Thursday, April 30

End of April liao

Bye April, a month that I like it in someway. Maybe it's just my birthday month :P
It's the time of the year! To get ready for the almighty MIDYEAR exam =="
I SERIOUSLY DO NOT wanna flunk any subs ;x


and, DAAAAAAAAMN !!!! 
It shouldn't be that way. 
Just one freeeaaking question lah. Aiyoh!! *bangs head on table :(*


I don't wanna be in this again.
Can't they just leave me alone?
It's my choice .. sigh ..
I hate this.


Ohya, today is also the deadline for some income tax thing.

Tuesday, April 28

Swine Flu Attack!

Wash your hands with soap and water or with alcohol-based hand sanitizers, especially after being out in public.

Should avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes with your hands unless you've washed your hands.

If you do cough, you should either cough into a tissue and throw it in the garbage immediately, cough into your elbow, or, if you cough in your hand, you should wash your hands immediately!



It's a cycle, pigs, cows, birds.


I really feel so these days.
Today don't know why damn tired.
Tried very hard to recall what happened.

Woke up late, I forgot to on my alarm ==
Random grey hair in my fringe ._.
Forgot to bring Eng Lit stuff, I stared blankly at the timetable ..

I'm just getting old.
Or, I just don't wanna remember stuff ..
Or, I selectively remember stuff that happened.
Ah! Crap.

The only thing I remember what I did in school was, laughing whole day ..
and talking, walking, breathing (if that counts ==) ..
Or maybe learnt something new.
Maybe when days goes by, I'll forget who I am.

I just feel so tired.
Double the tiredness compare to form 3 which I faced 3 big events in my life.
1st event is not a good thing for me, no need to mention.
2nd was my Grade 8 practical.
3rd was PMR.
Come to think of it, I really thought I couldn't handle it that time.
Reading back my post last year, I think I was happier ==
I had outings, birthday outings, food outings, movie outings ..
Compared to this year, no urge to go out ==
Either no time or, I just wanna stay at home
Ohmytian, not good ==

Anw, Form 4 nothing much what rite?
Diploma thing confirm postpone to next year.
Nothing big to prepare except for SPM == yeah nothing big ==
I should, ignore all stress stuff. :)

Okay okay, back to normal mode now..
Lai, this year end go learn "undang" together~
Then next year take driving license~

Exam starting in freeeeaaaakkking 15 days !!!!!
X_X !!!
Whatcha think!? Study like there's no tomorrow or what
Mid-Year leh. Don't wanna fail lor ...

Anyway, I'll still prepare to fail my History AS USUAL :)
*yawn* Nights :)

Sunday, April 26

Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang 2008

Woah, damn tired !!
Lazy to elaborate much.
The whole thing was not that bad (quote from Kritz) lol.
The only thing I wonder is, did all the parents went for the Pameran? :(
The Science subjects pameran was damn nice! (I did some for Chem. LOL)

After speeches and speeches,
Singing performance, choir and more,
We finally get our prizes!
With cash RM80 ! $$ Lolz.

Nothing to share, but photos that my parents took..
Thanks a lot!! :D

Click to enlarge for clearer photos =x


Hau Nung! 1

Hau Nung! 2

Kritz! 1

Kritz! 2


Yours truly, (you wouldn't wanna know what I said lol)

Yours truly! 2

Chai Yin!


Tiong Hsien!




Fat chubby face =="

I find this funny .. notice their fair dark fair dark fair skin tone? ;x

Eh! Why no look at camera :O lol

Lai lai, smileeee LOL.

Candid 1

Group photo.

Candid 2

Me(in lab coat lolz) and the periodic table with the help of all friends!

Another one of the Dalton and JJ Thomson, history of atom stuff.

I wanted to take more in the Chemistry Bio pameran :(
Time and dad doesn't allow me sigh.
Should have stayed back D:
Never mind! :)


(it's an empty sijil! haha) we got the real one anyway ;x

:D :D :D

If you want the original photos (without watermark)
You can reach me thru msn :)

Friday, April 24



I randomly came across this. 4 years ago. 12 yrs old?!?!!

