Saturday, November 28

Penang Trip (1)

Penang Bridge.

Lalalala, today went to Penang Island for one day trip~

*I often forgot what I wanted to blog about -.-*

Okay, so I think it started by going to the Kek Lok Si Temple.
We had quite a hard time finding it lol, we're pure tourist okay!
So found it, walked up the stairs .. full of stalls selling random stuffs.
Mainly t-shirts and souvenirs and stuff @_@
It wasn't hard going up because there were shades ..


Follow Me~~ lol.

Kek Lok Si Temple from far~

So we .. walked .. WALKED .. AND WALKED .
Reached the inclined escalator (?) Is that what you call that?
Oh well, checked out the view~

like father like son :D
*going up*

So many tortoise @_@

Man that sells the "tortoise food"

Bro and Me~

Temple o.o

Finally, Kek Lok Si Temple !!

Saw a very giant Guan Yin *pray*
They're still building it, and there'll be an opening ceremony NEXT WK -.-
Greeeaaaaat, next wk =_=

Guan Yin statue

I took photos like some tourist from another country~
Photos of the buildings around .. not me ...... D;



I wonder how tourists tahan the super hot sun.
Sweating like crap -.-
It burnsssss the skin.
To add salt on the wound, I didn't apply dao sunblock T.T
My skin die lo, habis lo, UV Rays gonna cause skin cancer lo *choi* xD

Us again!! lol.

View from above @_@

Oh, I don't know why, but I kept taking photos of reflections XD
Fun eh.. XD

Reflection 1.

Take 2.

Take 3 LOL.


Food post coming next! :D

Friday, November 27

Long way back to hometown

I wanted to blog so much just now, but when I got the chance, I actually forgot what I wanted to blog about =.=

Oh well, will be heading to Penang tomorrow, :D Hope it'll be a fun one!

Whenever I look at my baby cousin, I actually forgot what's the feeling of having a younger one at home.. Gaaaaahhh, random feeling strike again ==

Going to The Store now, well the only "mall" in Sungai Petani lol. See ya!

Thursday, November 26

Kwong Siew Association Incentive Award Ceremony

*ignore me wahaha*

SOOOO.. I went to KL for the incentive award ceremony thing (IN MY SCH UNIFORM)
Went up the stage for like .. 3-5 times -_-
I'm not really sure whether they're calling my name because maybe there's ppl havin the same name as I do ... then my grandpa (he's one of the committee member sitting infront) was like ..


Oh maaannn, paiseh dao -_-
Then the 3rd and 4th time i think also like that LOL. Gaaahhh!
Until the MC also say " wah, take until "hand soft" (in chinese) hor" -_-
Zhadou LOL.

Me; ehh, this is not my name ..
Lady; oh ya, *gives another envelope* but sry ah, last name typed wrong
Me; ==" okay okay ..

Until the end where the uncle forgot to ask me to give my speech (i was relief for a sec)
Then my grandpa went .. "Thank you speech from student ah! Haven't give speech!!"
My whole world went down ... DOWWWNNN BENEATH THE EARTH'S CRUST !!!

MC announced : "Okay, hold on a sec peeps, let's give a hand to blablabla for a speech!"

Oh my oh my, I'm dead I'm dead lol. So basically, I just tried to give the speech slow and steadily (because I can talk quite fast at times -_-) .. and after the speech, I forgot whatever happened on the stage -_- except for my trembling hands .. abit like stage 14 of earthquake lol. Thank guan yin ma that my voice wasn't shaky -_-

After I finish the last two words .. which is "Thank You", the MC came and shook my hands .. I think it wasn't that bad (?) BAAAHHHH. Then I think the MC seemed amused or something, asked which school I went and stuff .. too bad I ain't studying in any famous school and my chinese ain't that good .. Once again, looks can be deceiving LOL.

For scoring 8A's

For scoring A for Chinese
*lmao at my expression*

For scoring As for 3 language.

*still got one more i forgot is for what lol*

And lastly, me giving the speech T.T
wah, my hands shake dao blur liao? hahahha lol.

