't a PENNY in my pocket :D fyi, I don't bring money out :)

Dad called, he wanted to buy bro a pair of new sandals .. so there we go ~ Parkson!! LOL

I separated from them, went to the stationary and gifts section instead 8D And I spotted something!! hehehehehe. If anyone can get me some of them I swear I'll treat him/her very very very good LOL .. No laaaaaaaa, I won't xDD Actually .. I think .. I often .. crave .. for .. ugly-but-cute-voodoo-like stuff heh. Especially keychain ftw! xD

Yes I'm weird :DDDD and I like it LOLOLOL

Depends the way you see it, it's actually cute :D xD

They're known as ...

Dooodolls plushes kalor key chainDooodolls plushes drooolie key chainDooodolls plushes baby charco
Kalor ; Drooolie ; Charco
Dooodolls plushes baby cupidoDooodolls plushes baby reddish twinDooodolls plushes baby kalor
Cupido ; Reddish Twin ; Kalor (baby) sho cute *aww* xD
Dooodolls plushes ninja 24 inch plushDooodolls plushes cupido 24 inch plush
Plushies~~~ Red one Ninja ; White - Cupido
They even have horoscopes! Cool! Me Aries xD
Actually I like this, but it's white, sure hard to keep clean D:


Almost bought this .. but .. @__@ If someone .. somebody .. will ... LOL xDDDDD

Dooodolls plushes drooolie 24 inch plush

Well, for me la *continues drooling xD*. Me heh. Get me either one of them up there can already laaaa, I don't mind !! XD XD XD LOL D: D:

Stop craving liao laaaaaaaaa, it's impossible that things will drop from the sky LOL. work hard earn cold hard cash buy myself :D

Then went to Sheraton to fetch my mom, waited her at the lobby/bar/the place where people sing to entertain people .. o.O The man that played and sing .. was very good! Especially the song Better Man, woah! Then there's 2 Philippino lady singer too .. blablabla .. Finally reached home lol.

IT'S SUNDAY wtf wtf wtf! Damnnnnnn! School's tomorrow?!?!?!??!!

Convo between bro ; me

Me: Eh, what date is the school starting?

Bro: School starts .. TOMORROW LA ! Haiyah =.=

Me: OWWHH, LOLOLOLOL hehehe -.-
Me:Walao! Tomorrow -.- So fast!!

Bro: Yeah, just like a blink of an eye!
Bro: If school that time blink your eye non-stop, HOLIDAY DON'T BLINK!!

Me: LOL so hard wtf, like that also can xD xD

Well, that's all D:
Continue eating homework ~~

Saturday, September 26


Smile to the camera :D

credit: Shu Qiong for takin this ;D

You know what? It's already Saturday!!!!! *pulls hair bites nails runs around*
Okay, no, I didn't do that lol.
I don't feel anything now .. .. ..

Anyway, I did some .. a few .. a leeeeetle bit of .. Add Maths! Yay!
I really hate doing Add Maths -.- Numbers never liked me, NEVER !! T.T
I have one more day left.
I should treasure it.
I should use it wisely.
I should ...


Kept listening to Joey Yong's - 很忙 aka Very Busy these days.
Love the whole feeling of the song.
Click my new tumblr blog to listen :D

你总爱说事情太多 时间不够
而我也总是努力 找理由 让自己
来不及想 以后
以为 终究会 等到幸福的时候
等到花也开了 温暖了天空却 变灰暗了

来不及回头 回头太罗嗦 而你我很忙
忙著往前跑却忘了 把感动一路珍藏
已来不及回头 回头已是空 是你我太忙
当逃亡变习惯 我只想痛哭一场 喔

所有快乐的难过的 麻木接收
而忙碌竟是我们 用现在 换未来
最习惯的 理由
也许看著花 绽放的一刻最美
等到花也开了 温暖了天空却 变灰暗了

已来不及回头 回头已是空 是你我太忙
当逃亡变习惯 我只想 痛哭一场 喔
你总是爱说 时间不够

Friday, September 25


Lol. I'm too lazy to think of a title.

Created this - &

I personally think those are much more cleaner and nicer but ..
I'm used to blogger already. D:


Supposed to wake up a bit late today 'cause I kinda slept late yesterday night.
Suddenly I heard a sound, thundering my ears, the floor's shaking.


