Friday, December 31

2010 Finale

Okay, I'm blogging with wordpad at 12am on 29/12/2010.
2 more days and here comes 2011!

Oh and why wordpad?
Because my internet is down again.
I really hate streamyx!! Maybe it's some sort of strategy they use to coerce us to upgrade to UniFi! Hmm.. Fishy eh ..


Got a bad news yesterday .. My dad's cousin passed away..
A month ago, before SPM, visited her with my cousins .. And then 2 weeks ago, during our trip back to hometown..
She had a rambutan farm! (pictures in previous post)
So when we dropped by, she treated us her Homemade Cendol, made by somesort of holed metal tin, super cool!
& longan jelly too! We hesistated on eating it because dad was rushing us to another place and said that we'll drop by again after that , but greedy us quickly gulped down everything :D it was a wise decision, because it rained when we returned .. so dad drove off :(

terpaksa censor hz's face - she wanted me to do that -.-





As I said, cleared out stuffs that wouldn't be related to my life anymore :(
Kinda sad ..


Went for a "one-day-trip” to KL
Lunch @ Kafe Old China
Was too hungry thus no images of food.
But the dishes were AWESOME!
Same goes to the Honey Plum-Limau Drink, ooohhhh FAV drink!!

Took my INCENTIVE AWARD (form 4's results) !! Wonder whether I can get it next yr or notz :(
Hunted for bags but FAILED :( Got myself a new pencil"pouch" instead lol.



Balik kampung~
Was basically sleeping the whole journey back -.- TIRED D:
Played with the kids, hyperactive kids !! They have unlimited energy :O

More cousins came..
Had dinner @ Mae Salong ..
It's a THAI restaurant in the middle of the residence area .. imba ..
They have a water mill for their landscaping LOL
Food .... ..... just normal :/

Watched some dramas with couz, random talks, fb stalking .. slept at 3 in the morning .. fun!
Boys were all over FIFA football PS2 game -.- Whole gang there..urgh!!


On the way back, lunch at Ipoh..
There’s this lion dance thingy right outside where we eat. some posh cars with govt officials in them … *shrugs* we cont with shopping.. biscuits and pamelos!!
As we exit Ipoh, stopped by Ling Shen Tong ..... random place amidst the limestone caves ..
Nothing much .. Just for fun -_-


HT randomly dropped by my house on someday before Xmas ..
Passed me 6 bottles of Tiger Beer LOL!!! Thanks!! :D
Chatted non-stop until she forgot about her boyf LOL! XD
Conclusion of discussion: There're ALL SORTS of human being in this world, you'll be surprised.


Hectic night before that, all the packing and choosing a place for dinner! (shall elaborate later)
Off to Port Dickson!

Showing off my red nails :P :P
Please get use to it :3

OMG the public beach @ Telok Kemang is so horrible, terrible and shittyable!!! (lol random)
There's some construction going on I think .. LOOK AT THE COLOUR OF THE BEACH ..
Such an eye-sore!

Left and headed to Thistle Resort! :)
Checked-in, linger awhile and headed to ... Ostrich Farm LOL!
(I remember there's a school trip to there but cancelled last min ==)

Had Ostrich Satay 8D Not my plate my satays I can say :P Don't like.
Explore around the place with bro .. and found .. OSTRICHES!! (DUH)
At first, it was posing quite far away, showing me it's pretty BUTT.


Then it somehow noticed that was rather impolite, thus it gracefully turned its face and slowly cat-walked towards me (yay so happy, I feel so honoured -.-)
It started posing with its mouth open!! Brotha zoomed in and snapped a shot of it :& ewwwwww.
But then again, their eyelashes are so loooooooong!!

The shop has this small exhibition of ostrich eggs and even skeleton of ostrich o_O
They have such a smaaaaalll skull @_@
Their eggs are as big as my palm!!!!! Shell is quite thick too @_@

Eagle Ranch :D
Then continuing our drive further up, saw the PD NS camp signboard! LOL..
Ooo found the Hutan Rekreasi – entry point for Lighthouse at Cape Rachado, but it was closed D:

Had a walk along the resort’s beach :D
Played PingPong lol. Damnit, so tired!!

Dinner @ El-Cactus! A MEXICAN CUISINE @ Batu 2 Port Dickson.
They have the best Nachos!!

The beef was tender + super tasty!! The aromaaaaaaaaaaaa *faints* IT'S GREAT.
Luckily my choice was right hahahaha, or else .. eeeeek.

The hotel room was all mine&bro's!
We watched movies till midnight :P
Men In Black for xmas eve night LOL.

Buffet Breakfast, bloated *burp*
Walk walk @ the beach again ..
Had a swinging time enjoying the touch of seabreeze
Photoshoot session LOL!!!!
Had lunch at a very chinese looking restaurant .. blah.
Drizzled a lil.
Hotel again, napped, very tired somehow @_@
Recharged .. SWIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Applied half a bottle of sunscreen (nolah, just joking :P)
I kept swimming here and there, it's like torturing myself, making myself tired -_-
It's been AGES since I last swam, feels greatt!!
I hate going in the pool and leaving the pool .. cold *brrrr*
Just in time for Sunset after a bath.
Kinda dissapointed .. Clouds owned the skies that evening :(

Buffet Dinner!
Drank a lil wine :P
Ate a lot too, bloated again .. (FAT!!!)
OHHH, desserts rawks too!! :9

awww, leaving already :(
Took family pics in the room's balcony :)
Dropped by mom's friend's house @ Seremban !
Ate lunch together ..... Everything was fine ....
UNTIL I ATE THE GUI LING GAO!!!! !#%!@#%^*!@%^#*!@^
Felt something weird (like .. hair ... i think ... ) in my mouth ..
Took it out with my fingers ... and guess what I saw ...

gazillions of FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- inside my heart.
@^%#$&!@%^#$&!@%^#$!@*#^%@!&%^# ARGHHHHHHHH.
Okay, bad day. I'm just too lucky.


Hung out with CY, JY & SQ @ Sunway :D
Just a random outing :P
Lunch @ canton-i
Srsly, they should improve their customer service ==
Food was okok.
Walked around ..
Enjoy the xmas decos ..
Took MORE photos LOL.
and MORE. LOL.
Their xmas decos ain't bad ..
I like the red bird thing (?)

The finale - Photostickers! :D
Just for the fun of it ahahhah.
The fun when we dunno what to pose..
The fun when we keep speaking at top of our voices as time runs out
The fun when we dunno what to do LOL
The fun when the photo turns out funny XD
The fun when we do OMG stuffs :P
Lalalala~ :D
Too bad JY was feeling a lil unwell :(
Had waffles @ DailyFresh for tea, was srsly bloated after one piece of it -.-
I think my stomach is getting smaller -.- can't eat much nowadays hmm ..


Streamyx still down, signing off @ HS' hse! Bye!