After all the stress-ness, me and mum went SHOPPING !!!
Roamed around Petaling Street, bought MuaZi/Mazi that an old lady selling de.
Very kind of her to belanja us a few of her Mazis LOL.
Drank the oh-so-famous-luo han guo drink. :9 :9

Even went Popular, heard my mum said it was the largest store (?)


Then entered lotsa wholesale store, where they sell bags, accessories at a cheaper rate ..
Bought a new bag and necklace :) Love it Love mom too hahaha :D Thanks for buying :D

After leaving the LAST SHOP, I was already so damn exhausted !!
Plus the weather is getting more and more HOT ! GOSH.
I can feel the sun rays piercing thru my skin T.T

On the way back, I was bored ..
Then I saw a camera ..
So .. I .. took random photos !! LOL ==

Good Niteeee! Have a nightmare! :D xD

LOLOLOLOL *not a fan of football, MU haters dont kill me xD*

Any idea where is this? Hehehe 8D

I just realize that there's a lot of coconut trees .. hmm..

PUTU MAYAM !!!! (i ate once and forgot how it tasted like)


After taking all the random stuff, I have nothing to do ..
So .. I perasan-ted abit .. together with my mum wahahaha lol.

She's driving but I didn't care LOL.
Just snap only la, tried hard to get closer to mom without removing the seatbelts -.-
Very very hard okay. Then moved around, got lower and stuff to fit my big head and mum's head into the camera lol.

Wow, can see reflection of my hand in mum's shades :O xD

Finally, the red light hahaha.

Alrightttt, back home about 5pm.
Cooked rice, watched drama, took bath, took nap..
About 6.15pm woke up, eat dinner, cleaned up abit ..


GOSHHHH, I kept yawning in class.
Felt like lying down on the table but was sitting on the 1st row ==
Tired like freaking shit.
Then physics was a lil bit better, but brain juice almost dried up ==
Converting graph is hard, quite hard .. okay la ==

Reached home, wanted to sleep but can't =.=
Turned around, off the radio, and forced myself to sleep =.=
Very torturing LOL.

Conclusion: Yesterday was a hectic day. :D

Wednesday, November 25

Speech -_-

I'm heading to KL soon.
And give a speech before I receive my incentive award ..
Hope the speech is good enough ==
Prepared in like 2 days.
With the help of family, relatives and friends lol.
Hope I don't embarrass myself.

ps; did i mention that i need to wear sch uniform? ==

OHHHH, almost forget to bring clothes for changing, I can't walk around Petaling Street and shop with my uniform on == BYEEEEEE!

*crosses finger*

Tuesday, November 24

Sunway UC

Received this letter ..
This reminds me of .. I'm going to college in .. 2 years time .. D;
I'm one-third excited, one-third sad, one-third BLANK.
I opened the letter and saw the programs they had for the Open Day ..
Those talks and stuff ..

There's a list of courses that you can take ..
I read thru .. but .. I don't even know what's my interest ._.

Well, I think it's because I have too much interest ..

I can do this, I can do that .. but I dont know what I like most -_-
Oh, I know, sitting in front the computer and do nothing.
Wasting my time, rusting my brain ==

This reminds me of .. I haven't answer a question that my friends had asked me long time ago hahaha. Oops! :P
What that I know is, I won't be a doctor, an engineer, or anything that is related to both BIOLOGY and PHYSICS field. I seriously DISLIKE both of this. ESPECIALLY PHYSICS HOMAIGAWD. damn killing!! and .. I scored the lowest for physics among the 3 science subjects HAH! Expected :P

So .. any ideas? xD

Saturday, November 21

Results ; Report Card ..

So yeah, got the final year exam results ..
The final exam in year 2009.

Thanks to HooiSze for fetching me to school, signing some documents and taking my results ..
I saw my placing in class .. I got 1st place lol.
I thought I can have a surprise on Friday but ..
Chem teacher kinda told our results in fb already LOL.