Youthinki'mserious? Heh.
Exaggerating lah

What I heard was footsteps, loud and hurry footsteps.
Indeed she was in a hurry, my bro vomited!
Mom took care of him for a while before she headed to work
And yeap, you guessed it right!
The footsteps of my mom = I'm taking care of my bro today! LOL

Woke up superbly early..Okay maybe not LOL
Outta bed at 8.30am *i guess*
Took over the half-cooked porridge ;D
Hope bro get well soon D:

Nothing much today.
It's Friday already.
2 more freaking days!!
I'm dead.
Srsly dead.
Srsly very dead.

Thursday, September 24

Random feeling o.o

Was sweeping the car porch and saw the leaves of the plants ..
Leaves that are yellow with holes ..
Obviously, being destroyed by some insects -.-

I felt kinda sad for them.
Told dad bout it, waiting for him to .. spray some kinda stuff.
I don't know where are those stuff so can't help ;x

And I love the feeling whenever there's something for me in the mailbox LOL
It's like there's something for you! *duh* LOL
I enjoy receiving mail/stuff ..
The process where you wait for mail to arrive *excited* rofl.

Okay, crapping ;D
Off to watch tv!

and ^%*!^@%#!#*&%*#! kritz -.-
he bought the damn 5x5 cube D:

It's Thursday!!

wtf stewpid title heh.

finished watching this singaporean drama yay!
i just hate it when they cram everything into the last epi.

practiced piano yay!
washed bedsheets yay!
no touch homework yay!
wait ..
no yay for that leh -.-





HOMEWORK!!! ugh.

Aiya, dont know how to blog already lah

Monday, September 21


Went to this random dinner organized by dad's golf buddies ..
You know what, I hate dinners, especially those with people that you don't know.
The worst part is, I have to listen to the so-called "Adult convo" for 3 solid hours.
I could see mom was semi-bored, or maybe .. really bored lmao.
I'm already not feeling well la, c'mon. Can't you just lemme sms to pass time?
Even that 19-yr-old boy sneaked away from the table to another table to watch his football match.
Even that 17-yr-old girl held her phone 24/7 on her hands ON THE TABLE except when she's eating.
Even my brother gets to mix around with boys around his same age.
Why should I be the one sitting there listening to what you guys are talking about?
Syok sendiri betul those 3 uncle =.= Leaving their children and wife (?) BORED TO DEATH D:

But I did, I did listen *at least pretend to listen*, and I also had some kinda short and awkward convo with you guys.
You don't expect me to listen every word right? EVERY SINGLE WORD?!
I'm a girl, not a boy, it's not easy mixing around .. especially mixing with another girl =.=



3 families there, my family, the teenage family and a family of 3 young boys.
After dinner went to the house of the "family of 3 young boys", which is a bungalow opposite Istana Alam Shah.
So I followed the boys up and surprisingly, they have RUBIK'S CUBE!!!
At least something better than sms-ing LOL
But the cube was hard, and the colour combi =.=
Better than nothing 8D

Played with their youngest son too lol.
Age of 4, he's cute but ..... children now can be very .. violent =.=


FINALLY we left the house about 12.15am
As you know, I'm already feeling unwell, plus this thing (!!)
I'm totally worn out. I hate this kinda thing =.= WORSE THAN MY CAMP!


Almost had an accident
Details .. lazy to tell.


Reached home at 1.10am =.=
Oh my tian.


Gotta continue my rest after ranting these stuff =.=
It's not only bored, it's draining my energyyyyyyyy gahh!
Bye =.=


Sry if I didn't reply your comments :(
Will get to it after I'm fully recover :D


I really know how to choose time to get sick LOL
During this Raya Holiday, almost all the clinics are closed.
Especially the one I wanna go, sigh.
Gotta wait la D:


Eh, bye! LOL

Saturday, September 19

Sick on the 2nd day of holiday?!

shits always happens.

Spamming Vitamin C the whole morning =.=
Stupid noseblock, stupid heaty aching body argh.

oh well, time to rest lolz.
bye ;x

Friday, September 18

Haeundae: The Deadly Tsunami

It's a holiday today for most of the schools in Malaysia I think.
Hari Raya is near you people! Enjoy ya hols :D

I think I'll enjoy mine too,
With piano, novels, and food :D
I'm 50% to success! Heh!

Went MidValley with friends today,
Thanks TTH's Driver!
(there's this awkward stuff that happened right after I went up his car =.=)
Reached, bought tickets for Tsunami in Haeundae.
Ate brunch - Carls Jr.
Didn't spend much on food this time ;x

WAS VERRRYYYY GOOOD !! Thanks Evelyn for suggesting this movie and people that agreed to watch this. Hope that it didn't bored you guys :X

Synopsis (highlight to read)
Located on the Southeast of the Korean peninsula is the international city of Busan. A popular vacation spot on the East Sea coast, Haeundae draws one milion visitors to its beaches every year.

