Sunday, November 11

Dato' Lee Chong Wei and Datin Wong Mew Choo's (LCWMC) Wedding Dinner :)


The most grand wedding dinner I have ever attended, with more than 180 tables (around 184/185) filling up two halls, beautiful decorations and awesome performances. It was truly a great night to witness the wedding of our national hero at Kuala Lumpur Conventional Centre. Proud to be there! Congratulations to the newly weds! :D

Mom and I :DD

Decorations outside the hall

The front stage


Sand art!! The video was awesome!! :D

View from my table :/

Part of the door gifts, lazy to take a picture of the booklet ;x

I LOVE their light decos! So pretttyyyyyyy *pukes rainbow* 8D
Check them out! :D

Host of the night, Hui Mei and Owen Yap!

Cake cutting ceremony!

One of the table's setting.

My hungry cranky face? HAHA. *punches self* :P 

FINALLY! The food arrivesssss :9

Appetizer! LOVE OCTO!!! XD

Hot soup in a coconut bowl, taste sooooo goooooooood. 

Then, there's performances! :)

Hong Kong's Grasshopper lol.

Maria's singing was superb. So powerful!

Hahaha! This is when Maria wanted the guys to do the "demo" thing. 

This, is only ONE side of the hall!

Hi brotha! XD

Dancing~ haha

Lee Yong Bo! :O 

With MyFM DJ, Vivian

Chui Ling! :D

Amber Chia, so pretttyyyyy!

Koen Ridder, Dutch professional badminton player.

Dato' Lee Chong Wei's brother, Joe Lee

with Maria Cordero :D

 That's all for the night!

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OMG? Seriously? Your papa are Dato too?