Never thought that it was true as I was only aiming for the 3rd place lmao.
Verryyyy bigg competition *brrr* Stressful xD
Oh well, 2nd time! :D :D

Went for lunch with HS in Sunway ;D
Not bad, at least no more porridge hahaha.

Ohkay ..
I'm kinda lost of words this few days.
Don't know why ._.

This is getting booooooring -_-

Friday, November 20


This was like ..
I forgot when -_-

Anyway, went TGIF for lunch (some day)
Since today it's Friday, I'll just update bout it la!

Bro's spaghetti (me like)

Vanilla Milkshake!!! (ME LOVE)

forgot .. but it was nice .. except that green thing. lol.

Dad's Lame Lamb Steak ;x

Lastly, my beef burger! :D Gigantic dao =.= can't finish zzz.

That's all hahahaha.
Forgot what happened that day =.=
That's why I hate post-blogging =.=


Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello ~


Holiday finally started LOL
And I don't know what to update -_-
I actually don't feel like blogging O_O
Must be the dramas hahaha.

So, today is Friday ..
Very soon, another Friday will come ..
Then .. November is gone .. =0=

Gonna go out later with cousin,
Take report card ..

*breathes in, breathes out*

I'm still wondering whether what teacher said was true.
Can't be too happy YET .. what if it isn't true :O
Yeah, I don't believe in myself hahaha.
Cos I somehow think it's impossible -_-"

Oh, I got 1 pending post =.=
bout TGI Friday !
Ehhh .. today's Friday hor .. hahahhaa..
Later I'll post it up :P
I love their VANILLA milk shake :D




*evil laughs`*

Wednesday, November 18


Whenever the holiday start or something I'll sure fall sick.

Food poisoning =.=

Anyway, yesterday was the last day of school! *for me*
Watched friends debate .. Got back the last 3 exam results :X
Had Class Party and it was fun despite that I'm not feeling well :(
The potluck was a success :D

There's actually lotsa stuff to blog about :(
But I forgot .. sighhh ..

Feel sick nao.
Sleepy, dizzy @_@

Sunday, November 15

Midvalleyyy ; Gardens

Went MV,
Went Home Dec Fair ..
Bought Picabot!

Met Cyndi in the connection bridge of MV and Gardens hahaha.
Small world xD

Had Roti Canai for tea.

Went IOI saw Pn. Lau hahaha.

Back home =_=

Stupid update lolz..

Yay, tomorrow going to make different kinds of tarts(?) in She-Reen's house lol.
Which means ... SKIP SCHOOL WAHAHAH.

Mid of Nov already ahh

Won't be attending school already except on Tuesday.
Oh well ~

Saturday, November 14

Friday, November 13

2012 !

Had lunch @ Papa John's Pizza with the form 5s, thanks Pn. Liew & Pn. Chua.
Went to watch this today with Kritz and Hau Nung @ IOI's New Wing GSC Cinema after that.

Rate: 8/10 !!
Morgan Lily, soo cuteeee.

Nice movie :D
Update more later :P
After exams pulak less update hahaha.
Too busy :P
Bye peeps!

Monday, November 9

RESULTS .. (1)

GOSH!! This is more stressful than sitting for exams ..
Like seriously ..
The feeling when waiting for the teacher to call out your name ..
The feeling when friends one by one being called out to get their papers ..
The feeling when teacher pass the paper to your hands ..
The feeling when the marks pierced into the eyes ..
The feeling when you finally got the results you want (which i didnt -.- only some gua -.-) ..

Wah, it's much MUCH MORE STRESSFUL than just sitting down there for exams =.=

The results back were not bad .. some were .... bad =.=
Cannot score Chemistry already T.T Paper 2 pull down marks .. Sighh ...

Papers distributed -
  • English Paper 2
  • Add Maths 1
  • Maths 1 & 2
  • Chemistry 1 & 2
  • Biology 1 & 3
Gosh, I'm gonna get heart attack sooner or later if this keeps going on lol.
Oh well, HOLIDAY~! Lalalala~

Finished Rosy Business already~
Nice one! I like the ending :D

Next plan - Read - The Westing Game!
Ok la, nites! :P