Tuesday, August 31


Augusto ish comin' tuh an endeh.
Doh juu understandehz me newz languageh.
Aye betcha don'tz!


I know you do right?
You're smart!


Enough crappin'
It's the last day of August ..
What's so special about today ..

*thinks hard*

*squeezin' brain juice*

*ouch T.T*


lol, joking.

Happy 53rd Birthday

I hope for the very best for you, goodluck in your SPM !
(oh wait, that's for me :x)


I hope .. that you'll be more mature AND rational :)

(ps: don't forget you're 53 years old already ;) )

Friday, August 27

Two Moons?!

Hoax much.
Gooooogled a lil,
Since year 2003, EVERY 27th of AUGUST there's two "moons" =.=
& What happen to the fact that we won't see it again till year 2287 =.=

So I joined the "hype"
Observed the night sky a lil :O
No doubt that the moon looked a lil larger than usual.
There's also a very bright star beside it..

Clouds were the joy-killer.
Besides, parents are asleep,
I can't be alone out in the car porch, as it will be VERY DANGEROUS right?
It's in the middle of the night, which all of us known as .. MIDNIGHT (lol lame)

So whtevs, managed to snap some shots.

Played around with the setting, somehow manage to get this orangey colour :D

Say hello to moon! *waves*

Seeeee clouds :/

Like clouds, like smoke :P


I've made my decision.
I'll achieve it within this week I hope.
Well, AT LEAST 80% of the notes.
10 pages, 3-4 down, 6 moar :(
Can't care much, gotta woooork hard!


I'm actually quite disappointed with one's attitude.
Sigh, I did whatever that I should do, but things just don't go the way you want sometimes.


It's the elephant in the room
And we pretend that we don't see it.
It's the avalanche that looms above our heads.
And we don't believe it.

Trying to be perfect
Trying not to let you down.
Honesty is honestly the hardest thing for me right now.
while the floors underneath our feet are crumbling
The walls we built together tumbling
I still stand here holding up the roof
Cause it's easier than telling the truth.

-The Truth, Kris Allen


Love that song ;)
Ohh, look at the time.
Nights world~

Wednesday, August 25

Randomm =/

Heh, I like wasting my time doing random stuffs =.=
Anyway, this is my phone's new wallpaper!
I'm lovin' it :D


Okay, this is bad .. in a way.
I'm playing piano when I'm suppose to be studying!!!

The history repeats itself again :(

I remember myself playing piano & not wanting to study for PMR LOL.
But hey, this is SPM
I have to remind myself constantly that time's running out ..
& NO, I can't forget that I'm running out of time now *points at header* lol.

Gah, damnit!

Monday, August 23

A gift & moment of joy ♥ !

Had dinner with grandparents after the almost-10-hour-seminar.
Was basically kinda dying lol, my eyelids lah.
Felt much more better after eating I guess, then my aunt - Aunt MM handed me a bag with a very nice box in it. It was a gift .. to spur me on for my coming SPM, D: A BIG Thank you to my Aunt MM!! Really had a happy surprise lol.

Bro also got his, for his UPSR. He was like so excited and opened it up (his wasn't wrap thou, so I guess it's alright)

Then he kept wanting to see mine, but I don't think it's that appropriate to open up gifts immediately unless the person who gave me says so, or somehow I kinda enjoy the thrill of keeping myself in suspense until I reached home/get into the car first, lol :) so .. blek, just peeked a lil, since bro kakacaucau. Can't really see though :/

Anyway, reached home ...

Guess what?

Yeah, duh ..

Duh what ?!?!?



Nyehehehehehehee.. Guess guesssss!!

IT'S ..................


OMGOSHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of em were neatly arranged, I could see there's double-sided tape on each piece of it.
Not to forget, there's a short note in there, I'll just keep it for myself :P

The folder of dooodolls!!

OMGOSH, soooo gonna stick it on my car .. IF I HAVE ONE :( :(

TADAAAA! Suddenly own so many dooodolls stuffs!! wah 8D

Thank youuuuuu :D
About SPM, yeah, working hard on it now :D

Sunday, August 22

Another SPM Seminar ..

...the second of such this year.
It's on a Sunday,

So yeah, Chemistry was okay .... Physics not bad ..
Walter Lewin's cool :)
If I had a tutor like him, I'll score in Physics with flying rainbow colours *cough* *chokes* *cough*
History .. more like a drama class. Maybe I'll try out his tips on studying history some day.
(oh wait, shouldn't I be like .. studying now?) heh #^^#

Food was ... gah!

OHHH! Luckily I got unlimited access of WAP today!!! WOOOOOOT!!!
Otherwise it would have been terrible since I couldn't sign in Facebook with the Blackberry ugh.
and, seminar like this could get boring sometimes .. just need to kill boredom once in awhile :)
Don't blame me ok, I saw people playing cellphone's game and reading ShinChan!

Talked bout something during lunch break,
As I said, talking about it once is enough.
It's over, so look forward yeah :)
Let's work our hardest for now~

OHH &, My pencil accidentally flew to one's back, oops ;x
And "zoomed" zits are ew. (some random person's)

Nothing muchie actually.
7.30am - 6pm

Random pics...