OH MY TIAN !!!!!!!
Aint I adorable? HAHAHHAHAHA
Fine, I wonder anybody still remember that teeth of mine. Before braces .. Hmmm ..
That was taken in my grandfather's house in Sik, Kedah before it was demolished.
Sigh ~ I miss there, it was a mini market ..
I used to eat free sweets and snacks whenever I go back :(
I used to help my grandfather to collect money ..

Got chickens at the back :( They laid eggs :(
I like to chase them around .. Feed them ..
My dad would bring me around in my grandfather's motorbike.
To a temple, to the river with buffaloes ..
Enjoying the smell of kampung ..

Very cold at night, bugs coming out, flying around.
NO, I dont miss that.
Sleeping on the floor with mattress.

Woke up by the rooster's wake up call.
Stretch body, went out and smell the fresh air~

Whenever it rains, there's always a risk of being flooded.
I experienced once, in my Aunt's house, another pekan near Sik.
I think I cried that time. Not sure, memory faded.
I thought I'll be dead that time, the water level was almost at my neck.
I'm still young that time.

Many memories.
Precious memories.



悠悠闲闲 过日子

是时候了 醒吧





有时发生了 就过去
但有时 却相反

它 将会如魔鬼般
永远 纠缠不清

只可等待 某某人
我 等到了 :)

Monday, April 20

A day to remember

Thanks for everything! :)

I know nothing will last long.
But, we'll see

Saturday, April 18

Kites! Skies!


They rhymed! Hahaha -.-
Kites flying in the sky seems like a symbol of freedom, but it isn't.
There's still a string controlling them at the back. Sigh.

Blue sky and orange painted house seems to match.

Yes, I like blue skies~
I went cycling around the neighbourhood with a camera in hands.
Snapped some photos around.

Everything seem so calm ~

Sometimes I wonder how clouds are formed.
They're different every day, or they're changing every SECOND!
Just like humans do? I wonder ...

Sun rays

It's getting hotter and hotter without rain these days.
Reminds me of the "FIRE DRILL" yesterday.
It was like SO DAMN FREEAAAAKING HOT, under a 9.40am sun!
Everyone stood in that shadeless field.
Sun rays piercing the skin, sweat like mad cow. Sheesh!
Saw a form 5 girl almost fainted, imagine that hot-ness!

Bamboo leaves rawks!

Yes, I love bamboo tress.
Panda food :D :D
They just gives me this calm feeling :D

A boy who thinks he's cute/lengzai/handsome/shuai.

That was a candid shot.
Went cycling with him and he made me fall from the bike -.-
Lucky there's no major injuries that will cause scars again.
I already have enough scars with me :)
They sure are something to keep your memory fresh.


Now thats real freedom?
I don't really know, what's the definition of freedom?
Do we actually have freedom? I wonder .. again -.-

Bird house?

Just a random photo that I like :)
The feeling of it in the center of no where ..
So .. lonely ..
Waiting for it's owner to come home.
Just like, parents waiting for their children ..


Thank you Thomas Edison for inventing light bulb after 99 times of failure.
It's a great invention!! :)


Look carefully and you can see a small star.
It's the Sun. It will shine through any small space, as long it'll bring brightness to everyone.
Should appreciate it :)

This is just random :)

Friday, April 17

Half post of Pusat Sains Negara

rawr! i just like this lolz. thanks tabbie xD

Wooot, went on a school trip/class trip :D
It's a mixture of fun and boring, but mainly FUN! :D

Leave school at 8am I guess, took us an hour or so to reach National Science Centre, somewhere around Mont Kiara I think .. At first it was like damn boring, then, suddenly kept taking photos, suddenly had random talks. Well, I forgot what we were talking. Laughed a lot too I THINK -.-

After the hectic traffic jam and YAY! We FINALLY reached the final destination - NSC. ;x Went in, put bags aside, walk into "fish aquarium" then Jungle, lift, up, some cooooooold roooom. Then some professor (i forgot his name :x) gave us some talk about Genetic Engineering stuff. Was blur all the way, so didn't really understand what is he talking about. Oh well, something to do with genes!