Man-sik, a native of Haeundae, went deep-sea fishing four years before and lost a co-worker in a tsunami; he has never returned. He now leads a simple life running a small sushi shop and is preparing to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Yeon-hee.

While these seemingly banal domestic affairs unfold, geologist KIMHwi, an expert on tsunami research, discovers the East Sea is showing signs of activity similar to the Indian Ocean at the time of the 2004 tsunami. Despite his warnings, the Disaster Prevention Agency affirms that Korea is in no harm of being hit. When he discovers a super tsunami starting in Tsushima, Japan is headed straight for the Korean peninsula, he quickly heads down to Haeundae. Eventually, KIM gets a call about a deadly oncoming wave, with only ten minutes to spare! While the vacationers and citizens of Busan are enjoying a peaceful, hot summer day, a super-tsunami is headed straight for Haeundae.

Okay la, I admit cried a lil, it was touching D:
Especially .. that part .. in the sea and the parents ...
I know I'm giving out spoilers but wteva la, go watch ;x
It was hard watching it la, gotta read the subtitles .. =.=
Aiya, Death Note also like that la ;x

Okay, rate 9.5/10 la, cos made me cry HAHAHA wtf

After movies, walked awhile in group hunting for some stuff
Then me & Angeline separated with the boy gang 8D
They went for their gadgets stuff while we went shopping/windowshopping/fittingroom shopping. LOL
Had loadsa random fun in fitting room? LOL
Not THAT kinda fun =.=

Bought a shirt from PDI 8D
It's okay if you're different from others,
That's what make you beautiful :)
Love the bunnies printing LOL :P

Okay ... when we just wanna check out FOS
*vibrates* Kritz calling .... *answers*
LOL, oh man!! Not enough fun yet argh.
Too bad, gotta leave ady D:

Nevermind, next time.. There's always a chance.

THANKS UNCLE DOMINIC YEOH for fetching me back home!
It's actually very troublesome for people to fetch me here and there and everywhere .. Since I'm staying so far away from mostly ALL of my friends .. Sigh .. Oh well~

random stuff for the day:
bumped into Josh, CKW, CKS not (Suohee CKS) & Blake.

Hmm .. whatelse ..
Can't think, gotta sleep !!

Thursday, September 17

Lunch at Kura Japanese Restaurant @ One World Hotel on 13.9.09

Yo peeps! Greetings with my dad's shades loooolz.

Hehehehhe, went to celebrate mom's birthday again~ LOL
Had lunch at Kura Japanese Restaurant, One World Hotel :D
Not kura-kura okay! I don't know what it meant anyway, oh well~

It was kinda boring on the way to One Utama, so did some .. photo taking session as usual :x
You know la, 85% of the photos are taken in the car hahaha.

His turn to ss with dad's shades lol.

Act cute wtf :/

Mom and dad soooo focused on the road :O

Actually there's more ss photos hahahhaa
After having fun and gila-ing at the backseat of the car, we finally reached!! Yay!!

Kura Japanese Restaurant, One World Hotel

In the dark :O

Our seat!! Got big big mirror 8D 8D

Ze Menu!


Chopsticks 8D

Mom with her super kungfu chopsticks lol.

Edamame RM8
-This is nice, don't judge a kacang by it's kulit yeah.

Garlic Rice RM9
-Not a fav of mine, no comment ;)

Sake Oyako RM45
-This is superb! Especially the salmon roe -orange egg thing :9 ! Two thumbs up!

Chicken Teri Zen RM25
-Bro's set, niceeee :D

Kura Maru bento RM75 ;x (my set) lolz.
-It's a very big set you can see, I tried soooo hard to finish em all and I did!!
Except the Unagi la, my tummy almost burst! I'm still feeling full now(13/9, 11.44pm) =.=

Sushi (included in my set)
-The orangey eggy thing aka red caviar, bouncy mouthfeel bursting freshness! 8D

Salmon Head RM15
-Ugly looks and Beautiful taste lol.

Stamina Roll RM32

This is one of those wonderFULL lunch ever I tell you, FULL dao, even the *cough* hidden *cough* compartments almost burst :x

Went for "digesting-food" walkabout at 1U 8D
Went to Action City =.= Which doesnt have much Action =.=
Thought they're selling 5x5 cube, =.=

Oh well, headed back home
and it started to rain D:

rain ... great weather for napping :D too bad i missed it =.=

That's all :D

Went cycling evening, sweated out a leeeeetle fats ..
Ate porridge for dinner lol, still full after lunch -.-

I'm outta blogging materials alreadyyyyyy
I dislike this whenever it happens I tell you.

I guess this month will be busy and fun (?)
I dont know, but no more slacking ahhhhh!!

Wednesday, September 16

So much HATE in MSN?

I hate this I hate that,
I hate you ; them ; he ; she ; it ..

Apa ini,
Spread love~
Not hate leh lol.

These days so much hate-ness around?
Maybe not really hate la but .. oh well~
Can't comment much 8D

Oh and this is just random heh ;D

What Hurts the Most ..

I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house
That don’t bother me
I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out
I’m not afraid to cry every once in a while
Even though going on with you gone still upsets me
There are days every now and again I pretend I’m ok
But that’s not what gets me

What hurts the most
Was being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was tryin’ to do

It’s hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go
But I’m doin’ It
It’s hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and I’m alone
Still Harder
Getting up, getting dressed, livin’ with this regret
But I know if I could do it over
I would trade give away all the words that I saved in my heart
That I left unspoken

Love this song, well .. for the time being la heh ;)

Tuesday, September 15

Where Got Ghost? @ Sunway P. TGV on 12.09.09

It's like one step forward and two steps back
No matter what I do you're always mad

Woke up early in the morning, breakfast with mom, then went over to Cousin sis aka HooiSze aka Clarisse's house lol.

Planned to set off by 10.30 .. cos we need to get the tickets for the show at 11.20am.
In the end, we left at .. 11.12am lol.
I thought we're gonna be late =.= Mana tau, after buying tickets, walked in, movie ngam ngam start, missed the trailer lor D:

Where Got Ghost? lol
Rate it .. 7.5/10
with moments that touch your heart
make your heart jump and pump
and of course you will laugh your heart out too..
hmm.. great for maintaining a healthy heart :D

Consists of 3 stories actually .. the 1st one was .. okay, not bad .. warming up ..
2nd one .. was the scariest among those 3.
3rd one .. funny, touching, educational ..
Go watch ;D The whole cinema was really dark =.=

Lunch time, YAY!
We're rushing for time, 'cause cousin sis has a class at 2pm.
Quickly decided what to eat - Carls Jr. 8D

Walked there, ordered, ate.
In the end, we're still late hahahahaha.
Traffic jam on a straight road .. hmm ..
Things just wouldn't fall in place so perfectly that day :O

FOOOD lol.

Famous Star with Cheeseeee

Western bacon something ...



Potatoes showing some skin lmao, don't blush =.=

I waited for her in the library of Monash University :O
Was dating with the computer lmao. But then =.=
My date cut short cos library closes at 3pm wtf.
1 more hour before my cousin's class would be over
SHIITTTTTT!! I have to sit and daydream without fan on the 3rd floor.
Luckily I brought both my rubik cube and the revenge cube 8D
Yay cubes! LOL.

Playplayplay, her class finally over! Yay!
Headed back to Sunway again.

Walked around, window shopping @_@
and felt hungry again! LOL.

So we went to Starbucks for tea :O

American Baked Cheesecake.

I forgot what's this @_@ but it's nice :O

My all-time-faved ~~

Jelllyyyyyyyy :O

heavenly combination! :D Yum~~

Headed back at 6pm.
Decided to take photos, reallyyyyy random photos lol.
Was laughing our heads off over the photos ;x
Ain't no posting them up here hehehehe lol.

KM: Lai lai, take photo~~
HS: Don't want la, driving, serious abit ok!

KM: *make fun of you first* *points* Wah so serious meh?
HS: *trying to be serious with a not-so-serious face :O* This km ar ... =.=

KM: SUAN LIAOOOO, *beh song face*

HS: Ok la ok la, haiyoh,
KM: Heheeeee ;D

Was tired after the whole trip thingy,
Celebrated mom's birthday at night ..... Refer to the previous post~~

Oh btw, this is a scheduled post :D
No time for updating, so .. you know :P

&& Lastlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ..


*plays darmatic music ;x*


To the left, to the left 8D

ps; nosebleed liao hor lolol xD

Still got one more birthday in Sept comin' up !!
Wah, yuan lai I have so many Virgo friends :O