There are others but .. meh, tired + malas.

Friday, August 20

Tuesday, August 17








可以不考试吗? :(

Friday, August 13

Virus attack!!

A couple of days ago..
A random by-product during my add maths class

Everyone else was soooo busy solving add maths... my brain and hands were busy too but seemed to be swirling and twirling randomly
Don't know what went wrong that day, normally I'll force myself to finish up homework first, especially maths. Just being a lil rebellious perhaps... or simply my right brain pwned my left..
Whatever it was, I paid the price of having to chew up the homework for supper LOL =="

I have been having sudden attacks like this quite often these days
Sudden urge to mess up pieces of paper with random stuff
The last attack was 2 years ago..
Weird :/

Saturday, August 7

Draft Post

Nah, it's not like I'm gonna post some of my draft post.

It wasn't meant to stay as draft actually, I wanna blog about it, but haven't get to post it. And guess what? Due to my Short-Term-Memory-ness aka STM (lol), I TOTALLY forgot about it. I guess, what I felt that time was intense but momentary. It really matters a lot to me during that period of time, but eventually it faded off with the passing of time. Things just come and go sometimes, if one hold on to something too hard, one will suffer, imo.

I often find random pieces of papers in my messycupboard, there'll be scribblings on them, mostly about my rants HAHA! I read back, but I don't even remember why did I write such things LOL. It's a blessing how fast I forget things, or should I say, unhappy/frustrating/angry events. There's no space for all of these in my mind :)

But on some rare occasions, those events will pop out -.- reminding me of what I should do, what I should not. Probably my subconscious failed to lock them up in a hidden jail for bad memories LOL (random)

Went for a Chinese Language Seminar today @ KDU College.
It's the first time attending a seminar, conducted in Chinese.
They did have this Motivation talk at the beginning by an English + Social Science lecturer from KDU from US.
His accent was great, inspiring talk, got some benefits :) He made me felt like.. I wanna go to US!! HAHA! Study what? I dont know =.=

Then it was the Chinese Seminar. The hall was colddd i tell you, I felt soooooo sleeepy! Wasn't feeling well either, itchy throat -.- Anyway, the talk was not-too-bad. Get to know a new friend too! Or maybe 3! HAHA! She actually introduced her friends to me too haha :) Very friendly of her :)

It rained.

Mom fetched.

Went dental, saw someone that I've never expected to (lol). Bought strepsils (LIKE FINALLY!!)

Went around boutiques that area, got a pants (?) and irrelevant-belt too LOL.
Thanks mom! :D

I can't eat DURIAN !!!! :(
heaty dry cough ma :(

Printer is finally fixed! :D Waiting for dad to fetch it back up here LOL =="

Tuesday, August 3


A tag by Michele :D

Ten different things I wish I could say to 10 different people
1. ILY!!! :D
2. IHY!!! LOL.
3. IMY!!! :)
4. I'm confused :(
5. Wanna fight?! :P
6. I'm tired :(
8. Why call me biscuit :( LOL
9. Idk what and how did it happen, not even involved in all these shhhhoes, damnit.
10. Sigh, idk what to say :(

Nine things about myself:
1. I love food!!
2. I love to eat (duh)
3. I have my P license :P
4. I love to laugh :D
5. I enjoy roaming around alone (sometimes only -.-)
6. I walk quite fast(?) lol.
7. Great passion in photography but ... :/
8. I enjoy playing the piano o.o ... not for exams :S
9. Sleeping is a way to escape reality LOL :X

Eight ways to win my heart in a relationship.
1. "Chemistry"
2. Sincere and caring
3. With the right dose of humour
4. Occasional surprises with simple thoughtful gestures that need not burn a hole in his pocket
5. I know this would sound so ancient… letters!!
6. It amazes me how some people bounce in and out of and then back into relationships again so instantly, I rather have one that takes effort to know me and find the right time to say what needs to be said.
7. Stay true and strong amidst challenges and temptations that are inevitable in life
8. Someone I am able to look up to, so need to be reasonably taller than me. Looks aint my priority but if he happens to be handsome, I wouldn’t mind.. 8D

Seven thoughts that crossed my mind a lot:
1. Family :O
2. My camera :O
3. Memories...
4. Random stuffs.
6. PIANO EXAM omg :(
7. Ze oh-so-unknown-future :(

Six things I do before I fall asleep:
1. Brush teeth
2. Wash face
3. Wear retainers
4. Change into pyjamas lulz.
5. Set alarm @ phone
6. Set alarm @ radio (yesh, i got 2 alarms -.-)

Five people who means a lot:
1. Mum
2. Dad
3. Brother
4. Friends
5. ...

Four things I'm wearing right now:
1. Specs
2. Watch
3. Hairband (?!)
4. Clothes :D

3 songs I listen to often:
1. Daughtry
2. Westlife
3. Orianthi

(not really songs but wtvs :P)

Two things you want to do before you die:
1. Live a life with no regrets ;x
2. Eat the most delicious dish in the world XD

One confession
I ....

I ..........

I .........................

I can't sit still LOL -.-