Attend some opening ceremony of Creativity & Innovation Week, 15 - 21 April 09
More info here!
They displayed many stuff that are made from bamboo, there's buildings, bridges, and instruments too! These are what architects do rite? =x

Creative *envy*

Fuyoohh! ;x

While having fun inside different sections of the science centre, some of us were informed to have our refreshments. Their fried mee was nice! (ate 2 plates) Curry puff too (ate 2 also) heh! Tried calling Kritz, but no answer and kept flying into voice mail, so dont want call liao -.- After Hang Yang reached them, food already habis LMAO

btw, their milo dont LOOK like milo o.O? never take a photo of it -.- nvm.

Continue exploring the science centre after that.
Took random photos. Share some of them first lah! :P

Homunculus statue! :P

Nose flute, damn cool!!

LMAO. First heart, now intestine? :P

Nice right?? :D

The astronomy part was damn cool!! I like horoscopes :D :D
Starry skies are so beautiful ~

*I still haven't get the photos from Chai Yin !!!

Thursday, April 16

Thank you!

Heh! This is a thank you post to everyone that helped me out today :)
Chai Yin, Shu Qiong, She-Reen, WhiteIce, Fiona, Angeline, Josh and his scissors lolz, Hang Yang, TTH, Hau Nung, Kritz ..
I hope I didn't leave anybody out =x Suffering STM sometimes :( *short term memory*

I'm done pasting half of it on that black plastic card.
Half more left cause not enough space LOL

and Fiona invaded my planner LOL
Thanks for writing down all the important dates! Hah! :D

Keywords ..

Inspired by Kritz's post on Keywords.

As usual, I was surfing people's blogs.
Suddenly bumped into this KEYWORD post thingy ..
I became curious of mine, and went to check out Nuffnang Ads.......


People actually came through my blog with the KEYWORD -

PORN !!!!!!

Oh my tian? No joke no joke.
Maybe they wanted to type "men" ? Plural form of MAN, not chinese meaning of boring okay -.-
Never thought people like "boring" porn .. hmm ......

AND THE WORD PORN NEVER EXIST IN MY POSTS BEFORE ONE LOH, except for this post lah -.- sweat dao .. I was like LMAO .. 8 clicks summore ......... zhadou -.-

Dont believe me D: D: D:
Sigh, I, now, present you, the EVIDENCE !
Do not blink an eye! Blink both eyes!!
Wtf? This is getting too far & random lolz.
Nah! See lah! D:

Geez, they'll be super disappointing knowing that there's no "mern" porn here. I'm sorry! :P

There goes the random post .... :D

Wednesday, April 15

Short Update for Pusat Sains Negara School Trip!

I'll get them in my hands one day .. ONE DAY .. :(

Heh, still haven't get all the photos YET.
Share share a bit first ..
It was fun! In a way :)
Fully update about it .. next time ;x

Yengggggg hor? :P

Well that's all? LOLOLOL

Okay maybe one last one :)

Sad :( LOL
NOT MY heart.. ==" blue black liao lolz
Heart Beat (LeeHom's song) lmao

Wait for more! Heh! *smirks*

Till then.. Bye!

-evilmern :)

Tuesday, April 14

New Skin! :D

:D :D :D :D

New skin is up but there's still stuff that need to be edited.
Will get to it soon, or when I'm free -.-

TTH is finally back to school lolz.
New class at ground floor, feel so clean and empty.
But damn noisy -.-

Going school trip to Pusat Sains Negara tomorrow woot!
Class trip? Almost all classmates going anyway :P

Life's getting busier !! I DON'T LIKE IT !!

*oh and, sorry if i didn't reply your comments :( no time :( ;x

Friday, April 10

Calligraphy AGAIN!?!!?

Everything is just different from the way it should be ..

Yea -.- Went Sunway Uni-Col. this time.
As usual, didn't have the chance to win.
Next year, I dont care liao la!! I wanna go take Calligraphy class -.-
Taking the cert ONLY is so pointless :( Join liao of cos must make the best of it ma. Haiz.

Okay, damn busy ..
Moral and Bio powerpoint slides? D:
Add Maths and Maths D:
8 Tugasan Harian D:
Why form 4 so lifeless one D:
Form 5 lagi no need say lor D: